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    Apr 17, 2021, 12:00 PM US/Eastern

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Pat was always there for those close to him, and his family has already had so many reach out, asking how to be there for Pat. While there seems to be no gracious way to phrase it, we are setting this up as a "combination fund." Contributions will help to ease finances related to Pat's Celebration of Life event, planned for April (details to follow). Anything remaining will help support his family who supported him during his battle. It is important to us that you not feel pressured to do so and if you have a personal cause you feel more fitting, to honor what you think Pat would deem appropriate.

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Amanda Lamb

Patrick James Jordan

January 27, 1962 - March 04, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial tribute to celebrate the life of Pat Jordan. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us comfort and help to keep Pat's memory alive. Please click on the heart to let us know you were here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Patrick James Jordan was a man who celebrated life and revelled in good times with great people. Born in New York NY, growing up in south Florida with his parents Larry and Peggy, and younger sisters Sue and Alyssa, and later making a home for himself, his wife and 3 children in Jacksonville FL, Pat was a man known for his open, warm smile and easy friendship.  He was an ardent golfer, fisherman, and connoisseur of Florida sports and...  see more
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  • Jeff Crass
    I had planned to be there today, but will not make it, unfortunately. I was a customer of Pat’s for 16 years. When I met Pat, he and I immediately hit it off and were friends from the start. He was a mentor to me while coming up in the electrical...  more
  • Laura Hatton Keady
  • Laura Hatton Keady
    As a friend of his younger sister (and he a friend of my older brothers), Pat and I did not "hang out" growing up...that was not allowed:-), but I thought he was "all that"/awesome,
    Later, when I came home from college at the...  more
  • Terri Gelal
  • kriste clark
  • Rocky Rokovitz
    Pat played left field for our Ponte Vedra Beach men's softball team, Bubbas Bar-B-Q, for 10 years which included 18 combined winter and summer leagues. The "Miracle-On-Dirt" occurred in September 2000 when we defeated Peoples Bank 30-15 to WIN...  more
  • Alyssa Jordan-Godfrey
    Beautiful video memory of Patrick
    • Amanda Lamb and Laura Hatton Keady reacted on this.
    • Alyssa Jordan-Godfrey
      Laura Hatton Keady Alyssa - that made me smile through my tears, seeing your vivacious and fun and intense brother in all of his various stages & relationships & activities of his full but too-short life. ugh. His smile...
      • April 15, 2021
  • Alyssa Jordan-Godfrey
    Rest in Peace Patrick ........
  • Beth Mulroy
  • Beth Mulroy
    Pat is part of many childhood memories. The “neighborhood” in the old sense of the word, where all the kids were friends, and the parents had long term, fun friendships. My first recollection of knowing Pat was the silly song his silly sisters sang...  more
  • Beth Mulroy
  • Dawn Canute
  • Jennifer Mulhall
    Every single memory I have of Patrick, whether as a kid or an adult, is of Patrick smiling. He loved openly, smiled frequently, and blessed our lives with his presence.

    I remember Patrick always trying to avoid conflict, bring peace to a situation,...  more
  • Dawn Canute
    My beloved nephew was accident-prone when we were young. What I remember; however, is that Pat never wanted anyone to worry about his injuries or feel his pain. We can’t help feeling the pain of losing him physically, but we have so many memories that...  more
  • Claire  Goodridge
  • Alyssa Jordan-Godfrey
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  • Claire  Goodridge
    Growing up as friends and neighbors was a blast. There are so many great memories from the BDM neighborhood and the club, NH ski vacation, camping in the Keys, Captiva, sporting events, The Stones and Bob Seger concerts and so much more.
    As I have...  more
  • Claire  Goodridge
  • Alex Moraitis
    Good times in the Keys! Pat, Alex and Griff....
  • Alyssa Jordan-Godfrey
    So many great memories growing up ............we had a lot of fun together. We will miss you desperately but know you are not in pain anymore. Until we see you again.
  • Monica  Harmon
  • Amanda Lamb
  • susan kinard
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  • Susan Kinard
  • Amanda Lamb
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  • Amanda Lamb
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