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Our dear friend and colleague, Hossein Samadi, recently passed away in a tragic accident. He has left behind a wife, Esther, and two young children, Micah and Zara. Hossein was full of life and had an amazing charisma surrounding him. He will be missed by many. We all love him dearly. He has touched many of our hearts and was a very sympathetic human being. We would like to raise funds to cover the cost of his funeral memorial expenses and the children's future education.

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Jason Keri

Hossein Samadi

July 29, 1978 - September 25, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Hossein Samadi. We hope sharing, reading and collecting your stories and memories here will offer us all some comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

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  • Myesha Barton
    Dr. Samadi will sure be missed at our clinic and our clients have already mentioned how amazing and attentive he was to their needs . His larger than life personality and genuineness will forever be remembered. Thank Dr. Samadi for your compassion and...  more
  • Myesha Barton
    My deepest condolences to his Dr.Samadi’s lovely wife Esther and his beautiful children Zariah and Micah . When I seen him that Monday the 21st at NCMHC , it was such a busy day and I said to myself, wow we normally share stories about our families...  more
  • Shahla and Farhad Motamedi
    Our deepest condolences to his lovely wife Esther, his parents and family.

    Drs. Shahla & Farhad Motamedi
  • Shahla and Farhad Motamedi
    We are saddened beyond words. Hosein was our son, Daria’s beloved roommate and friend for many years and was like a son to us. We are devastated by the news. We loved him very much. He will be in our heart and soul forever.
    Drs Shahla & Farhad Motamedi
  • Mohamad Masoumy
    We are incredibly saddened. Hoey, Ho-dogg, Ho-diggity, was always an energetic, charismatic light and a part of so many of my childhood memories. Memories of pool hang outs at Thornhill, canoe trips, late night steak and shake or Wendy’s runs,...  more
  • Christa Ollinger
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  • GatheringUs Support Team
    Dr Samadi treated my 90 year old mother as she began to cognitively decline. Being in the mental health field myself, my standards for psychological care are relatively high. I will not forget how Dr Samadi approached my mother with respect and dignity...  more
  • Shuka Moshiri
    I had the privilege of knowing Hoey during our childhood in St. Louis together. It is no surprise to read these powerful, moving memories of such a lovely human being. For those of you who met Hoey later in life, please know that he was always this...  more
  • Norma Wiest
    My sympathies to Dr. Samadi’s family and friends. He was an amazing and brilliant psychiatrist who loved to share his knowledge with other medical professionals. My memories of him is his excitement with new findings in psychiatry related to new...  more
  • Maria  Munoz
    I met Dr. Hossein at CRF/Maria Sardiñas and although it was for a short period of time, it was enough to know how good of a Dr. and person he was. Always happy, with a huge smile and willing to help our patients and staff. He will be greatly missed.To...  more
  • Samson Cho
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  • Lily Samimi
    Along with my siblings Sarah and Cameron, I grew up with Hoey in St. Louis. He was very special to each of us and we have so many wonderful memories with him.

