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Vickie Gibbs

Scott T. Gibbs

February 08, 1947 - September 07, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Scott T. Gibbs. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Scott Gibbs was born in Spokane, Washington on February 8, 1947. He died at home on September 7, 2021. He was 74 years old. He was an Eagle Scout and a graduate of Mead High School (1965) and University of Washington, BSME (1969). He spent his working life as a mechanical engineer for several Seattle area consulting engineering firms engaged in the design of municipal water supply and waste water projects. He was a licensed mechanical...  see more
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  • David Snell
    Lotta good times hunting and fishing with Scott. Appreciated your tenacity and humor. Miss you Bro!
  • Ron Jones
    Scott and I spent many a family get together comparing notes on our waterfowling adventures and although we always ended those conversations with promise to hunt together, we never got it done.

    Today's hunt is for youScott. I hope there plenty of birds...  more
  • Bob Holcomb
    I’ve know Scott for over 60 years. From:
    • Playing football together at Mead High School
    • Living in the same dorm our Freshman year at University of Washington
    • Sharing our first apartment ($82.50 per month)
    • Him taking me in my Junior year...  more
  • Bob Holcomb
    Fleeta and Scott at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show. Scott was always involved in our life and interested in what we we're doing. Visiting us in Alaska, flying model airplanes, helping with drainage ditches, or checking out the wooden boats, he was...  more
  • Bob Holcomb
    Scott and Vickie at Bob and Fleeta's 25th wedding anniversary party. That made it Scott and Vickie's 25 year plus 7 days anniversary. Scott always reminded Bob that his anniversary was coming up so Bob wouldn't be in trouble!
  • Mark Schaaf
    Scott was my closest friend in life. We met in 1982 at CH2M Hill in Bellevue, Washington, where we both worked. I knew that Scott and I would become friends when I saw the photographs on his desk of his golden retriever, Amber, his hunting cabin on the...  more
  • Joe Skranak
    I remember when Sam and I were younger, Uncle Scott used to take us on fishing and shooting trips. He was a very big influence on our appreciations for the sports today and we always enjoyed his efforts to introduce us. Often times he would come get us...  more
  • Richard Ackley
    I first met Scott in the fall of 1965. We were freshman engineering students living in adjacent dorm rooms at the U of W. It was easy to like Scott. He walked fast, toes pointed a little out, back straight, head up. A young man with a future. Saturdays...  more
  • Terry Truman
    Scott came to Colorado to visit me and I introduced him to Vickie. Here is a photo from their wedding at Burns United Methodist Church in Aurora, Colorado. Vickie’s sister Leslie is on the left, then Vickie, Scott, and me.
  • Terry Truman
    The first photo is Terry Hall, UW 1966. The RA, Terry Winder, is awarding Scott the “Horny Trophy,” which moved from dorm room to dorm room every month. The second photo was taken at UW, in the rain of course, the Saturday of the National Draft...  more
  • Terry Truman
    Scott was the first person I met in Seattle after coming from Colorado to attend UW. The Sunday after I arrived, Scott and I and his high school friend, Mark Popp, walked from Lander Hall to the Seattle Zoo. The rain hadn’t started yet and it was sunny...  more
  • Heather Carlson
    Out Seattle trips - me as a kid and then as an adult with my kiddos - always involved other adventures ... visiting the Space Needle, watching the salmon at the locks, going the Seattle Aquarium, camping on Orcas Island, learning to sail, backyard...  more
  • Heather Carlson
    Growing up, I loved our summer trips to Seattle to visit Uncle Scott and the rest of the Manning gang. The highlight for me each summer was going to Uncle Scott's "cabin" (shack on stilts?!). I loved walking through the neighbor's land to get...  more
  • Diana Manning
    Lisa's comments below about his patience as his niece grinded the clutch reminded me of all the time Scott took his nephews fishing, to the cabin, shooting, hunting, etc. It could not be easy to get 2 little boys to focus and sit still - but he was able...  more
  • Sasser Larry
    I first met Scott in 1976 when I went to work at RW Beck. Our family was moving back to the NW from California with our 3 and 1 year old daughters. I was looking forward to getting into design after 5 years of engineering studies. I had no mechanical...  more
  • Lisa Manning
    I have great childhood memories visiting Scott’s cabin and cruising the river while he pointed out the wildlife. My favorite memory is of him teaching me to drive a stick shift in the U of W stadium parking lot. He was so easygoing while I’m sure I...  more
  • Another memorable trip was a 3-week Mediterranean cruise from Istanbul to Barcelona to celebrate the Gibbs’ 30th wedding anniversary. We arrived in Istanbul 2 days before the cruise but Scott and Vickie’s luggage didn’t. It was lost somewhere in...  more
  • Leslie Manning and Alan Fisher
    We are sure that Scott’s favorite hobby was traveling with Vickie. They traveled on six continents, four of the oceans and on many of the world’s major rivers. He was a tireless traveler, enjoying the museums,...  more
  • Ron & Laurie  Jones
  • Diana Manning
    One of my favorite memories of Scott goes back a few years to when my boys were quite young. They were in a summer day camp at the YMCA and Scott wanted to go over and pick them up from there to take them fishing. I got this call from the ladies...  more
  • Vickie Gibbs
    Hunting and shooting were two of Scott's favorite hobbies. For a while, he and a friend leased a cabin on the Skagit River where they went every weekend during duck season. He also hunted turkeys in Idaho and geese in Alberta, Texas and eastern Washington
  • Vickie Gibbs
    He liked to cook and even took cooking classes while traveling in Italy. He couldn't have made dinner without the help of his doggy sous chefs
  • Vickie Gibbs
    Scott had old cars which he loved to drive around the neighborhood and work on
  • Vickie Gibbs
    Scott loved animals, we always had at least two dogs and sometimes as many as three and three cats.
  • Vickie Gibbs
    Scott was an avid fisherman since he was little. He fished in Manitoba, the Caribbean, Guatamala, Alaska, Oregon and of course Washington