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Vicky Lee

August 17, 1977 - February 10, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial page to celebrate the life of Vicky Lee. Please feel free to share stories and memories and use this as a place to remember Vicky. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive...  see more

Vicky Lee, the caring daughter, loving wife, devoted friend, and the one and only purveyor of "magical & powerful blessings," lost her final battle with the demons of depression on February 10, 2021. Vicky was born on August 17, 1977, in Taiwan to Ming-Tzung and Yumin Lee. She spent her early years adored and doted on as the only child by her parents and grandmother. At seven, she saw her parents through the rough journey of building a...  see more
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  • Amy Worden
    It’s the one year anniversary and the loss is just as fierce.
  • Amanda Miller
  • Nandini Jawale
    It has been almost two months since we lost Vicky, but I still cannot believe it. She was a little elf in our office. She brought seasons and festivals in our office by decorating little corners. She was an excellent event organizer and arranged some...  more
  • Robert Hum
    It is heartbreaking to endure the loss of such a bright light as Vicky. My fondest memory is sharing her joy at mastering the flying trapeze. She shared a few videos of her flying through the air from one trapeze to another. I have always had that...  more
  • Sowmya Rajkumar
  • Michael Fritzen
    I had the pleasure of working with Vicky at the Jewish Federation. She was great fun, and I always appreciated her thoughtful gifts, her creativity, and being a great listener. We always had a good time going to see the Moth and listening to everyone's...  more
  • Michael Fritzen
  • Anna Ólafsdóttir
  • Brenna McNab
  • Reni Huang
    The good old days.
  • Reni Huang
    After going off to college and moving away from each other, we drifted apart, but would get together occasionally and keep in touch via social media and phone calls. I’m so sorry to hear you’re gone now, I remember our old old days and childhood...  more
  • Reni Huang
    Vicky and I used to say we were opposite sides of the same coin, we were different in many ways but we also totally understood each other. We kept each other’s secrets and had each other’s backs. She was fun, adventurous and loyal friend.
  • Reni Huang
    Vicky was one of my first childhood friends, we were in the Meatball Club together, we went to the same elementary school and church, and spent a lot of time playing and sleeping over at each other’s homes.
  • Michael Luo
  • Dennis Zen
    I first met Vicky in the Bay Area Acting Studio, late 2013. I was shy and introverted so I never made much effort to make friends. It wasn't until Spring of 2014 when she asked me to tag along with her friends to a Burlesque show. I didn't know why she...  more
  • Mier Mier
  • Mier Mier
    God given tone of Vicky, Andrew, Becky, Dennis and I! Vicky was rocking hard, dressed in black. Sorry the video is blurry! We love you Vicky!!!
  • Mier Mier
    I met Vicky when I was a newbie actor at the Bay Area Acting Studio. I remember I was super nervous and Vicky told me that everything will be ok and to stop tripping! Vicky and I got super close being we're both Taiwanese and both born in Taiwan. I...  more
  • Dennis Zen
  • Otis Gates
  • Hélène Thorne
    I met Vicky in Atlanta in 1999 while she was studying. A complicity developed very quickly, crazy laughter and good meals were shared, Vicky was greedy and enjoyed good food.
    The last time we saw each other was in 2011 in France where I live, we visited...  more
  • Nathan Cosmo Rahn
  • Phil Franks
    The first time I met Vicky was when we appeared together in Carmen at OSJ. Here's a pic of us.
  • Mark Chesney
  • Beth Freishtat
    I was Vicky's colleague for three years and have so many beautiful memories. As most of you know, she was the queen of thoughtful notes! Whether a simple "I appreciate you" or a "Happy Birthday" or a heartfelt note of apology, all came from such a deep...  more
  • Chuanchuan Wang
  • Chuanchuan Wang
  • Amy Worden
    I met this vivacious ball of fire around 2009, as did my daughter; my partner met her a few years earlier. And as was the case with Vicky, instantly loved her fiercely. She was a delightful stage colleague, incredibly supportive of other performances...  more
  • Maria C
  • Joan Ling-Zwissler
    I met Vicky when she and my now-husband were in theater classes together in the 90s. I have seen her go through a lot since then. She dealt with her challenges directly and courageously, and inspired everyone around her in the process.

    Vicky was...  more
  • Sheila Savage
  • Sandy SF
  • Ruth Pierce
  • Ruth Pierce
    Vicki brought sunshine into many lives. I first met her in 2012 while we were both at Mentor Graphics and have stayed in touch through the years. Regardless of distance or the passage of time, we always bridged the gap as if yesterday was when we last...  more
  • Sandy SF
    I met Vicky around 2007 and soon after, she invited me for a delicious Chinese duck dinner with her parents. She was a sister to me, as neither of us had siblings.

    When her dad finished his chemotherapy treatments, she treated them and a few of her...  more
  • Sandy SF
  • Tara Nguyen
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