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Molly Diane Davis

August 12, 1954 - June 21, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Molly Diane Davis. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Molly Diane Davis has passed on the morning of Monday June 21, 2021 in Loveland, CO. Born in Newport News, VA on August 12, 1954, Molly’s given name was Inez. She was adopted by Mamie Ann Davis and John “Moonie” Davis and called Greensboro, NC home through her collegiate and seminary studies. Growing up her father, John “Moonie” Davis, operated a clothing line called “J.DAVISLtd” from an...  see more
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  • Patti Roper
    Molly was our next door neighbor on Quarry Court in Gunbarrel. We remember sharing so many laughs. We loved her and her work. We attended several of her art shows and cherish having one of her beautiful paintings.

    I’ll never forget the morning we...  more
  • Anuradha Rao
  • Lisa Dierauf
    Molly Davis remembered for art, love of Boulder's open spaces (
  • Zhanna Pauluhn
    Molly was a dear friend to both my mom and me, and a mentor (and counselor at times!) to my two daughters. Her enthusiasm for teaching, especially kids, was undeniable. Her energy was infectious and left me amazed at how much she could accomplish, even...  more
    • Zhanna Pauluhn
      Patti Roper So glad Dot has a good home XO
      • July 7, 2021
  • Curt Brown
    I was very fortunate to serve with Molly on the Open Space Board of Trustees. Following my appointment, Molly gave me a lot of her time briefing me on important issues and doing site visits, which was enormously helpful. She was a force of nature and a...  more
  • Lisa Dierauf
    Thank you for all of the art that graces our walls at the Open Space and Mountains Parks offices!
  • Belle Heppard
    Molly, as my first ever art instructor, nurtured my lifetime passion to be a fine art artist.My expression of appreciation started with growing as an artist, then to acknowledging her role in my life in the preface of my internationally best selling...  more
  • Ellen Steiner
    I first met Molly at a Boulder “Open Studios” tour, and was blown away by the beauty of her artwork. Several years later I was privileged to study watercolor painting with her. Molly always said she loved teaching as much as painting, and her...  more
  • Pat Patterson
    What a privilege to have been one of Molly's students. Her passion for the outdoors got many of us to fall in love with plein air painting. A few special moments: Her lesson on painting water given while teetering on a rock in Clear Creek, meeting her...  more
  • Cherlyn Johnson
    I have enjoyed many classes, workshops and the critique group with Molly. I also did her private mentorship program for a year.
    She helped me in in practical ways like how to downsize my Plein air gear and was key in designing the lighting and...  more
  • Lori Cameron
    Always helping... ❤
  • Sydnnia  Wulff
  • Frances Hartogh
    Molly, my friend, I miss you. You were the kind of friend who would make one feel good about oneself even if undeserving. Your innate sense of fairness, and your indefatigable will to right what is wrong, continue to be an inspiration. Thank you for...  more
  • Lori Cameron
    Some twenty-one years ago, our 11-year-old son, Quentin, hinted that he had a crush on not one, but two, girls in his fifth-grade class. We did a bit of research and eventually found out that both girls were taking art lessons from Molly Davis. Despite...  more
  • Afiamarie  J
  • Dan Burke
    As director of the city of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks Department, I am blessed to have gotten to know Molly, first in her role as a member of the Open Space Board of Trustees and then as a friend, and saw first hand her passion for the land...  more
  • Rachel Saunders
    I met Molly in 2012. I was just starting to paint and I picked up a flyer advertising Molly’s mentorships at the ASLD. This began a relationship which would become one of the most meaningful of my life. From our first get together to our last, just...  more
  • C.M. Hay
    I took 2 of Molly's plein air watercolor classes in 90 deg July heat. I still see her running up and down the path with her silver umbrella checking the students as we worked. I frequently hear her voice in my head, guiding me, as I paint. The planet...  more
  • C.M. Hay
  • Susan Jennings
    When I retired, I decided I wanted to paint with watercolors. I chose Molly as an instructor after visiting her Arapahoe studio during Open Studios. I continue to paint with watercolors today and I’m grateful to Molly for her sound instruction and...  more
  • Marty Lambuth
  • Marty Lambuth
    A few memories from Molly's workshop in Burgundy, France, 2008.
  • Wyncia Clute
    Just before learning of Molly's death I came across this photo of a demo Molly gave while teaching watercolor at Chautauqua, Boulder. She taught me more than I thought I could learn! I will miss her, yet I am glad her pain is ended. She is a marvel!
  • Karen Hollweg
    In late 2012, I phoned Dave Sutherland and asked him whether there were any OSMP volunteers that he thought might be good to serve on the Open Space Board of Trustees and who might be interested in taking on that role. He suggested Molly -- and I phoned...  more
  • Natalie Feinberg Lopez
    Molly and I spent a wonderful trip in Italy together, traveling a bit after we each had our personal travels complete - her painting trip, and my architecture trip. As I was traveling winding coastal roads to meet her, I avoided a crazy moped, and...  more
  • Natalie Feinberg Lopez
  • Natalie Feinberg Lopez
  • Anita Pulley
  • Robin  Stiles