    Hoey was 8 years older than me. Even when I was very young, he took me under his wing. As a...  more
  • Tianya Roldan
    I was fortunate to be able work with Dr Samadi for the past 1.5 years at MHS North Coastal. Dr Samadi was instantly welcoming when I joined the team. He is rare combination in that he is both extremely intelligent and knowledgeable but also friendly,...  more
  • Don Myers
    Dr. Samadi lives forever in our memories and is greatly missed. He was a gift to the world and lived a lifetime is his short time on earth. I am no longer a lone wolf as he now watches over me!
  • Martin Schwartz,M.D.
    Jaso Keri said it when he said “this is a tidal wave!”
  • Kaitlin Smallwood
    I knew Dr. Samadi as a psychiatrist that I always had tremendous respect for, and honestly held on a pedestal. I can genuinely say that he is the most brilliant human being I’ve ever met in the field of mental health, and the most humble psychiatrist I...  more
  • Virginia Kim
    All these memories are comforting to read during this difficult time. Hossein was obviously a respected and an accomplished physician. However, my most recent memory of him was him playing his best role, as daddy, at my sons 4th birthday parade, just...  more
  • Geni Fowler
    I worked with Hossein back when he was a resident at HUCLA. I was an inpatient social worker at the time. In such an abusive, chaotic and sometimes hopeless environment, Hossein was always there with his warm smile and humor. Always a gentleman and so...  more
  • Sarah Harper
    Samadi was in the year above me in residency at Harbor. He brought warmth and humor to the psych ER. During the long overnight shifts while the line of patients grew outside the door he would boost morale by saying in a comedic way, "Lets go Harper,...  more
  • Rosha Ramezani
    I only had a few meetings with Hossein during residency, but I knew he was special just in those few meetings, and of course he was so smart as evidence by his choosing Esther. Everyone is so saddened by this event, but we are also lucky to have two...  more
  • Karl Steinberg
    I am heartbroken over the loss of Hossein, my dear friend and colleague. I have many fond memories of working with him in local skilled nursing facilities, where his empathy and compassion were so appreciated by his patients, staff and colleagues. Such...  more
  • Spencer Hutchins
    The entire Concert Team is sad today, and resolved to continue Hossein's unfinished work. He did so much to bring a dose of joy to everyone in his life.
    Just this morning I got off the phone with the woman who helped him get licensed in additional...  more
  • Dan Sewell
    After Hossein finished his geriatric psychiatry fellowship at UCLA he moved to San Diego. For a time, we were very fortunate to have him as one of our geriatric psychiatrists in the UC San Diego Senior Behavioral Health Program. The care that Hossein...  more
  • Zsa Zsa Sweeney
    I am deeply saddened by the loss of Dr. Samadi. I have so many fond memories working with him and being mentored by him was truly an honor. He was a great Doctor, a savvy businessman, a loyal friend, and wise beyond his years, but if you were to ask...  more
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    • Zsa Zsa Sweeney
      Heather Pierce This was so touching. He believed in me too at a time most people didn't. He had a great ability to see everyone's true potential.
      • September 29, 2020
  • Joanne Tibaldi
    We are so very sorry for the loss of such a gentle and lovely man/husband/father/doctor/neighbor and friend! Prayers for comfort during this awfully sad time especially for His family! Tibaldi’s
  • Sara Rafii
    I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with both Hossein and Esther a few years ago. I am truly saddened and heartbroken over his loss. He was so friendly, polite, and so easy to talk to. He had a great sense of humor and a contagious smile. He...  more
  • Lily and Bijan Zahiri
    Our hearts and spirits are broken over the tragic loss of our dearest Hoey. We were lucky to have known Hoey from a young age, and were honored to witness him become a devoted husband, loving father, and caring physician. He was genuinely kind and always...  more
  • Cameron Samimi
    I am sharing this story on behalf of my mom, Shahla Samimi.

    When my parents met the Samadi family, they had just moved to St. Louis, MO from Iran. Hossein was about 5 years old at the time. Nayer had a job interview and my mom offered to babysit Ali and...  more
  • Uttam Reddy
    Hoss! I will miss you bro. I probably haven’t seen you in 10 years but I always could feel the radiance of you and your beautiful family through Facebook pictures. I always figured we’d cross paths at some point again. We had some amazing memories...  more
  • Christina Hui
    Samadi - It seems so long ago when we were together in residency, then fellowship, but not long enough ago for you to be gone. Ever the gentleman, you were always a good sport in your otherwise all female residency class. Even when we bickered over...  more
  • bernadette grosjean
    My deepest condolences to Hossein's family and a long hug to you Esther....I remember so well how great it was to work with Hossein when he was a resident at Harbor. How caring and dedicated he many will miss his love and big smile....sending...  more
  • Wendy Broughton
    My deepest condolences to his family and friends left reeling from this tragic loss. Dr. Samadi has made such a difference in the lives of so many at MHS and we are forever in his debt. We are all better for having known him and he will be missed....  more
  • Kristyn Pellecchia
    I was lucky enough to meet Hossein first at UCSD then work with him at SMA. His warmth, intelligence, integrity and generosity were only some of the qualities that made him so special and a joy to work with. It’s so plain to see from all these posts...  more
  • Heather Pierce
  • Heather Pierce
    Dr S. was truly an amazing physician and overall good guy. I had the pleasure of being his nurse, while working at Mental Health Systems, for years. We vibed and worked well together. One of those reasons was because we were always the "late" ones. This...  more
  • Neda Shoushtari
    The news of Hossein’s passing has been crushing. We are sending our deepest condolences to Esther, Zara, Micah, and his parents.

