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It is with profound sadness that the family of Mark Brunner announces his unexpected passing on Oct. 1 at the age of 55. Mark was survived by his loving wife, Jo Pangilinan, his two sons, Derek and Brandon, and a wonderful family.

It is with profound sadness that the family of Mark Brunner announces his unexpected passing on Oct. 1 at the age of 55. Mark was survived by his loving wife, Jo Pangilinan, his two sons, Derek and Brandon, and a wonderful family. Mark served as the VP of Global Corporate and Government Relations at Shure, where he began in 1989 and worked his way up to an executive level from a mailroom position. He served as a tremendous ambassador...  see more
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  • Jo Pangilinan
    To my Forever Man, I Love You
  • Jo Pangilinan
    Jo Pangilinan added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Mark Brunner:
    • Jo Pangilinan
      Christine Damico you are a beautiful poet Jo... love you my dear friend
      • November 5, 2020
  • Kris Calef
    Kris Calef added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Mark Brunner:
  • Kris Calef
    What a powerful celebration of life Shure and Jo put together for Mouse last week. I was so moved, finding myself crying throughout the entire day. Each speaker honored Mouse with such well thought out, eloquent, articulate and warm memories and...  more
    • Kris Calef
      Ian Drury Calef, great post.
      • October 25, 2020
  • Lucia Healy + Derek Phelps
    We have requested that the Tibetan Buddhist Monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery say a special Puja for Mark.

    It will take place on Saturday, Oct 24 at 3pm Central time via Zoom.
    Meeting Passcode: 186452
    The link to join is below. All are...  more
  • Jennifer Brown
    I’m so sad that Mouse is gone. It’s clear that he connected to so many of us in similar ways - what an amazing spirit. From watching the wonderful tribute to his life and reading these posts I feel connected to all those who loved Mouse and grieve...  more
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    • Jennifer Brown
      Ian Drury Great photo of your 40th B'day and hug! Classic Mouse!
      • October 20, 2020
    • Jennifer Brown
      Jennifer Brown Thanks Ian. I think Jo took the picture. We were all so lucky to know him.
      • October 20, 2020
  • Matt Kordonowy
    I was lucky enough to mix a record at Reelsounds 2 years after starting at Shure. At Mouse's insistence, I lugged my 8-track reel to reel over to Reelsounds so we could transfer the tapes to the RADAR machine because it would be much better fidelity than...  more
  • Tina Morris
    The Village Studios are so saddened by the passing of Mark. It was a highlight every year to see his smiling face as he would set up for the the Annual Grammy Celebration. Always a pleasure to work with. Gone way too soon and will be sorely missed. ...  more
  • Ian  Drury
    Mouse was "one of a kind". He lived life to the fullest and had a huge heart. Below is a link to a video of some of my memories and thoughts about the lucky time I had with Mouse....

    ...  more
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    • Ian  Drury
      Andy Simonds First class Ian.
      • October 17, 2020
    • Ian  Drury
      Ian Drury Thanks Andy
      • October 17, 2020
    • Ian  Drury
      Jennifer Brown Ian, This was beautiful. Thank you for posting. I can't stop thinking about all of Mouse's Wheaton friends and how hard this must be for all you good people. My sincere heartfelt condolences to you all.
      • October 20, 2020
    • Ian  Drury
      Ian Drury Thanks Jennifer
      • October 20, 2020
    • Ian  Drury
      Kris Calef Heartfelt and heartbreaking Ian. Well done.
      • October 24, 2020
  • Richard S
    He always made me laugh. One of my favorite words we created together was "Waggit!"

    That word meant a lot of things and mostly was to pump us up.

    The other few phrases he would say to me would have to be censored on this.

