Memorial Created By
Tania Ayoub

Nehme Camille Ayoub

October 21, 1967 - July 18, 2020

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Nehme. Sharing your stories, memories and photos here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details with you on this site. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial to Nehme's life and we hope that...  see more

"I cannot draw, nor sculpt, nor add. My writing is common. So I decided to make the course, method and moments of my life The work"By Nehme C. Ayoub,Date unknown
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  • Estela Amadeo
    • Estela Amadeo
      Estela Amadeo I was thinking of Nehme lately as I remembered it was July when he left us, but wasn't sure of the date. This morning I drove by a truck which had the word AYOUB in big letters on the side....... what were the odds??? I felt it was a sign so I checked...  more
      • July 18, 2022
    • Estela Amadeo
      Tania Ayoub Hi Estela, Thank you for sharing these wonderful words.
      • December 14, 2022
  • Leila Ayoub
    It has been two years and the pain of losing my son only gets stronger. He was the sweetest son that a mother could ever have. Until we meet again , Rest In Peace ya habib albi.❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Tania Ayoub
    Nehme and Joaquin
  • Stelle Amadeo
    Thinking of Nehme and his smile today ♥️
  • Donna Dunlop
    Thinking of you today Nehme.
  • Donna Dunlop
  • Tania Ayoub
    Today would have been Nehme's birthday. I miss him so much
  • Tania Ayoub
  • Tania Ayoub
    I stumbled upon this photo recently...Does anyone know where and when it was taken?
  • Joaquin Jerez
    I am fortunate to have nehme not only as an uncle, but also as my godfather. I feel sorry for my little brother lucas, who got the second pick, Nabil... still a solid second pick though.

    After his passing, having nehme as a godfather has, in a way,...  more
  • Jing Dai
    "At least we chose to be here."

    "Enjoy it while you can."

    "i'm a damn good trader, give me benchmark and target, and i'll do better"

    "I like this challenge. Please keep it up."

    "That will be a flock of...  more
  • Christoph  Duenwald
    Angelique and I are old friends and colleagues of Nehme, having been introduced to him by mutual friends in the late 1990s. We hadn’t been in touch with him lately, which we deeply regret now. But we will always cherish the many good times, and the...  more
  • Tania Ayoub
    My two boys with my two brothers during the Summer of 2017 in our family home in Redlands. Nehme’s favorite song at that time was “We the People” by A Tribe Called Quest. We listened to it all day long, over and over.
  • Dean Charpentier
    I was lucky to have known and be included among Nehme’s friends. Nehme was one of a kind – an incredible character, original thinker, and oh that sense of humor. Where do I start? All who knew Nehme will agree and smile. “To be yourself in...  more
  • Shenghua Si
    I miss Nehme's witty smiley face. To someone who is seeking truth but not flattery, you are the friend, the partner, because you always speak to the point, sometimes with a touch of your symbolic sarcasm. You have a beautiful mind. You will always be in my memory.
  • marc piron
    It was ... Thanksgiving 2007, one of the Ayoub Holiday celebrations we were invited to, at their home in Redlands. Everyone was there, Camille, Leila, Tania, Nabil and Nehme.
    Those afternoon dinner parties were always exquisite, Leila and Nabil cooked at...  more
  • Kimberly Bliss
    I was fortunate to meet Nehme at family gatherings when he visited in Redlands, California. Remembering the first time that we met, I thought, “Wow, too bad he does not live here…he would make a great new friend.” He was fun, intellectual and...  more
  • Feng Gu
    Working with Nehme is a privilege one must earn. His passion and dedication to the investment profession are rare. His visionary thinking and mastery implementation in areas such as portfolio management, technology, business development, have provided...  more
  • Amanda Hidalgo Douglas
    From Nehme’s friends at The World Bank Treasury
  • Monty Nearon
    Nehme was a good friend and I was blessed to have known him and to have worked with him for many years. Even after I left the bank we stayed in touch. I have fond memories of our trip to Barbados together, as we were on an assignment to visit with the...  more
  • Victor Jerez
    Victor Jerez added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Nehme Camille Ayoub:
  • Victor Jerez
    Nehme, Viet-Nehme, Bala Khouf,
    my dear brother (in-law),

    You are a fearless, beautiful soul.

    I am so grateful to have known you and have been a part of your loving family all these years.

    Your wit, profound and expansive intelligence, boundless...  more
  • Towfiqua Hoque
    Nehme's smile and kindness and humour and brilliance and all the silly things and the profound things and the good times. And always that smile.
  • Towfiqua Hoque
    Towfiqua Hoque added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Nehme Camille Ayoub:
  • Imad Nasrallah
    Our communications were not frequent, but the ideas were rich, the memories poignant, and the future plans inspiring. Your loss saddens all who knew you, myself included. You will be missed, but your memory lives on. Rest in Peace Nehmeh.
  • Shaun Ng
    It's never a dull moment when you are with Nehme! Love all our time working together! Will miss you dearly, bro!
  • Rouj Ayoub
    May your beautiful soul Rest In Peace cous!!! This is the last picture I had shared with you of my daughter’s painting a couple of weeks before your farewell, to which you replied... “ Waow. Quite a painter. Wishing you all the best.”.... Just wish...  more
  • Ali Nazemian
    Every time I would see Nehme. Is summed up Int his picture a conversation that would eventually lead to a belly laugh. You are missed greatly
  • Mary Saba
    Our family gatherings will never be the same without you Nehme. We will miss you dearly❤️
  • Radia Benamghar
    I will always remember your jokes and laughters😘
  • Maria Fanenko
    I am so proud that I had a chance to know and work with you Nehme. You were a fireworks of intelligence, humour and joy of life. Rest in peace beautiful soul.
  • adam kobor
    Yemen, 2004. Nehme clearly spiced this RAMP mission up, and he could easily translate conversations between locals and ourselves. We are missing you...
  • Attila Juhasz
    Prof Nehme, you will be always remembered for your passionate and abundant love of life. You had the habit to never settle for mediocrity, for being average. You always pursued the highest standard and quality in life, in work, and in people. Thank you...  more
  • Tania Ayoub
    DC, November 1992. Nehme saying goodbye to Victor and I before our long drive to South America. Later on he met us in Santiago Chile and drove with us through Chile, Bolivia and Peru
  • Grigor Sargsyan
    Bon vivant! You will be missed, but hardly forgotten...
  • Sezin Paydas
    “chickens don’t fly” - Nehme every day on the trading floor

    I miss you
  • Maria Khoury
    Will miss you so much Nahoume...
  • Shaddy Saba
  • Sara  Bobbitt
    I’ll always remember good times.
  • Nabil Ayoub
  • Sara  Bobbitt
    Photo from Tania’s wedding (my Favorite). Funny and beautiful man. ❤️
  • Stelle Amadeo
    We will miss Nehme’s smile, authenticity and brilliant mind. He will remain in our thoughts and hearts.
  • Ramiah rk
    Ramiah rk added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Nehme Camille Ayoub:
  • Ramiah rk
    Ramiah rk added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Nehme Camille Ayoub:
  • Ramiah rk
    Ramiah rk added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Nehme Camille Ayoub:
  • Ramiah rk
    Ramiah rk added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Nehme Camille Ayoub:
  • Ramiah rk
    Ramiah rk added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Nehme Camille Ayoub:
  • Katya Gratcheva
    World Bank Treasury 2001 Talent show: Spice Girls.