    I honestly can’t say I have ever met someone as unique as Hossein. There were so many amazing qualities about Hossein...  more
  • Maximilian Bayer
    The news of Hossein's passing was a gut punch I just wasn't expecting. Hossein always had a smile on his face and was willing to help anyone, no questions asked. I would like to offer my deepest and sincerest condolences to Esther, their kids, and his...  more
  • Jawad Aqil
    The unexpected and tragic loss of Dr. Samadi has hurt me to the core. As one of the scribes helping him in the psychiatric dept at Palomar Health, I relished every second I experienced working with Dr. Samadi. On top of being an exceptional, empathetic,...  more
  • Ati Hakimi
    Dearest Hossein ,

    Thank you for your smile , your kind words , your amazing advice and let’s not forget those moves like Jagger! We will be here for Esther and your beautiful children. You’ll never be forgotten .. besides you were the glue of the...  more
  • Leigh-Ann Cardelfe
    I’ve had the honor of working with Hossein in different mental health settings over the past 8 years. His sudden loss is a true tragedy and my thoughts go out to his wife and kids. Hossein’s intelligence, exuberance, and collaborative nature were...  more
  • Dave Tweedy
    Dave Tweedy added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Hossein Samadi:
  • Negin and David Bradfield
    We were lucky to have known Hossein (or Hoey as affectionately known). His sudden passing leaves us all with a void at the loss of such a great man. His jokes and laughter were infectious and I’ll certain miss having a hefty takhteh (backgammon)...  more
  • John Donnelly
    My deepest condolences to all the members of Dr. Samadi’s family. To have worked with him over several years has truly been a gift, a blessing. He has been an outstanding role model in his profession – a stunning and engaging combination of...  more
  • Hossein Dastgah
    Wishing only the best to this wonderful family. We are heartbroken to hear of this enormous loss, and wish we could help ease your pain and suffering. Sending you much love, peace and many prayers. Hossein, Badri, Marjan and Khannie Dastgah
  • Rachel Ross
    I had the good fortune to meet Hossein 9 years ago on our first day at North Coastal Mental Heath center. The banter was immediate, the positivity radiating , and the generosity of spirit was far from the the norm when it came to these situations. ...  more
  • Nahid Sadeghi Afshawn & Saaid Khojasteh
    Losing Hossein, or as most of us knew him, Hoey, is an incredibly tragic and unfair loss, to his family and the community he was serving so passionately. Such an amazingly special young man. We cannot begin to imagine the pain his dear parents, Esther...  more
  • Melanie Carrion
    I had spoken to Dr. Samadi over the phone multiple times before I was introduced to him in person. Each time we spoke I got a greater and greater sense of his personality. When I met him, he was just who he was over the phone a genuinely great human...  more
  • Jessica Hazen
    Samadi was my senior resident at Harbor UCLA. He was so smart, wise, fun, funny, kind and caring. His dynamic personality and big smile made everyone around him so happy. I have such fond memories of my nights on call with him in the psych ER. Only...  more
  • Alicia Bales
    Hard to think back on residency and imagine what it would have been without your larger than life presence there. You filled a room with your energy. I remember you exuding humor and warmth, and genuine openness and kindness toward everyone around you....  more
  • Tony Jensen
    I first began hearing Hossein's name 8 years ago, when I was working as the Medical Director of Mental Health Systems. I began hearing about an dynamic new psychiatrist who had joined the provider staff in the MHS North San Diego County clinics. The...  more