    One of my best...  more
  • Ashley Bruce
    Mark had a way of making everyone feel heard. To him there were no small voices in the room, each one commanded his attention. I'm forever grateful to Brunner for the time he gave me in my first year at Shure teaching a know-nothing-20-something about...  more
  • Neal Cappellino
    I met Mark through our dear friend Jonathan Pines. I don’t think he met anyone that wasn’t considered kindred and it’s my honor to have been a friend. Mark believed in philanthropy and we benefited from it directly. I sat on the board of The...  more
    I worked with Mark on a few projects over years, but it is not the work I wanted to talk about, but Mark as a colleague and mostly as a person. I have known Mark for many years working at Shure ( 2 decades at least). It is probably not very surprising...  more
  • neil shah
    Mark was one of the most gracious people I’ve ever known. He is one of the first people I met at Shure, and he took me under his wing. We spent many hours talking about marketing, wireless, and corporate social responsibility. In particular, I’ll...  more
  • Melissa Ngan
    All of us at Fifth House Ensemble are so grateful to Mark for his incredible support of artists, both through his role at Shure, and through his incredible ability to connect people to one another. We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to get...  more
  • Catherine  Wang
    I am so deeply saddened by Mark’s unexpected passing. As outside legal counsel to Shure, I had the pleasure of working closely with Mark for more than two decades on matters at the FCC, Congress, and elsewhere. Mark was an extraordinarily...  more
  • Kathy Graham
    I feel compelled to write my thoughts directly to you.
    You were such a force of life. You truly were filled with “joie du vivre” and your exuberance improved the lives of so many.
    Some of my favorite memories include one day when I was...  more
  • Brett McKenzie
    Magnetic, hilarious, talented, the ultimate people person, contagiously joyful, exuberant musician, thoughtful and caring, witty as heck. He was a dear friend for decades to my husband Nick Wood, a mentor to me, he brought such intense joy to our...  more
    I met Mouse fairly soon after I joined Shure and had the pleasure of having him as a friend and colleague for nearly 15 years. While I never saw him as often as others (I live in London) I would go over to Chicago many times per year and there wasn't a...  more
  • Andy Simonds
    There must be something in the water in Wheaton. A lot of smart, funny and talented people came out of the ‘class of 83’ - Mark stands out at the top of that crew. We bonded over a pretty un-healthy obsession with The Rolling Stones during those...  more
  • Daniel Keller
    In 1995, I had been doing Artist Relations for Shure in Europe for about a year, and discovered that while I was working for the German office, the US office had no idea who I was. It was a bit (ahem) awkward, but the folks in Chicago realized I'd...  more
  • Michelle Makariak
    I had the great pleasure of meeting Mark through my work with Technologies for Worship Magazine. Seeing him at the Shure booth at the various mutual trade shows we attended was always a highlight for me. Despite how busy he was, he always had time to...  more
  • Dean Giavaras
    MB - Most beloved touchstone; thank you for providing an example for us all.
  • Nick Wood
    I am so grateful to have known Mark and been inspired by him like so many others. I wouldn't be where I am today without him as a mentor and friend. I met him at work but Mark's relentless positive attitude was such that it never felt like work. I...  more
  • Peter Kavanaugh
    Mark was one of my oldest and closest friends. We met in junior high and immediately started playing music together. A few years later, we won the “Battle Of The Bands” at his high school. After I moved away to LA and then NYC, Mark always stayed in...  more
  • Parry Tsangaris
    I struggle for words to describe how deeply saddened I am by my friend and coworker Mark Brunner’s passing I He was the ever smiling face of Shure Inc. with an indescribable zest for life and music, and a “can do” approach to helping everyone.

    In...  more
  • doug sauter
    i was introduced to mouse years ago by his
    niece kate lamont. kate & i had a band
    blueprintmusic & recorded an album. we
    needed a mixing engineer & she told me of
    her uncle mark. we traveled to chicago to
    his studio, reelsounds which was...  more
  • doug sauter
    i was introduced to mouse years ago by his
    niece kate lamont. kate & i had a band
    blueprintmusic & recorded an album. we
    needed a mixing engineer & she told me of
    her uncle mark. we traveled to chicago to
    his studio, reelsounds which was...  more
  • Brian Chambers
    Mark and I met In Anthropology class the first day of my senior year (which made the arrival of Modern Humans a year or two later that much funnier). It's so hard to believe we only shared that school year together because the memories feel like so much...  more
  • Shawn Stahmer
    Sitting here with a thousand memories and still trying to process this reason to share them. Mouse and I started at the same time at Shure and I was honored to count him among my closest friends for years and years and years. From weekend nights at Biddy...  more
  • Chris Kelsch
    I didn’t know Mouse as well as some others, but I visited his studio a few times with Dustin Grove. I was always amazed at his sense of play and how welcome he made you feel. It was such a great time talking, laughing and jamming to good music. I will...  more
  • Dane Roth
    I was not fortunate to know Mark as long as other people have. I've enjoyed reading those stories from people who were able to spend much more time with him.

