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Mike Ting

Catherine Kuo

March 30, 1972 - March 24, 2021

Dear friends and family of Catherine, We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Catherine Kuo. We are heartbroken with Catherine's passing, but collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here. Thank you for contributing to this...  see more

Dear friends and family, We would like to honor one of our local superheroes, in the hopes that remembering her; what she cared about, and what she lived for, will help us all to become in some small measure, local superheroes in our families, neighborhoods and beyond to keep her memory alive as we live out her dreams for a better future. What does it take to be a real superhero? It takes someone who’s not afraid to touch the...  see more
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  • Helen Kuo
    We miss you Catherine. Your spirit is ever present. Your laugh still echoes. Your kids are amazing!
  • Renee Chien
    I knew Catherine from our UCLA Agape days. Here is Catherine bellowing out a tune in the middle of Bruin Plaza with her band. This picture captures her spirit and love for God. She was a talented singer, bassist, and violinist. She was always so giving...  more
  • Benjamin Baez
    Thank you Catherine for the impact and devotion to those around you and beyond. I never met you but I heard nothing but goodness from my wife and our community about you throughout your time on Earth. You shaped the lives of many as a bright star. ...  more
  • Regina Gadad
    I am still waiting to be woken from this nightmare. After a friendship of more than 20 years how can you be gone? You called me your "old pair of shoes" because we could let down our guard and just be ourselves when we interacted. You were the...  more
  • Lisa Lin
    I first met Catherine when I started attending UPC back in 1992. I recall watching her serve regularly on the worship team with other people like William. I enjoyed her gift of music through her singing and body worship. Victor and I were honored when...  more
  • Madison Siu
    Madison Siu added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Catherine Kuo:
  • Phuong Hong
    My heart is devastated that our lovely sister in Christ has left us too early. I first met Catherine at UPC. I was drawn by her example to include others and be so welcoming. She just knew how to strike a conversation with anyone. She was patient with...  more
  • Thomas Hong
    Catherine was such a positive person to those around her. As a freshman at UCLA, I met her as part of the community at Agape and UP that welcomed me in. She worked at my dorm's front desk, and me and my first-year friends (Dave, Gray, and Blue) would...  more
  • Richa & Piush Gupta
    We came to know Catherine through various school activities. My husband was a co-docent with her for art-in-action when Thomas and our daughter were in 5th grade. He always remarked how prepared Catherine was for the lessons with notes on the artist,...  more
  • Johnny Kim Photography
  • Mandy Ligutom-Cabagbag
    Our community is truly
  • Sheryll Quiatchon Cruz
  • Sheryll Quiatchon Cruz
    I firmly believe that God places people in our lives - no matter how small or short of a time - to help shape us in his likeness. Catherine is one of those beautiful souls that I had a privilege to know a bit through her acts of support in enriching our...  more
  • Johnson Chiu
    Happy Birthday Catherine!

    We are so shocked and heartbroken to hear of your passing but know God has carried you directly to heaven. As you celebrate, we know you are basking in the joy and glory of the Father’s love. Thank you for living for our Lord...  more
  • r lai
  • Radha G. Shastri
  • Melissa Picache
    It is difficult to believe that we lost you almost one week ago. Your passing was such a shock to all who knew you and also to those you touched in life each day.

    I remember our early days Dublin when our littles were truly little, meeting you and...  more
  • Melissa Picache
  • Sean Day
    I am saddened beyond words on hearing this news. I had the pleasure of working with Catherine at Dougherty Elementary when she supported our Trick or Treat for UNICEF program. She was so kind and so caring and always trying to bring people together. ...  more
  • Joanna  Kim
    Catherine, Happy Birthday in heaven! Our birthdays are just a few weeks apart and I remember our friends of Agape celebrating us with a cake on one of our retreats. You and I blew out the candles together that year. I am grateful for that memory. I am...  more
  • Adnan Dawood

    Thank you for your service to the community. We never met but your work was appreciated.

    To the family of Katherine Kuo:

    My heartfelt condolences for your loss. Your mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend went while serving our community and...  more
  • Adnan Dawood
  • Timothy Lee
    Some Messages and Condolences sent to the church.

