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Diane T. Finley

Note: Please refrain from sharing on social media. Help us celebrate the gifts and precious moments of Diane. Collecting your stories, pictures, and memories here will add to our joy. Look for Posts or Memories & Condolences or Photos. Learn about the Virtual Gathering August 15 under Events, or contact...  see more

NOTE:  Please refrain from sharing on social media.   Full Write-Up of Diane's Highlights: Diane T. Finley will be lovingly remembered by brother Tom Finley (and wife Dee) of Oakboro, NC; daughter Patricia Jean Colket Stout aka Patty Gleisberg (and husband Johnny) of Mandeville, LA; grandson Shad Levi Finley Stout of San Antonio, TX; “Uncle Jack” E. Wilson of Kennesaw GA; cousin Laura Harding (husband John and children Mary Claire,...  see more
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  • Hanna Kennie
    Really miss Diane
  • Hanna Kennie
    Diane was an angel sent from above for me and my family, as i'm sure she was for many people who knew her. She was there through the hardest and toughest times we were going through after relocating to Florida and starting our lives from scratch. Being...  more
  • Hanna Kennie
  • Patricia Stout
    When Mom's voice was not strong last spring, and she tired of talking, I said, why don't I read you a few poems from a friend's book? She agreed, and I opened to this one by Florentina Staigers:
    WE SING:
    The birds hold the sacred song
    in my throat
    and...  more
  • Patricia Stout
    A poem I read Mom in April, by my friend Florentina Staigers.
    I am the dark sky guiding you inward.
    I am the rock holding you still.
    I am a cricket settling your heart into a whisper.
    I am your mother's smile, reaching across time.
    I am...  more
  • Patricia Stout
    Mom loved the entryway to 44 Gables neighborhood in Eustis, FL, with the tree canopy, duck ponds on the right, and trusty hardware store on the left! Her nostalgic video upon moving from Florida to New Jersey.
  • Patricia Stout
    Diane grew up and often lived in the south, but she especially loved the trees in the northeast, with spring blossoms and fall colors. She was able to find great joy in the simple pleasures of the natural world.
  • Patricia Stout
    sunset video mom
  • Patricia Stout
    From Betty Irwin:
    Diane had a joyous smile and sparkling eyes, especially when
    she was teaching children or adults, or sharing a laugh with a
    friend. She tended her friendships loyally.

    She also could make new friends out of strangers — even...  more
  • Patricia Stout
    Part of taking care of her dad, Frank, was taking care of his dog, Kate. Kate had to be confined after a treatment, so Diane built this pen for her in her dad's residence! Diane walked Kate twice a day, took her to get groomed, and otherwise did all th...
  • Patricia Stout
    Mom recorded this in a late snow in the springtime of 2020. She loved that she could look right out her front window and see the deer. They were one of her favorite animals due to their grace and gentleness.
  • Carolyn Burns
    I enjoyed talking with Diane on her many visits to the Stout house. In more recent years we shared game night together and went to lunch. I admired her passion around teaching and her joy in sharing about the curriculum she developed. At this moment I...  more
  • Patricia Stout
    From Tammy:
    The grapevine has gotten to me that your sweet mother has passed on to new horizons and greater views. She has always been amazing to me! Twenty years ago, she and four other friends began a journey through the Bible with Diane’s...  more
  • Patricia Stout
    From Steve Miner:

    Diane was a great friend to my mom, Arlene Miner. She was so helpful when my Dad passed on and when we had to move Arlene from Florida to St Louis MO.
    Diane was such a gentle soul and so very kind and friendly.
    She will be missed by...  more
  • Patricia Stout
    .From Jill Gooding..... Diane was always thoughtful and inspired. She has left a beautiful legacy on this planet and I know will be sharing all her ideas and inspiration and still blessing others right where she is.

    So warmly

    Jill Gooding
  • Patricia Stout
    From Cindi Price:
    Hello Patty:

    Thank you so much for letting me know about your Mother as I had not heard about her passing. It was such a joy to have included her in church and nursing activities here in the Central Florida area. Our church had the...  more
  • Patricia Stout
    Dear Miss Finley, 1980’s

    Thank you, thank you for 4 1/2 years of fun, happy, sad times in music you have taught me so much in 4 1/2 years. You helped me read and sing music, how to breathe properly, how to warm up right, and how to understand the...  more
  • Patricia Stout
    Reading Program Explained:
    How Diane’s unique background prepared her
    for this important work
    in teaching all children to read:
    Diane has loved working with children since teaching reading, music, math, and
    art at a Wilmington Delaware children’s...  more
  • Patricia Stout
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    Reading Program
  • Patricia Stout
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  • Patricia Stout
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  • Patricia Stout
    Patricia Stout added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Diane T. Finley:
  • Patricia Stout
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  • Patricia Stout
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  • Patricia Stout
    From an Official Notice: In Memory of Diane Finley – Founder of The St. Louis Children’s Choirs
    Leaving a legacy of the transforming power of music, Diane Finley, founder of The St. Louis Children’s Choirs in 1978, passed away in Princeton, NJ this...  more