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John Klaus

April 21, 1963 - March 28, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of John Klaus. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation by clicking the Lakeview Food Pantry button, or the Chicago Literacy Alliance using the search feature. Thank you for...  see more

John B. Klaus III age 57 died March 28th, 2021. Beloved son to John (Jack) B. Klaus Jr. and Mary Diane Klaus nee Heffernan. Beloved brother to Kathleen Klaus (the late David Miller), Ann (John) Feldkamp, Margaret (Daniel) McKenna, and Amy (Dave) Palmeri. Loving uncle to Katy (Cody) Rank, Janie Feldkamp, Erin Feldkamp, Robert Feldkamp, Grace Feldkamp, Greta Klaus, Louie Klaus, Olivia Feldkamp, Joseph McKenna, Matthew McKenna, Molly...  see more
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  • Peter Whiting
    I'm sorry to hear abou the passing of John. I knew him when I worked at the court library while I was attending Rosary College for my library degree. He was always kind and thoughtful.
  • Matt Galloway
    Matt Galloway added 1 photo(s) to the memorial John Klaus :
  • Matt Galloway
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  • Kate Klaus
    John had the BEST group of friends.
  • Kate Klaus
  • Kate Klaus
  • Kate Klaus
    First Annual John Klaus Memorial Run - Notre Dame
  • Cynthia Cohan
    I had the pleasure of working with John at the Court for many years; we started about the same time many years ago and he quickly became a friend as well as my go-to resource for obscure questions. His love of bad legal puns made him a staunch supporter...  more
  • Kathryn Feldkamp
    Happy Birthday Uncle John <3 We miss you.
  • Kris Albertus
    John was a delightful, witty person and a truly supportive work colleague. We would often exchange thoughts (or rants) about databases we worked with or ponder library week themes - always with a dash of humor. He will be so missed.
  • Brigid McHale
    John knew my goal to walk the the 2013 Chicago marathon was 6 hours. I finished four seconds over. He dryly said I didn’t make it. Thank you John for no excuses.
  • Thomas Van Houdt
    Dear John,

    We met in 2006 in Thailand. You were traveling with Dale and Karen and we did a two day hike through the jungle of Chiang Mai. We slept in a wooden shack with a group of 10-12 people and in the morning, you stuck your head out the door and...  more
  • Andrew Hoeg
    I met John during the Summer of 2017 during Chicago Marathon training. His intelligence, quick wit, and affability made him a great pacer—running with John made the miles go by fast! After learning John lived near me, we started running together...  more
  • Dale Cabreira
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  • Melissa Trulock
    I met John through a mutual friend over 10 years ago.  When he moved into the building he became a familiar face in the early morning when I walked the pup, always up for a quick chat/check-in. Over the years we would run errands together or have the...  more
  • Jenny Stinson
    I love John Klaus. I use present tense because I still love John. I met John through Joints in Motion when he began his running life. John and I went on to become long-time running partners...until he got too fast for me 😏 John and I spent SO many...  more
  • Margaret Dempster
    John - what a kind, thoughtful, compassionate, funny, and unique soul. I am so grateful and lucky to have met him - and to have been a part of the Boston 2010 training group we formed with him. I will never forget taking the "Water taxi" from...  more
  • Erin Stone
    I’m so grateful to also have been a part of the group who met training for the Boston marathon in 2010 including John. As others have said, John brought so much humor and energy to our group runs. My heart breaks for his family, it was so clear how...  more
  • Cary Lisota
    John was an incredibly devoted runner and Joints in Motion/Arthritis Foundation supporter. He ran with our team for many years and carried his love of running and his running friendships far beyond his days with JIM. We are thinking of all of you who...  more
  • Nancy Donahue
  • Karen Swinehart
    For the past week, I’ve been mentally reviewing an endless reel of memories that feature John and our crazy adventures. It’s impossible to sum up 20 years of friendship with a guy like him, so I’ll share a few of my favorites.

