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Our platform gathers communities to support each other after the death of a loved one

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    Share Memories and Photos

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    Virtual and in-person events

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Why GatheringUs

  • I am forever grateful to you for having made possible such a deep experience, one that has helped me achieve greater harmony with the past. Please know how deeply I appreciate all that you have done with your extraordinary work. - Lydia S.
    GatheringUs provided such an easy way for friends and family to communicate and share memories of our lost loved one. - tara
    Easy and quick to set up. - Pam
  • Thank you for creating the site and keeping it running. It has certainly filled a space that needed to be filled and offers comfort and simplicity to many in need of both of those things. - Joel
    This site is right on point, not overwhelming with options but still providing the key elements to allow families and loved ones to best honor our departed's memories. - Fred

“what do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”

George elliott

Commemorating a life together is one of the most meaningful and transformative things we can do.

Connecting with our communities and sharing stories of our loved ones can help keep them present with us and help us to process loss. Ceremonies, rituals and personal tributes can sustain us while navigating this difficult time.

At GatheringUs, we aim to support and strengthen communities long after the funeral.