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Alexander Gehrig

December 29, 1973 - August 02, 2021

This is a place for us to remember and celebrate the wonderful life of our colleague and dear friend, Alex. Alex was one of the longest standing members of our SAE global community and someone who made a positive and lasting impression on everyone who was fortunate to work with him. He was passionate...  see more

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  • Andreas Friesecke
    I knew Alex from his early days at SAE Munich (Photo from these days) when he was in the Web Department and then in the Marketing Department. It was always a pleasure to talk with him altough we only had rare occasions to do so in the last years....  more
  • Jan-Christoph Daniel
    One of Alex' favourite movies was "Havanna" with Robert Redford. A film about a man who risked it all for what he is passionate about and believes in. To me Alex was always like this larger-than-life character in the film – a risk-taking gambler, who...  more
  • Eileen  McGowne
    Some images of Alex’s service yesterday as his ashes were placed by a chosen German oak tree
    • Eileen  McGowne
      Eileen McGowne We poured a little bottle of Australian dry gin around his burial place sent by our old friends Matt & Jeanette in Singapore. Then the Scots brought Glenmorangie for a toast afterwards.
      • August 21, 2021
    • Eileen  McGowne
      Eileen McGowne Lovely wreath, lovely inscription from SAE: spontaneous in life and in death.
      • August 21, 2021
  • Joseph Anthonysz
    I'm very sorry I couldn't be there today to honour Alex's life - I know there are many of us who would have attended his funeral in person if we were able to. Instead, today I planted a beautiful red flowing gum tree on my property in the Byron Bay...  more
  • Jian Rodblom
    My sincere, heartfelt condolences to you Eileen, and to Alex's parents! And to the rest of Alex's family, to his friends and all our colleagues!
    I am honored to also pay tribute to Alex's memory and his legacy from his colleagues in the...  more
    • Jian Rodblom
      Eileen McGowne Thanks Jian. We quite often talked about Sweden. Alex had never been there (unusual for him), but I lived in Sweden for many years before moving to Singapore and meeting Alex. Not an important point but some connection in any case.
      • August 15, 2021
  • Eileen  McGowne
    Chris Webster: absolutely fantastic Chris for your musical arrangement because Alex enjoyed talking to you immensely. After one of our meet-ups he remarked that what he really like about you was that you were one of the few people who actually asked him...  more
  • Clemens Nagl
    Alex and I met at SAE Munich when I was a Supervisor. One of my best Memories was playing with Alex in a SAE Staff Band at one of the Summer Parties. Alex played Drums and our Stage was the loading Ramp at SAE Munich. Unfortunately I dont´t have any...  more
  • Christopher Webster
    I knew Alex through Eileen. He was a great guy, and I wish I could have got to know him better. His unexpected death shocked me beyond words, so I made an arrangement of an old folk song. Alex was also a musician - a jazz drummer - as was Eileen, and we s...
  • Nana Octaviana
    Just like everyone, i have known Pak Alex as a kind person. He has putting his attention to literally everyone! He has always listened to everyone's suggestion and opinion. He has gone too soon, we will miss you Pak Alex.
  • Sherry Dewandari
    One thing i know about him,he is a good listener. I havent know him for long,but he is such a warm and caring person. Rest in peace Pak. You're in peaceful place now. You'll be missed.
  • AY AN
    It was my honor to have Alex in my career life as manager. He was very friendly and kind on personal level before work. he was reason to upgrade my career by choosing me to become certified trainer form Apple then i worked with his team giving courses at...  more
  • Pier Merlo
    I first met Alex back in 2006 while working in Kuwait for SAE, and it didn't take long to figure out I had just met a professional and extremely supportive colleague as well as a genuine, honest and kind person.

    Our friendship developed throughout the...  more
  • echi martinah
    I shocked when I heard Pak Alex pass away. I remembered when the first time Pak Alex came to SAE Indonesia,Pak Alex practiced bahasa and tried to speak slowly, his always said "corrected me echi if I'm wrong"and Pak Alex always come to our office and...  more
  • William Gibson
    News of Alex's passing hit me hard. I knew him from SAE Singapore and Jakarta, where we became friends. His sense of humor, and his sense of humanity, were both acute. He is sorely missed. Attached is a photo of Alex, myself and Mark Kneer, all SAE'ers,...  more
  • Daniel Choo
    We lost a good and beautiful soul that had touches so many of us for many years. I first met Alex back in 2004, and he had been a great colleague and also a friend ever since.
    Alex is always supportive and listen in to people around him, even though he...  more
  • Ratna Soedarmadji
    I can't remember what was my first impression when meeting Alex back in 2017 at SAE Jakarta, but rumors said that he's the person who usually got assigned for the toughest job and get things done, and that he did! He made a lot of great things in these...  more
  • Matt B
    I first met Alex when interviewing to head a games academy in the UAE at twofour54 early 2012, right away I could tell I would get along great with him... upon landing in this new country, he came to greet me at my hotel and I was taken straight for...  more
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    • Matt B
      Eileen McGowne Great pictures of Alex looking relaxed and happy ❤️
      • August 11, 2021
    • Matt B
      Martin Mueller-Karera One is behind the bar of my boat. One of the countless parties we had with him. It was always a pleasure to have Alex on board
      • August 12, 2021
  • Daniel Choo
  • Ningsih Soedarmadji
    I feel so privileged having Alex Gehrig leading SAE Indonesia these past 4 years of his life. His passing came as a great shock to all of us. Words can't express how saddened we have been by this news.

