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Kevin Davidson

George Griffin

July 15, 1960 - January 02, 2021

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On January 2nd, 2021, at the age of 60, George passed away peacefully at his home in Burbank, CA, after a short illness brought on by aggressive brain cancer. The disease progressed rapidly, despite treatment, from his diagnosis in November, but he experienced little pain. He was able to spend his final days at home peacefully and surrounded by his family. He will be missed by his wife Anne, his son Ryan, his daughter Clare, his sister...  see more
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  • Getachew  Degefu
    Hey George you were such a wonderful colleague and friend so full of knowledge and wisdom with very friendly personality and a fun to be with. It is very sad to realize that you have to depart so soon. You are taken away from us while have a lot to...  more
  • O'Neill Family
    We were very saddened to hear about the passing of George. He was such a fun loving and generous gentleman who made an big impact on all who met him. It has taken us a while to write as we are still in disbelief that he was taken from you so quickly and...  more
  • Clara Bishop
  • Clara Bishop
    I have so many wonderful memories of George. I will never forget our Christmas Eve traditions...searching for the Caroling Truck and, thanks to George, getting on it and gracing Toluca Lake with our not-so-polished voices. On a more embarrassing note (if...  more
  • Erin Varhus
  • Chris Maki
    While George may have left our physical realm, he is most certainly enjoying his time and awaiting us in the spiritual realm. I can imagine that George is currently running around meeting all his great ancestors and sharing stories, trying to explain to...  more
  • Mark Coile
    I am so sorry to hear this news. George was just a great person to work with and was very helpful to me and the team at UPS through the years. I always enjoyed ISC meetings when George was in the room, as well as the after-meetings! 😀 My deepest...  more
  • Scott Dugan
    I've tried to write this many times now and every time I start, I get lost in my thoughts and memories of time spent with George. It's hard to cram years of good times in to a few sentences, especially when talking about George. I don't think I would be...  more
  • Layal Younan
    Saying that George was an amazing man is an understatement. I had the privilege of knowing him through his wonderful daughter, Clare, who I am friends with. Every time I would walk into the Griffins house, George would fill up the room with smiles and...  more
  • Reginald Harper
    I could ALWAYS count on George for support, assistance, memory, anything I needed. So many times, I'd call with a KC-10 question for George...especially on MSG-3...and George would always be there!! A heck of a nice guy, would give you the shirt off...  more
  • Kevin Davidson
    Sharing on behalf of Darrell K Conrad Sr.

    I don’t recall the exact year I started interfacing with George as it was well over 20 years ago. Our shared passion for the aircraft industry sparked one conversation after another; and within a short period...  more
  • Arvydas Barauskas
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  • Brian Moran
    One of the fun experiences that the Maintenance Programs team had with George was having the opportunity to participate in the plane pull on August 20, 2016. The uniqueness of this event was that we got to pull a 757 at the Long Beach Airport. This was...  more
  • Ray O'Gallagher
    Will always remember how welcoming the Griffin house was when Conor and myself descended upon it for our holiday many years ago. I had never eaten Mexican food, so George brought us to his favourite Mexican restaurant and with that mischievous look in...  more
  • Matt Friel
    To my friend and fellow warrior, from one old codger to another. George, until we meet in Valhalla…

    To his family and friends,

    May you find peace in knowing that he was cherished, a comrade, and that his wisdom will carry on….
    May you find...  more
  • Suzy Hastedt
    My Uncle George had a bigger impact on my life than he probably ever realized. When I was young, I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast, so I moved away from and went to Southern California to train. He and Anne, both young and pre-children, would drive...  more
  • Suzy Hastedt
  • falah naama
    What can I say, just he was super excited to see my project done 🚗✈😢😢🙏❤
  • Erin Varhus
    To see a memorial page for George is incredibly hard for many. Because to see a memorial page means that he has left our lives this side of Heaven, and to me it seems like we weren't done laughing or partying yet.

    There really aren't words to describe...  more
    • Erin Varhus
      Randy Peckman Erin so well said. George touched so many of us here and I struggled to share just one story. Your words were so soothing to read thank you for sharing.
      • January 13, 2021
  • Erin Varhus
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  • Randy Peckman
    What can you really say about George that most who knew him did not already know. I will share the time we first met which for me made a big impression. I met George in 2005 during a business trip to Indonesia. I had never even been out of the country,...  more
  • Katie Willard
    I knew George for a large portion of my childhood, teen-hood and throughout my early, mid to late 20's. I grew up with his kids. He would always make me laugh, smile, always cracked jokes with me, gave me great advice and had an all around positive vibe...  more
  • Randy Peckman
    Randy Peckman added 1 photo(s) to the memorial George Griffin:
    • Randy Peckman
      Randy Peckman This was George in a London Subway in 2005. He was taking me to see the town as I had never been to London.
      • January 11, 2021
  • Randy Peckman
    Randy Peckman added 5 photo(s) to the memorial George Griffin:
    • Randy Peckman
      Randy Peckman George had a smile that was infectious.
      • January 12, 2021
  • Anne Griffin
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