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William Francis Schoeberlein

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Bill Schoeberlein. We will be very grateful for the stories of Bill that you can share here. Thank you for contributing to the shared precious memory.

William Francis Schoeberlein William Francis Schoeberlein died at age 87 on April 25, 2020 of natural causes at his home in Louisville, Colorado. Bill was known for his love of outdoor adventure, travel, and family, and his amiability and generosity. He was a distinguished Denver-based attorney practicing labor and employment law for more than 50 years. Born in Watertown, NY, on November 23, 1932 to George Adam and Clara (Benarwic)...  see more
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  • Karrie Hindley
    We'll miss Bill but have many, many fond memories to sustain us. I worked with Bill for several years and remember him as a wonderful lawyer, colleague, friend, mentor, and serious adventurer. Several have mentioned the rafting, and like you, many of my...  more
  • Lindsay Meyers
    I have joyful memories going on the firm rafting trips as a kid. Bill was one that lead our groups on the two I attended. I remember us kids had to hike alongside Hell’s Half Mile as we watched the rafts navigate the rough and rocky waters. I remember...  more
  • Mark Fulford
    Of all the many rafting and climbing trips I took with Bill, the only picture I’ve been able to find of him is one he might prefer not be remembered – in around 1977, when the oar boat, with all our luggage, got hung up on a rock in a raging Triplet...  more
  • Mary Zinn
    Bill was a great friend and always enthusiastic! I know he will be missed by many. It was my good fortune to know him as a neighbor on Lookout Mountain. He and Jan were wonderfully welcoming hosts at many gatherings at their home. Bill and I kept in...  more
  • Beverly Lipman
    Bill was a treasured friend of ours for many years. Peter and I have lots of good memories of him on boat trips, ski trips, saving Clear Creek Canyon from a huge proposed gravel pit-- you name it. The picture I am posting is my favorite way of...  more
  • Beverly Lipman
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  • John Sass
    I love the mountain climbing picture above. I first met Bill when one of my law school professors introduced me to him in 1974. After I graduated and went into practice, I had further contact with him in cases that we were both involved with as well as...  more
  • Jon Del Duca
    I will always cherish the time I spent with Uncle Bill in the summers of 2002 and 2008 when we went white water rafting on the green river and snake river. Those were some of my life’s greatest memories. I enjoyed spending time drinking Tecate on the...  more
  • Jeffrey Goldstein
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  • Jeffrey Goldstein
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  • Heidi Ahrens
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  • John Schoeberlein
    We are grieving, but we feel very much loved, by our dear departed father and by the many who loved him and have comforted us.
    We will be very grateful to anyone who shares a memory or a picture on this memorial page devoted to Bill Schoeberlein's life.
  • Lisa Dirth
    My father was a brilliant man who loved family, life, adventure, and work. He will be sorely missed by many people in many parts of his life.
  • John Schoeberlein
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    William F. Schoeberlein, the Labor Lawyer, ca. 2005
    Bill experiencing pure joy not long ago, new adventure in a long life of adventure