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Calum Smith

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of our dearly loved Calum. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Should you wish to donate, a charitable organization that Calum believed in will be selected at a later date.

Calum Smith lived life to the fullest. He was a true friend to so many. His humor, compassion, authenticity, and outlook on life made him an incredibly special person. Calum had a big heart with a soul full of kindness for other people. The depth of his love to others was limitless. He was known to raise the voice to the voiceless and support all unconditionally. Calum was extremely adventurous and never backed down from a challenge...  see more
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  • Becca Houghton
    I still remember clearly reading the e-mail announcing the promotion of Calum to director- youngest in the business. At that time I didn’t know him personally, but I remember thinking wow that guy must be good.

    And he was.

    It always felt like Calum...  more
  • Craig Stewart
    For me Calum was a brilliant communicator! Who's emotional intelligence was unrivaled. His ability to inspire confidence, passion and humility in the people he worked with is something I always admired. I am frustrated and annoyed I never told him...  more
  • Craig Stewart
    For me Calum was a brilliant communicator! Who's emotional intelligence was unrivaled. His ability to inspire confidence, passion and humility in the people he worked with is something I always admired. I am frustrated and annoyed I never told him...  more
  • Wan Fazlan
    We sat side by side occasionally before our Singapore's office renovation & even after that, he joined our perm team desk some times.

    A man with less words but surely not less wisdom.
    It’s definitely a great loss for the Airswift leadership & team as...  more
  • Sam Cross
    Cal was always friends, family and laughter first. Talking on the phone we generally spoke with a strong Northern Irish accent simply because of one random interview we did together.

    Calum was someone who could always be relied on and he was one of few...  more
  • Doris Piel
    We are a nation of thousand languages, we cannot express enough our grief in English. Tears are our only language we speak, we can cry a gallon of teardrops, yet our tears cannot change the fact that you are gone too soon.
    From the ends of the earth,...  more
  • Jodie Rees
    Airswift was my first proper corporate job and when I met Calum, I was in awe of how successful he had been before 30 and how much he had achieved in that time. He was motivated, passionate and such a kind man. I truly looked up to him. We became friends...  more
  • Chris Chatwin
    I’m fortunate to have had the pleasure of knowing Calum from his very first day with the company in Manchester, when he was a fresh-faced graduate with a cheeky smile and a booming voice.

    Throughout his journey over the past 12 years, I’ve admired...  more
  • Jazz Larosa
    Starting at Airswift in 2013 as a young teen fresh out of high school- Calum was someone I looked up to.

    I remember first meeting Cal and thinking- wow. He’s so established in his role at Air and is very motivated and driven at such a young age. This...  more
  • Julie Willoughby
    I first met Calum 7 years ago when he interviewed me for a position with Air in PNG. At the time, he was still fairly new to the role of Regional Manager PNG and I remember being surprised at his age. I quickly realised he was smart and intelligent...  more
  • Nicola Murphy
    Reading all these wonderful memories people have shared – I know I didn’t know you as well as some. But we worked together back in 2019 & it was a genuine pleasure – I am so grateful I got to meet you properly in Buenos Aries last September –...  more
  • Kobe Hales
    Dear Calum, taken too soon. You were definitely a guiding light during my time at Air, you pushed me and those around you to be the best of their ability. You also had a fun, kind and caring soul. We’ve shared a lot of highs and I’ll never forget...  more
  • dane groeneveld
    Calum was one special person and it makes no sense to have lost him so soon and without the chance to say thank you, goodbye, or see you soon.

    We were only talking two weeks ago about life and plans. Calum was thinking of how to shape an opportunity...  more
  • Justin Haddock
    To Calum’s family and friends
    My family and I share our sadness and deepest sympathies with Calum’s parents, family and indeed everyone who was privileged enough to have known and loved him. My family and I are profoundly saddened to know that we...  more
  • Chipo Wekare
    When Calum became vegetarian, I often tried to bait him into confessing he missed a good old steak or some deep fried chicken! He never wavered but, I could always count on him to offload my greens onto his plate.
    I’ll never forget the friendship &...  more
  • Phil Taulelei
    My thoughts and condolences are with everyone as we process the loss of Calum.

