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If you would like to express condolences for the family or gratitude for Juan Kessler's life, we believe his legacy would be most honored by donating food to help families who are struggling to meet their basic needs during the economic strain caused by Coronavirus. Donations can be made to the following account in Costa Rica: #Cuenta Colones BAC: 908921570 – IBAN: CR36010200009089215706 #Cuenta Dólares BAC: 908921828 – IBAN: CR06010200009089218283 A nombre de: Asociación Theos Place Cédula Jurídica: 3-002-563360 Description: "Viveres Juan Kessler" Si desea expresar sus condolencias por la familia o gratitud por la vida de Juan Kessler, creemos que su legado sería más honrado al donar alimentos para ayudar a las familias que luchan por satisfacer sus necesidades básicas durante la tensión económica causada por Coronavirus. Se pueden hacer donaciones a la siguiente cuenta en Costa Rica: #Cuenta Colones BAC: 908921570 – IBAN: CR36010200009089215706 #Cuenta Dólares BAC: 908921828 – IBAN: CR06010200009089218283 A nombre de: Asociación Theos Place Cédula Jurídica: 3-002-563360 Description: "Viveres Juan Kessler"

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David Haron

Juan Baptiste August Kessler III

November 11, 1925 - June 07, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Juan Baptiste August Kessler III. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial. Creamos un memorial de GatheringUs para celebrar la vida de Juan Baptiste August Kessler...  see more

John B.A. Kessler was born in England to Dutch parents. He studied physics and chemistry at Cambridge University in the years 1943 to 1945, where he accepted Jesus Christ as the lord of his life. He worked in Peru as a missionary together with his wife Margaret between 1949-1958 under the auspices of the Evangelical Union of South America (today Latin Link). His children Rachel and David were born during his time in Peru. Later he...  see more
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  • Director Ataltrab
    Dear URCO Staff members and family of John Kessler
    Having learned with, certainly with a twinge in the heart, but filled with joy, the departure of Dr. Juan Baptist August Kessler III, whom the Lord has effectively used for the spreading of the Gospel in...  more
  • Gary Camlin
    I am writing on behalf of the Portuguese Bible Institute. We were sad to read about the passing of Dr. John Kessler. In 2004 he taught classes on church history at our school (the picture in our post is from this time). Our school has also been a...  more
  • Marek Kucharski
    Dear friends in Christ,

    I am writing on behalf of the Evangelical School of Theology Educational Center in Wroclaw, Poland. We were very saddened to read about the recent death of Dr. Kessler. We pray that his family, friends and co-workers will be...  more
  • Felix Kasongo Ilunga
    Hello dear beloved in Christ. It was very hard and sad for us here at Lubumbashi city, Democratic Republic of Congo to hear that DR BAPTISTE was taken by our Father!
    Our deeps condolences to the family and to the board of the Urco Foundation!
    Let Him...  more
  • Hce Moore
    Margaret, John, Helen and Geoff at church in San Jose 1996
  • Hce Moore
    From Helen Moore nee Wilson

    Family holidays as a child and teenager at de Koppel with the Kessler family. Then taking my family for a wonderful holiday in Costa Rica in 1996. With John joining in with some adventures such as horse riding and white...  more
  • Stephen Wilson
    From Stephen Wilson and Katalin Lánczi

    My personal memories of Uncle John (as also my brother Peter and sister Helen) extend across many years, way back to spending summer holidays at the family home in Doorn as young children, and later some visits by...  more
  • Mayra Ugalde
    hace varios años Don Juan tradujo este libro, la Sociedad Biblica lo publicó, hicimos un foro para jóvenes, luego con la Union Bíblica, Arturo viajo junto con Don Juan, impartiendo foros sobre el tema. Hace unos dos meses lo visite y me compartió...  more
  • H. Fernando Bullon
    Don Juan fue providencial en nuestro camino para el servicio en el curso del ministerio, sobre todo en una segunda etapa de la vida a partir del año 1991, desde Costa Rica. El facilitó etapa conclusiva de los estudios en UK (1989-90), como...  more
  • Caterina Moss
    Opa’s love produced many fruits:
    5 children, 11 grandchildren and 9 great grand children!
    In the last years of his life he never stopped traveling far and long trying to keep in good contact with each and every one of his family members with yearly...  more
  • Raquel Sasso Kessler
    Opa prayed for his family daily... early in the morning, and through this showed us his love.
  • Raquel Sasso Kessler
    Imagine coming to the end of your life and hearing the Lord say: “ Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your master.’”
  • Giacomo Coghi
    Don Juan fue parte del grupo junto a Sociedades Bíblicas y JUCUM en la presentación al Arzobispo en San José para su endose del proyecto “Una Biblia en cada hogar” Enero 6, 2015. 12:12 pm
  • Felix Badilla
    Gran Ejemplo
  • David Haron
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