    All I can say, thank you Alex for everything, for...  more
  • Carolina Löhle
    Wir sind sehr traurig über den Tod von Alex, den wir in der Vergangenheit an der SAE München und auch privat treffen durften. Alex haben wir als sehr sympathischen und offenherzigen Menschen kennengelernt, mit dem man jederzeit gut ins Gespräch kommen...  more
  • Yandha Krishna
    There are no words that can describe how lucky I am to have met and be mentored by Pak Alex in SAE Jakarta. He was a great mentor, friend, lecturer, and leader who is always there to help you in difficult situations. Always optimistic and always with...  more
  • Mark Kneer
    There are things in life that are difficult to comprehend and impossible to understand. I just had lunch with Alex the Saturday before and we were supposed to roam around Frankfurt this week.

    Alex was one of the few people who actually listen and...  more
  • Lawrence Philip
    I'm very grateful to have met Alex here in SAE Indonesia when he came in as the new Director. At the time, I was just a part-time teacher and staff. One day he just took a chance on me and asked whether I'd like to step up taking a full position as...  more
  • Philip Hubbard
    Happy memories with our friend Alex.
    Me, Eny & Martin.
  • Aditya Prabaswara
    The first time I see and talk to Alex, he looks very tough, happy yet strangely approachable as he was very humble. 'I can learn a lot from this guy' was my initial feelings. I never expect that I just get myself a mentor, a leader and a dear...  more
  • Philip Hubbard
    Phil & Eny
    So sad at Alex's passing, he was a fine man.
    We got to know Alex in 2009 when we were working in Abu Dhabi. A lovely guy, kind, generous, humorous and all round good company. He especially loved Eny's beef rendang and when he came to...  more
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    • Philip Hubbard
      Eileen McGowne Lovely words Phil. He talked to me about you a lot as he’d admired your time in Hong Kong. He also said Eny was a great cook.
      • August 10, 2021
  • Bayu Putra
    Like everyone else who knows him, i was shocked as well knowing he passed away. I rarely feel such sadness when an acquaintance of mine passed away. He was a very humble person and easy going. My last WhatsApp chat with him was: see u at Jakarta, Sir!...  more
  • Kevin Sandhu
    Really sad to hear of Alex's passing. We worked together closely in SAE London in 2016 and I've also had the pleasure of enjoying a few drinks and a Sammy's in Singapore with him! A larger than life character, such positive energy about him. Thought's...  more
  • Indus Pak - Karachi.
    What shocking news for me and all my colleagues at the IndusPak office who worked with Alex at different SAE locations. I had the privilege of meeting, working with Alex in past years. Alex owns such beautiful characteristics amazingly full of energy,...  more
  • Keith Hennigan
    Alex was the first SAE person I ever met, when he interviewed me for a position in 2016. Since then I came to know him through his roles in Singapore and Jakarta, and even more so through his enormous influence across the global SAE family -- everyone...  more
  • Sandro de Castro
    Although I knew Alex for many years from our times at SAE, I only actually met him way later on a trip to Singapore in 2015. His reputation preceded him, and it was an encounter not to forget. His boisterous energy and generosity just filled the space...  more
  • Wayne  Borg
    What a shock and what a loss. I had the privilege of working with Alex during his time in Abu Dhabi. He was an infectious character full of energy, life and humour. Never afraid of a challenge and always inspired by the adventure that life is. He lived...  more
  • Martin Mueller-Karera
    My dear Alex,

    It’s been a few days now to realize that you are not there anymore. And I still can’t believe that you left us that early. I was shocked when I heard the sad news that you suddenly passed away.

