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Jaime Grana

Pedro A Grana

March 26, 1927 - June 26, 2020

This memorial was created to celebrate the life of Pedro A Grana. Collecting your stories and memories here will hopefully offer comfort and Joy for those whose lives Pedro impacted. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. Pedro's Online Celebration of Life Detail: When: Sunday,...  see more

Pedro (Peyo) A Grana was born to Pedro Grana Rivera and Amparo Ortiz de Grana on March 26, 1927 in Penuelas, Puerto Rico.   Pedro passed away peacefully at Avanti Senior Living at Towne Lake, Cypress TX on Friday, June 26 at the age of 93.  He married Nina (Maria Magdalena) Velasquez Armadillo on November 20, 1949 and was married 53 years until her death.  Preceded in death by his parents, his wife, his son David A Grana, brother...  see more
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  • Jamira Colon
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  • Jamira Colon
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  • Jaime Grana
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  • Linda Velasquez
  • Liz Savage
    Uncle Pete and Tia Nina, were always loving, sweet, kind, giving and wonderful to me.
    I will always miss both of them. Heaven just got another angel and now Pete and Nina are together again.
  • Linda Velasquez
    PETE was a wonderful brother to Rudy and brother-in-law to me. Always loving, kind and sweet. He and Nina were always there for the family, giving their support to any of us who needed it. But my best memories of them are how they loved life and...  more
  • Margie Curiel Ortiz
    I am adding this new condolence for my sister, Linda Curiel Lopez. Linda says that Tio Pete is in heaven dancing away with Tia Nena. She remembers going to their 50th wedding celebration where they mentioned that their favorite song was, Sabor A Mi. She...  more
  • Margie Curiel Ortiz
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  • Marcos Velasquez
    So many sumners spent with Uncle Pete and Aunt Nina. Always a loving and warm household, Tio Peyo always made everyonhe around him feel like a part of his family and was so funny to be around. So sad I'll never get to tell him jokes and laugh with him,...  more
  • Susan Black
    I'm sharing a connwnt sent to my fb page from our cousin
    Jovita Gonzalez Abel who was not able to share herself. ... love suzy
    Shared on my fb page..

    The Golden Gates of Heaven were immediately open to Mi Tio.
    I know that Mi Tia was awaiting...  more
  • Susan Black
    I feel I must offer my sincere condolences to the rest of Tio  Peyo's immediate friends and family...

    However, I picture Tia Nena greeting him with her big old smile and saying,  c'mon Peyo, we have places to go and things to do... and he would grin...  more
  • Nanette Grana
    I’ll always remember the times he came with Nina to Puerto Rico. Everybody got so excited. They were like royalty! We loved tio and Titi and they loved us back!
  • Gloriana Babb
    Uncle Pete- He was larger than life and was always happy to see me. Always. We loved his visits to see us in Alabama since we didn’t have family close by & theirs were always joyful. I didn’t get to see him too often after I was married since he...  more
  • Margie Curiel Ortiz
    Tio Pete will always remain in my hearth as a loving and caring person. I remember that he and Tia Nena would come to Corpus Christi to visit my mother, Guadalupe R. Curiel. Both of them were so extremely generous with our family. Both of them gave...  more
  • Ingrid Grana-Underwood
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  • Ingrid Grana-Underwood
    As a kid, we loved having Tio Peyo and Titi Nina visit us in AL. We didn't have family close by so their visits were always a treat. Sometimes I would mistake him and or Tio Felo for Abuelo (Papa Buelo, Wilfredo, Don Wilo) - they looked so much alike! ...  more
  • Robert Nin
    It is with many mixed emotions that I write this. Peyito was a father figure to me and we, my wife Armida and I, loved him very much. There are so many things that I can say; like for instance how strong you were fighting with all your might to overcome...  more
  • Rachel  Cross
    I’ll always remember the wonderful, fun filled times we shared whenever we were together in Corpus Christi, Texas!! This picture was taken in 1968. My Uncle Pete was there to encourage us, cook for us, and care for us in ways that cannot be...  more