    Mark was one of many wonderful people I interviewed with at Shure less than two years ago. If...  more
  • Mike Woods
    With great sympathy to Mark and Jo's family
  • Stuart Baum
    So many great memories!

    I met Mark early in his career at Shure and worked (which he always made more fun than effort) with him on projects for many years. A highlight was Spinal Tap at NAMM, of course.

    But most of my memories of him were his...  more
  • Mark Rahilly
    Mark always had a welcoming and super cool aura about him...I loved his passion for music and for our company...I will miss seeing his smile.
  • John Maier
    Mouse loved music and he loved people and anytime he could put the two of those things together he was in heaven. We met back in college/band days but really started to hang out a lot more over the past decade after being reintroduced by our good friend...  more
  • Manolo Tapia
    I was lucky enough to meet Mark during a Shure presentation In Mexico City with Eddie Kramer about 23 years ago, he was always a wonderful person, passionate about his job and of exceptional human quality, he always made you feel good and encourage you...  more
  • Alan Geer
    I first met Mark more than 20 years ago, on one of my first tours of Shure headquarters. Mark was clearly a bro, and a pro, who obviously knew a lot about Shure, music, bands, audio, etc. I was immediately impressed with depth of his knowledge and his...  more
  • Hiro Sawaguchi
    I feel fortunate that I have a chance to meet Mark and become a friend during my limited number of travels to the US. One day, He took me a bar-hopping at the Old Town, Chicago where I learned an Old Fashioned for the first time. One day, he gave me a...  more
  • Gene Joly
    Although I heard the name Mark Brunner many times over the years, we only recently got to know each other. From the moment I arrived at my first annual PAMA meeting in 2017, Mark made me feel like one of the gang. As someone who struggles to feel...  more
  • Tom and Karen Sullivan
    I met Mouse the same day I met Tom at Natures' Table in Urbana . He was a brother to Tom and dear friend to me. He played in the band at our wedding and my children danced at Jo and his wedding in Chicago. I remember planting the bamboo plants when we...  more
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    • Tom and Karen Sullivan
      Ian Drury Great post Tom and Karen. Tommy, thanks for sharing your thoughts/memories on Thursday as well
      • October 17, 2020
  • Mitch Paliga
    I met Mark (Mouse) in the fall of 1985 when I joined the band Bontuku. I actually didn't know his real name for weeks, maybe longer. We also played together in Modern Humans and Saltines, but beyond being bandmates we were friends. I very much regret not...  more
  • Josh Chicoine
    I met Mouse more than 20 years ago when I started making records in Chicago. I was there when Reel Sounds was still a garage, but the excitement Mouse had for what that place was going to be was infectious, and little did I know it then, but we would...  more
  • David Findling
    I met Mark 10 years ago when our sons recorded their first record which we did at his studio - Reelsounds. We became fast friends immediately and our families grew very close over that time. He was a music mentor to our sons, a hilarious Cubs game seat...  more
  • Henry Cohen
    I've known Mark for over a dozen years, through our mutual spectrum regulatory efforts when we met up numerous times at FCC, corresponded through countless emails, and through his enthusiastic participation in AES RF spectrum sessions; he never hesitated...  more
  • Glen Drothler
    I knew Mark from our Weisbrook Elementary days (we moved from Wheaton during 7th grade). We shared a love of music that long ago. One particular memory was 5th or 6th grade during a "creative" reading exercise: Mark got up in front of the class...  more
  • Scott Snyder
    I've known Mark since he started @ Shure, and liked him instantly, and am so super sorry and sad to be writing anything like this. He was ubiquitous. He was like a rock. His presence is stitched into everything and everybody he touched. He was a solid...  more
  • Michael Pettersen
    Michael Pettersen added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Mark Brunner:
  • Jim Santilli
    I will share here what I shared on Facebook last week. Like many I will miss Mark a lot.
    Godspeed Mark and condolences to your family and many friends.

    I knew Mark for nearly two decades and for about a third of that time he was my manager. For all of...  more
  • Evan Thorne
    About three weeks after I started at Shure, I got invited to play acoustic guitar with Mark's band at Eat To The Beat. I was grateful for the opportunity, but learning that these were not just phenomenal, seasoned musicians, but some of the most...  more