    Kuo family
        I want to give you my deepest sympathy and prayers. The pain and sadness you are feeling is okay. It’s okay to be feeling what you are feeling. I don’t know or have the words to say,...  more
  • Timmy Mann
  • Joy Iwashimizu
    Catherine I am honored to know you and see the passion you had for God, your family, your church and your community. I know you are in the presence of our Lord right now so that gives us still here some solace. Thank you for you and all that you are. ...  more
  • Sheree Castillo
    My heart goes out to William and the kids as well as Catherine's extended family. I can't imagine what you are going through right now. I'm praying for you all. God bless you.

    Catherine was such an amazing lady. I first met Catherine when T and my...  more
  • Helen Kuo
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  • Helen Kuo
    Catherine was the bubbly partner to my quiet brother. She sang at my sister’s wedding, and played the violin at my father’s funeral. She organized Easter egg hunts, Fourth of July parties, and memorable birthday parties. She loved finding deals and I...  more
  • Peggy Maskey
  • Peggy Maskey
  • Carla Supanich
  • Amy Lee
    Our hearts go out to Catherine's loved ones, family and friends. In this time of deep sorrow, we can only turn to our Blessed Lord for His comfort and strength. Catherine's pure love for her Savior and Lord was always evident in her life. We remember the...  more
  • Benjamin C
    As youth, Catherine and I studied with the same violin teacher. In my recollection she was always smiling, cheerful, and earnest, and not one to call attention to herself. She was an excellent violinist and maintained contact with our teacher long...  more
    JOHN WU added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Catherine Kuo:
    Catherine was the first person whom I ever contacted and talked when I joined in PFC in the school, and she was very kind and patient with everybody. When I tried to become a high school site council member, she gave me a lot of advices, and was the...  more
  • kimber chow
  • aarti sharma
    Catherine was a lovely person and passionate about the community. I recall speaking with her in our neighborhood when she was campaigning. I remember telling her she had my vote. Our paths crossed when we were volunteering for the art in action program....  more
  • Renee Russo
    What a beautiful life and a wonderful testimony to all of us! Thank the Lord for our dear sister Catherine. I live in the neighborhood next to Dublin and I never knew Catherine before until yesterday. My heart felt a sharp pain when I heard the...  more
  • Jennifer True
    I am in shock and so deeply sad to hear the news of your passing today my friend. My heart is going out to your beautiful kids and husband. I’m hoping they read your messages at some point and know how well loved you have always been as a mom, a...  more
  • Dawn Nwamuo
    "HEART TREE".. this beautiful project we completed in the dark last night for Catherine's husband, children and family coming in town to wake up to, was a testament to her legacy. Gabrielle Blackman said.."Cat is still bringing people together to do...  more
    • Joanna Kim reacted on this.
    • Dawn Nwamuo
      Joanna Kim This was such a beautiful idea. Loved reading every heart. We happened to visit William & the kids on Saturday morning. William was touched and surprised as well.
      • March 29, 2021
  • Susana Kwan
    I got to know Catherine better when she became my room mom. She was always eager to help out with everything from room parent, art in action, collected money for UNICEF, and served on the PFC. Her openness and willingness to listen and be the voice for...  more
  • Shawn Kumagai
    I am so shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden and tragic loss of a community leader and fellow Tri-Valley API elected official, Catherine Kuo. I always enjoyed our conversations and admired her passion and genuine desire to learn about the issues...  more
  • Mamta Mehta
    A kind, dedicated and generous soul taken away too soon. Our heartfelt condelences go out to the Kuo family for the tragic loss.
  • Tabi Renz Boyce
    My husband and I were shocked to hear the news of Catherine’s passing. She was so kind to us, even though we’re so far away. We pray the Lord fills her family with comfort and strength in the days, weeks, and months to come. We are grateful for the...  more
  • Tabi Renz Boyce
    When our families joined, Catherine and Anita both made a deliberate and loving effort to keep in touch and interact with me through whatever digital means we had available.

    Sometimes things happen so quickly in life that you don’t even have time to...  more
  • Joyce Lee
  • Tabi Renz Boyce
  • Jennifer Felker
    Our family has had the pleasure of knowing Catherine as neighbors for the last 2.5 years. Natalie (and Catherine) have pet-sit for us a few times, because we could trust them so much. These days you can't always say you can trust your neighbors enough...  more
  • Min L