    Apart from being one of Calum's more difficult placements for PNG LNG and all the challenging problems that I gave him and that he masterfully dealt with, I think that the...  more
  • Kymberley Kepore
    My deepest condolences to Calum’s family and his large group of friends and colleagues for such a very sad loss. Gone way too soon. Calum really believed in me and never tired of promoting me across the world for work - a pioneer in many ways in...  more
  • Angela  Vaieke
    Calum was a great Leader, Colleague and a friend. He always had time when we need his help despite his busy schedules. He was the voice for Airswift PNG.
    He will surely be missed by the old and current AIRSWIFT family in PNG.His great heart and...  more
  • Caryn White
    I had always thought I would be enjoying a few years of living the life following my husband around the globe and then by chance the beautiful Nikki introduced us, before I know it I am working at Airswift and you were giving me every opportunity to have...  more
  • Zoe  Brookes
    "Hiya Love" are the first words that come to mind when I think of Calum, his constant mocking of the Manchester accent is my fondest memory, but by far my only memory. Calum took me under his wing several years ago and has guided me through my career at...  more
  • Ben Dyton
    I last met Calum by chance at the airport bar - we had beers. He was such likable, charming, intelligent and fun person. It was obvious to me why he enjoyed such success in his life. His parents must be so proud of his achievements. Seeing the posts...  more
  • Ryan  Carroll
    Sadly and regrettably I don't have the bank of memories with Calum that many others do but I wanted to share a moment which gave a glimpse into the type of leader I was with. Having only been with the business 5 months me based in Brisbane, Calum based...  more
  • Aidan Stoate
    I'll remember Calum first and foremost for his kindness and compassion. He was big in every sense; his heart, his smile, his intellectual capacity and his ambition. I was fortunate to spend time with him in a few different places, the last being a trip...  more
  • Ramon Sacdalan
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  • Leanne  Hanley
    Oh Cal “Me Lad” What are we going to do without you! Nearly 11 years has given me so many wonderful memories.
    I can still remember your first day in the Brisbane office, age 21 and fresh from Thailand. I am pretty sure you brought your scuba gear in...  more
  • Ashlon Chue
    It’s times like this that challenge our faith as I often wonder how a person so full of goodness and life can be taken away so young. How unfair life can be!!

    Although I don’t know your family all that well our hearts pour out to them for their...  more
  • Albert  Kahlow
    Cal we knew of each other for years before we finally met in 2017, when we hit it off immediately and kept in touch since then. It was a measure of the man you were that you took time out to offer me advice on a various subjects and even from afar,...  more
  • Shalet  Gupta
    Calum was a big man, big heart, big fun and made a big impression on everyone. He really cared about everything he did, I personally saw that with the passion he led the business with and the way he always took time to chat and have a laugh. I'll miss...  more
  • Wayne Walton
    I remember watching Calum refresh his ski legs at Nakiska in Alberta, before he 'took it' the main hill. I couldn’t help chuckling to myself as I watched him navigate around children and average sized humans like they were training cones on the nursery...  more
  • Yoan Tyll
    Calum was one of the best colleagues I worked with, I did not have the chance to meet him but he always had this nice way of making you feel like you've known him for ages. A great man left and my thoughts go directly to his family and friends.
  • Kati Greenall
    Calum...the man with the voice! I never thought I’d say thank goodness for all WhatsApp voice memos, yet so pleased to be able to listen back to them and smile!

    We grew up together in this company, and your legacy will for sure continue to live on....  more
  • James Allen
    Calum was a very special person, unique in my experiences of the world, whenever he was around I would find myself gravitating towards him for assurance, counsel and most of all the laughs. He had an infectious personality that made you just want to be...  more
  • Peter Denham
    Calum was the pinnacle of the good guys, his humour and kindness was infectious, he’s unrivalled support to so many will live on and he will always be remembered for his charming nature that blessed so many. I’m honoured to have known you as a...  more
  • Larisa  Katunina
    Calum will be greatly missed by all of us. Calum was a man with big heart and beautiful soul; for so many he was a true friend and a shoulder of support and kindness for simply all of us. Raising voice for voiceless, caring about planet, people, he was...  more
  • Janette Marx
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  • Janette Marx
    Calum ensured that we had fun whilst always working hard. We took every moment we could, no matter what country we were traveling in together, to take in the surroundings and be thankful for what we had. Calum truly knew how to live life to the...  more