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    Sep 14, 2019, 10:00 AM US/Eastern

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Memorial Fund (Scholarship, Dedication, etc.).

A group of Desiree’s close friends are working with Darryl & Judy to establish a memorial foundation to honor her legacy. The foundation will support causes that were near and dear to Desiree’s heart such as LGBTQ youth advocacy & mental health awareness. As we select the specific organizations to which the donations will be distributed, we will post more here and on Desiree’s Facebook page.

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You can also select a charitable cause that is personally meaningful to you or one that was important to Desiree Zaccaria
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Heather Dooley

Desiree Zaccaria

February 19, 1982 - August 30, 2019

Join us in celebrating the life of Desiree Zaccaria. Contribute to this lasting memorial by sharing stories, memories, photos, and videos here. If you have posted any messages on social media as you mourn the loss of this bright light, please cross-post those stories, pictures and videos here (click over to...  see more

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  • Allison Headlee
    I had the pleasure of playing sports with Des through our high school years. In sports, in high school, you get the opportunity to spend a lot of time together and truly get to know each other. Des was kind, joyful, talented and always smiling. I...  more
  • Mark Iverson
    I remember playing with my friend Chris and Desiree all around the old neighborhood on Finn Hill and how much fun we had. In high school, I was a grade up and we didn't interact as much...but we always smiled at each other and talked here and there. I...  more
  • Donna Iverson
    Mark, Gary and I would like to tell her family and friends how sorry we are for her loss. I still remember that little girl as I drove her to school, always smiling and so sweet. Mark remembers playing with her with all the other kids in the...  more
  • Laurie Endres
    My memories of Dez, she was always
    So kind and loving, I enjoyed her beautiful smile, I’ll always remember those cute dimples. She was a real treasure and I will always Love the Beautiful person she and always will be in my heart. Rest In Peace my Friend💞🙏
  • Laycee  Gwyther
    I love Desiree so much. I was her hairstylist had for the pleasure to know her for the last few years. I loved our appointments and would alway book extra time just to chat with her! She was loving, kind, had a huge heart and an amazing smile. Hugging...  more
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    • Laycee  Gwyther
      Rebecca Lashley What a lovely tribute, Laycee! Thank you so much posting this and the photos. ❤️
      • September 6, 2019
  • Emily Moulton
    I had the privilege of playing sports with Des through junior high and high school. She was a super talented athlete who was so fierce on the court, yet so softhearted and kind off. Her laugh was contagious and you were guaranteed a good time when she...  more
  • Melinda  Lund
    Judy and Darryl, my deepest condolences for your Family. There are no words when something so devastating happens. May God Bless you with his Love. We are here for you Love Melinda and Brad
  • Cai Weir
    Judy & Darryl, you have my ongoing love and support, always and forever. May you Rest In Peace, sweet Desiree ~

    Des, you entered my life when Becca and I first began dating. You showed me your strong, admirable character when you initially exhibited...  more
  • Keri Trine
    My sweet Desilue, we started off as rivals on the softball field when we were 6 years old, you were a Daffodil and I was Bluebell. We had to wait until we were around 9 to get on the same team and of course we bonded over our dimples and we became...  more
    • Keri Trine
      Jonathan Laird What a beautiful tribute, Keri.
      • September 4, 2019
    • Keri Trine
      Rebecca Lashley So beautiful, Keri, and what an AMAZING collection of photos!
      • September 4, 2019
    • Keri Trine
      Katie Perasso A few hours before I read this yesterday I found myself smiling, laughing then crying about how terrified I would be when my softball team was facing Des’. She was so good at EVERYTHING.

      You have been in my thoughts constantly since I heard on...  more
      • September 6, 2019
  • Kati Skeslien
    Desiree, it’s been a rough year. I have watched you change into someone that you didn’t want to be. Once in a while, I would get a glimpse of my best friend, but for the most part, you had a emptiness in your eyes. I miss you terribly. I have never...  more
  • Rebecca Lashley
    I'll never forget the time we kayaked from Lake Washington, through the cut, across Lake Union to the Ballard Locks and back. Whew - what a long paddle that was! I also recall the evening we were sitting on my deck and I told you I was trying to find...  more
  • Jonathan Laird
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  • Jonathan Laird
    My sweet Boo Bear,

    Whoever thought that you and I would end up the best of friends? On paper, we couldn't be more different. You loved women and I love men. You loved sports and I can't even throw a football. But none of those things mattered because...  more