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Monica Stewart

Rudi William Kraak

December 12, 1994 - July 18, 2020

We have created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Rudi Kraak. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. For additional updates, please...  see more

Rudi William Kraak a Life Lived   Rudi William Kraak was born 4 am December 12, 1994 at Vancouver Children’s Hospital, to the most excited though exhausted parents, Vince and Beverley.  We lived in a lovely old apartment two blocks from Stanley Park, so we had many strolls through the woods and around the sea wall. In 1995, Rudi joined Granny Hope and his Mum Beverley for a trip to Ontario, his first airplane trip. In January 1996,...  see more
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  • Louis Kraak
    Rudi's service. Thanks to all for attending.
  • Sally Wilsdon
    We have so many fond memories of Rudi during his early years in Sydney. He was such a character who made us laugh often. Vince, Beverley and Louis, may your love for Rudi carry you through this difficult time. With love Bryan, Sally, Dan & Nat xxxx
  • Germaine Britto Silva
    Our memories of Rudi are of happier days in Sydney about twenty years ago. Of summers outdoors, swimming and barbecues invariably organised by Neda. Of Rudi, he would have been about 5 or 6, running around in his swimmers, a cheeky smile on his face and...  more
  • Neda Creed
    We have so many incredible memories and moments shared through what was an important period of our personal and family life.

    Rudi, we will miss you in our physical world but not in our thoughts and never in our hearts ❣️
  • Pat Hung
    Rudi, I didn't know you for many years but I believe the first shift I worked at the Regent was with you. Thanks for always being such a joy to work with, whether or not we had to do Close and Open shifts (which you loved to refer to as Clopens) back to...  more
  • Dierdre Varro
    Rudi, you were amazing ...
    I loved it when you showed up @ The Zoo ... that smirk, your charisma & generous heart set us all up for joy & happiness ! I really want your parents to know what a well mannered young man you always were ... your shoes on the...  more
  • Jerry
    Rudi, you were more than unique. You showed us all how truly selfless and caring you were. You kept us all under your wings and showed true compassion towards others. Your encouragements and warm heart kept us all together. Even if we had known each...  more
  • Vince Kraak
    Rudi receiving the Comradeship Award during the Graduation Ceremony at Canadian Armed Forces Garrison Saint-Jean, Quebec.   
    Comradeship award Rudi Kraak
  • Ryan Bonner
    This was from a very fun time in our young lives as we transitioned into adulthood , this time in my life was some of my fondest memories and rudi was there throughout it all adding to those great times ! I'm pretty sure that this was the night that rudi...  more
  • Elliott Creed
    A small message from the Creeds to our family member, Rudi Kraak.
  • Milly Ross
    We had the pleasure of working with Rudi at the Victoria Regent hotel for 6 years. This photo was taken Dec 25th 2019. While we were all sad that he was leaving, we were so happy for him that he was finally able to make it into the military, as he had...  more
  • Heather Knox
  • Heather Knox
    Remembering Rudi

    I caught snapshots, literally, of Rudi and Louis’s childhood through family photos Hope would send around, although identifying one boy cousin from another in those early days was often hit and miss! Two trips to Vancouver Island...  more
  • Monica Stewart
    Monica Stewart added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Rudi William Kraak: