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Carol Chen

Dr. Terry L. Schmidt DrHA

November 28, 1943 - June 30, 2019

Dr. Terry Lane Schmidt DrHA joined his journey to the Lord after a brief illness on June 30, 2019. He went peacefully and was surrounded by loving family. No funeral services will be held as that was Terry's wish. His family welcomes all those who wish to honor his life with your stories, memories, and photos.

Dr. Terry L. Schmidt DrHA, 75, passed away on June 30, 2019 with family by his side in Irvine, California.Terry will forever be remembered for his big smile, curious, and vibrant nature. Terry was born November 28, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois to Leroy and Eunice Schmidt. He received his Bachelors in Business from Bowling Green University, an M.B.A. from The George Washington University, and a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration from...  see more
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  • Linda Schmidt
  • Carol Chen
  • Carol Chen
  • Carol Chen
    I wanted to express my gratitude to Scott Lent & Dr. Badin for putting together such a nice, warm tribute. Friends, families, colleagues, and students felt unsettled without having the space to share their remembrances of Terry. Many came from far...  more
  • Jan Tamble
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  • Jan Tamble
    I have struggled for weeks as to what to write about someone who was one of my very best male friends for many years. Terry never focused on himself but always on getting to know others and to sincerely showed he was interested and cared about you....  more
  • Jessica Chavez
    If I could sum up Dr. Terry Schmidt in one phrase it would be “A life well lived.” Dr. Schmidt was a gifted leader and sought to form leaders out of his students. He had a purpose behind why he did what he did. At times I could perceive an intuition...  more
  • Nancy Mai
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  • Carol Chen
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  • Carol Chen
    Carol Chen added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Dr. Terry L. Schmidt DrHA:
  • Carol Chen
    Carol Chen added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Dr. Terry L. Schmidt DrHA:
  • Carol Chen
    Carol Chen added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Dr. Terry L. Schmidt DrHA:
  • Nancy Mai
    This is one of many drafts I’ve made in memory of Dr. Schmidt. I feel that no amount of words could accurately portray his radiant personality unless you had the pleasure of meeting him yourself. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Schmidt during my...  more
  • Derek Lee
    Dr. Schmidt was one of my favorite professors at UCI as he was truly an honorable professor, who was always enthusiastic about public health, global affairs, and strong networking. Upon meeting him for the first time in his public health law course, I...  more
  • Emily Ng
    I am so so incredibly sad to hear of Dr. Schmidt's passing. Dr. Schmidt was my favorite professor at UCI and truly an incredible human being. He helped me tremendously and was a huge part of my growth as a student. When I was going through a crisis and...  more
  • Vincent Wang
    As an international student, I'm so glad to have a class with Professor Schmidt. His class is different from the traditional style which encourages students to participate more instead of only listen to lectures from instructors. I'm a person who is...  more
  • Skylar Hanson
    I am so saddened to hear about Dr. Schmidt's passing. I feel so fortunate to have met him during my time at UCI. His classes were some of my favorites. I would not have considered graduate public health studies if it were not for his encouragement and...  more
  • Phil Li
    I first met Terry at an professional meeting 5 years ago. Terry is such a great Professor and Mentor. I would like to thanks Terry's tremendous contributions to public health and health administration education. I will miss his big smile.
  • Megan Linos
    Dr. Schmidt was an outstanding educator who I respect very much. We worked closely together at UC Irvine brainstorming new teaching ideas and developing online courses. He always had many great ideas in his mind, and he looked for all possible resources...  more
  • Megan Linos
    Terry presented at the Faculty Innovation Showcase Luncheon during UCI's 2019 Teach week. I am glad that we had it recorded to remind us what a great professor he was (starting at 00:53:20).
    By combining the effective use of technology with sound instructional practices, digital learning can enrich students’ learning experience and improve learning outcomes. Join our expert panel of instructors as they discuss how they integrated digital tool...
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    • Megan Linos
      Jan Tamble This was amazing to listen to Megan - thank you for sharing it with all of us who did not get to be with Terry in the classroom - this is amazing to listen to - what an innovative and creative teacher - I regret not taking him up on joining him in his...  more
      • July 28, 2019
  • Aaron Byzak
    So terribly sad to hear that my good friend, Terry Schmidt, an amazing professor and incredible human being, passed away. In addition to his work as a professor of public health, policy, and law, Terry was a great mentor to me and many others.

    I...  more
  • Margaret Gorrie
  • Julia Dou
    I'm an international student who comes from China, and I became a researcher of Dr.Schmidt's "Global Health" team in my sophomore year. During the past two years, Dr.Schmidt always guided me and supported me (Carol as well); I couldn't get any...  more
  • Anthony Wovenu
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  • Anthony Wovenu
    I've been struggling to write this as Dr. Schmidt was without question the person to have the most significant impact on my life at UC Irvine. From my time as his student to working with him, he always had a way of getting things he needed to be done...  more
  • Margaret Gorrie
    I found Terry to be very intelligent, inquisitive, charming and caring. This observation was from the interaction with his love Carol and how he made her so happy. I’ve known Carol for many years as she’s my neighbor and dear friend. As their...  more
  • Andrew Tonkovich
    Already missing an energetic, enthusiastic, funny friend, colleague and union activist.
  • Brand Ice
    Terry was always a pleasure to be around and brought a positive outlook to any situation. How can we help but smile when faced with his infectious smile? I am happy we continued to be friends after my departure from UCI, where you made so much positive...  more
  • Nancy Schmidt
    It is not a coincidence that I share my last name with Terry as we were husband and wife for 12 years.I entered our marriage with 4 teenage daughters which required a lot of love, patience, and support where Terry rose to the occasion with his...  more
  • Donna Hanes
    Terry was a very powerful influence in my life, as my stepfather, for over a decade. He guided me through my toughest teenage years, and I am certain that I achieved my childhood dream of becoming a physician because of his dedication and unwavering...  more
  • Pavan Lohia
    I had the great pleasure to be a student of Dr. Schmidt at UC Irvine. I had been inspired by him from the very first class I had with him, which led to a great friendship. He was more than a professor, he was a mentor, an inspiration, and a friend. Even...  more
  • Joseph Seckelman
    Terry was very intelligent, kind,and positive person. I enjoyed working with him and getting to know and socialize with him and Carol.Terry possessed a keen insight into a whole host of varied things from Science to philosophy. He was a fun likable...  more
  • Philip Bromiley
    I had the great pleasure of interacting with Terry during his time at the Merage School (U of CA, Irvine). He was one of the most delightful people I have ever met. He did an incredible job exciting and encouraging students. I will miss him.
    Phil Bromiley
  • Carol Chen
    It’s hard for me to say goodbye in such a short amount of time!
    Coping with the loss of my love and best friend has been the biggest challenge I have ever faced. Terry and I often discussed, and agreed that the time we enjoyed together had been the...  more
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    • Carol Chen
      Julia Dou Thank you Dr.Schmidt and Carol.
      • July 15, 2019
    • Carol Chen
      Julia Dou It is my great honor to be his student, and I will always remember him.
      • July 15, 2019