    We first met in a...  more
  • Chris B
    I was so saddened to receive this news. I was so fortunate to rely on John as were so many others to get me through the long miles on the Lakefront path. John would meet me wherever and whenever to run as far and fast as I wanted. Always willing to...  more
  • Erin Mink Garvey
    Two more pictures from our friendship - the group pic with many of our Boston Bound '10 training buddies after a brunch at Nookies in Edgewater (no doubt after a run) in November '13 and the other, a lakefront trail run we did together when I visited...  more
  • Erin Mink Garvey
  • Sarah Wehren Kooiker
    Tom and I knew John through our Gotham Lofts community and close friends. We are heart broken to learn of his passing. We last saw John in San Francisco shortly after we moved here and shared dinner together. May we all share stories in his memory. Our...  more
  • chris mazik
  • chris mazik
    I was apart of John’s Boston Bound 2010 running group. It was an amazing year and I made some long time friends which included John of course. He has been such a kind, generous, supportive, and loyal friend throughout the years - I feel so fortunate to...  more
  • Stacey N H
    This is crushing.

    John was a true, trusted friend of mine. I am part of the group of running friends who first met John training for Boston 10. Over the years, John and I ran in sleet and snow, heat and humidity, rain storms, and on occasion, some...  more
  • Robert Shannon
    One of the positives that came from the past 12 months was that it demonstrated the strength of our respective communities. John and a few others here at Gotham Lofts banded together for grocery runs, takeout dinners, and just some basic human...  more
  • Liz Ategou
    Dear Cousin Johnny, I don't want to get too sappy because you would have hated it - but truly when I think of my earliest memories - you were there! I smile because they were all such fun times - from riding in the MG (was I supposed to be in there?)...  more
  • Erin Mink Garvey
    The Chicago running community lost a good one.

    I met John during our Boston Marathon ‘10 training and spent many, many hours and miles together with him through a (predictably) terrible Chicago winter as we worked hard to get fit and fast to toe the...  more
  • Joan Klaus
    It is most appropriate for John that this site is called "Gathering Us," for John, in our family, was the "Gatherer." For so many years our events and wonderful memories of being together as a family were led by John. He was a...  more
  • Grace Feldkamp
  • Kate Klaus
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  • Conor Klaus
  • Conor Klaus
    Cousin John you loved tennis, biking, pizza, baseball, talking about Chicago, and all of the wonderful things about this city. Thank you for your love and kindness. Lord, thank you for JBKIII. Teach us to continue to reach out and try new.
  • Jerry  Lewis
    On July 23, 2009, John was a witness to one of Baseball's rarest events. There have only been 23 major league baseball perfect games, out of over 200,000 played. On that glorious sunny day at Guaranteed Rate/US Cellular/New Comiskey/Sox Park, Mark...  more
  • Kathleen Goodridge
    Dear Members of the Klaus Family, I met John in October 1989 when I started working as the cataloger for the Library of the U.S. Courts. We continued as coworkers, colleagues, and friends for the next thirty years until I retired. We shared so much:...  more
  • Kathryn Feldkamp
  • Nicole Kloiber
    John became friends with my husband Jim 20 or so years ago through tennis at Midtown. As soon as I met him, I stole him away. We have spent so many hours, days, months together over the years, on the running path, traveling, hanging out. He was social...  more
  • Kristen Mark
    I will always remember John, or as we called him Klaus, by his laugh. It was generous just like him. I met John at Lake Forest College when we were so young. I'm so glad we reconnected later in life. Sending heartfelt sympathies to his family and...  more
  • Hilary Naab
    I had the privilege of working with John over the past twelve years on numerous court conferences and projects. He was quick-witted and authentic, but most of all intelligent and committed to serving the judiciary. John was my go-to for 7th Circuit...  more
  • Naomi Dein
    John was my go-to for all difficult research questions. He was so good at his job--and so good natured, funny, and kind-hearted. He will be sorely missed. May his memory be a blessing.
  • Kim  Krawczyk
    So very sorry we have to say goodbye to John way too soon. He was a wonderful man with a beautiful family. I had the pleasure to work with him at the court, enjoying the book club he hosted for many years. Everyone who knew him has happy memories of...  more
  • Ann Feldkamp
  • Ann Feldkamp
  • Kate Klaus
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  • Kate Klaus
    Kate Klaus added 5 photo(s) to the memorial John Klaus :
  • Kate Klaus
    Kate Klaus added 5 photo(s) to the memorial John Klaus :
  • Kate Klaus
    Kate Klaus added 5 photo(s) to the memorial John Klaus :