    We met in Abu Dhabi in the very early...  more
    • Martin Mueller-Karera
      Eileen McGowne Alex loved you Martin. He had started writing down some of his stories from his years in Asia and the UAE and I was helping with the transcription. Your exploits were legendary.
      • August 10, 2021
  • Eileen  McGowne
    From the bottom of my heart, I thank Jo and all of you who have commented here for your beautiful stories and memories. He talked about many of you so unknowingly, to me you are household names. It certainly helps me and his parents, Gertrud & Timm, and...  more
    • Eileen  McGowne
      Martin Mueller-Karera I feel so very sorry for you to lose such a great partner in your life. We have never met but Alex always had a shine in his eyes when he talked about you. I remember that he told me about the day when you both met first. He was surprised and had huge...  more
  • Anna C Mallon
    I was very saddened to receive this news of Alex’s passing. He will be remembered and missed and this departure came way too soon. We shared many laughs and also challenges together and I remember him vividly as a very passionate and energetic man with...  more
  • Matthias  Postel
    Die traurige Nachricht über Alex traf mich mit Schock letzte Woche und ich möchte hiermit seiner Familie mein aufrichtiges Beileid aussprechen.
    Ich traf Alex das erste Mal im Februar 2005 als er mich an der SAE London besuchte um Marketing Ideen zu...  more
  • Andy Grotloh
    Alex und ich arbeiteten anfangs des Jahrtausends in München zusammen, ich glaube ich war sein erster SAE Chef. Unter vielem anderem war er Teil des Organisationsteams zur Eröffnung des damals neuen SAE Campus in der Bayerwaldstr. Bei der Feier in 2004...  more
  • Yeptha Barus
    On behalf of the Gehrig's family.

    Wir sind die Eltern von Alexander Gehrig und überwältigt von den vielen Kondulenzen. Im Namen der Familie danken wir allen für die lieben Worte. Es ist schön zu lesen was für ein wundervoller Mensch unser Alex war....  more
  • Özgür H. Sönmez
    Obwohl wir uns nie wirklich lang kennengelernt haben, hatte ich immer das Gefühl einen sehr guten alten Freund zu treffen wenn wir uns auf einem Meeting oder einer Veranstaltung begegneten. Alex stach mit seinem Charisma, seinem Humor und seiner...  more
  • Marija Koprivica Lelicanin
    Dear Alex, the words cannot be enough. It is so hard to accept this terrible news. We worked closely, especially in the past couple of years and I will miss your energy, enthusiasm, efficiency and especially your great sense of humour. Rest in peace, my...  more
  • Scott Jones
    Farewell my friend. You were bigger than life and your passion for everything and anything was infectious. I was lucky enough to have shared some of these precious years with you.

    You were as spontaneous in life as you were in death.

    Big hugs
  • Daniel Steinhart
    Alex and I knew us since more than 35 years ago. We grew up in the same small town close to Frankfurt. We went to the same school, we were listening and enjoying the same music (jazz, fusion). We went together with his parents to Spain on holidays, being...  more
  • Yudha Diputra
    I still remember around 3 years when I told him "Hi Alex, your bag is so nice" and without doubt he took all his stuff from the bag and said "you like it, Yudha? It's your", And I still have that bag until now. This man is very kind, always pleasure...  more
  • Norman Lowe
    It was such a shock to hear that Alex passed suddenly last week.

    Alex was my German brother by another mother. From the first time we met all those years ago in Abu Dhabi we stayed in touch, meeting in London, Shanghai and in Dubai again just a few...  more
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    • Norman Lowe
      Eileen McGowne I’ve heard many of your stories together Norm, Alex could have written a book! He loved you.
      • August 9, 2021
  • Abdulla Nasrawi
    Alex will always be the man for many of us.

    Never sugar coated it, never shied away from any challenge and always kept it real while somehow managing to have us all laugh ourselves into stitches ... True grit.

    SAE Dubai wouldn't have been the...  more
  • Michelle Estano
    A sudden farewell, left me in tears
    But I know you are in a better space
    I know you smile as you are
    I can hear the laughter as lullaby.

    Beautiful soul, that's what you are
    You live your life, the best you can.

    It may be short, but it is so full
    The...  more
  • Phaedon Vass
    Alex's passing has left many of us reeling, as with all friends that we've shared so many experiences and adventures it's a great & sad loss, but particularly cruel that he has left us so young and by all accounts at a happy period of his life both...  more
  • Romy Hawatt
    I, (like everyone else) was shocked and saddened on hearing about the sudden passing of dear Alex.

    My heart felt condolences to his parents, his partner Elieen and as well as a the broader family on their loss.

    My history with Alex covered a...  more
  • Joanna Fletcher
    I’m extremely fortunate to have worked with Alex and had many a fun memory to hold onto. Alex and I met in 2009 at twofour54 in Abu Dhabi we both worked for tadreeb their training academy. I look back at those years with the fondest of memories - I...  more
  • Rudi Grieme
    I have met Alex at the beginning of this century. He approached me in his search for new professional challenges within SAE - ‘the more adventurous the better’. SAE had no lack of problems & opportunities at that time, in particular in Asia. It took...  more