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Chuck LoPresti

Charles Robert LoPresti

May 04, 1957 - April 25, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Charles Robert LoPresti. Collecting your stories, pictures (would love those a lot) and memories here will offer us great comfort and due to the recent pandemic, will allow the community to share their stories and memories and pictures in a safe way....  see more

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."  -Matthew 5:4 Charles Robert LoPresti. Born May 4th, 1957, Husband to Kathy LoPresti and father to three sons, Jim, Chuck, and Carmen LoPresti. Passed away April 25th, 2020 around 12:36pm in the presence of his family. Charles has been battling pancreatic cancer for the past 5 years. Charles was an active part in his community as an attorney, father and friend. ...  see more
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  • Deanna Marie
    What a shame. He was the best attorney I have ever had. The world lost a great man
  • Deanna Marie
  • Nancy Lackner
    Quite a few years ago, Kathy LoPresti was bringing her oldest son Jimmy to pre-school while I was bringing my youngest son Ethan to the same pre-school. We started talking and became fast friends. She mentioned that her husband needed an office...  more
  • Ethan Lackner
    I have had the greatest pleasure and honor to have been one of many honorary '4th brothers' to the LoPresti family since I met Jim in preschool. Mr. LoPresti defined what it took to be a wonderful father and all around amazing person for his family and...  more
  • Becky Grady
    On behalf of the Chisick Family, Joe, Arlene, Joe, Becky, and Chrissy we are so deeply saddened about Chuckie. Over the past week we have been thinking about all the memories we have growing up in Tepe Plan. So many wonderful and " never a dull...  more
  • Diane Scheble
    I am so sad to learn of this news. My deepest sympathies to his family. I met Chuck at Duquesne nearly 40 years ago. We reconnected via fb awhile back and had many laughs about the good ‘ole days. 
What a light in this world and what a life you have...  more
  • Michelle DeFade
    I am so sorry for your loss. I was going to wish him a Happy Birthday today and someone told me of his passing. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones.

    I loved his whit and courageous forthcomings about himself. I always thought it...  more
  • I met Chuck when I was nine years old. He took my little sister and I to South Park along with his date, my big sister. He was always full of energy , fun and willing to play at our level in our imaginary world. One time, he made a giant t-pee. It was so...  more
  • Sandy  B
    Met Chuck through a closed road and church. He was a wonderful and generous friend. Had so many good times whether it was festivals, parties or trips. New York,Napa or Florida. Chuck was many things but a tour guide he was not. Love doing drive by...  more
  • Mary Grace Reynolds
    An outstanding, loving, compassionate intelligentlooks, caring man EHK LIVED ,
  • Brad Waldbaum
    Chuck provided representation for me and was always a straight shooter. He was blunt, yet hopeful and optimistic. He could disarm you with humor and relieve your anxiety with his matter-of-fact personality. Chuck was always kind and genuine with my...  more
  • Sharon Nissley
    I remember going to the LoPresti home for the first time for Kathy’s birthday party. Chuck’s whole family was so welcoming & kind to John & I. Chuck, Kathy and I were involved in TJ Band Patrons for many years. Many memories of your boys & my...  more
  • Larry Kustra
    In everything he did, Chuck demonstrated the dignity and honor befitting his profession as a lawyer. His smile greeted everyone and his kindness touched all he met. I will always remember him as a fine lawyer and an exceptional man.
  • Casey White
    Chuck was a wonderful personality and was always in the best of spirits. His candor and goodwill are going to be missed by all. He touched a lot of lives not only in the courthouse, but in his community as well.
  • Robin Poirier
    On behalf of Elizabeth Township Police K-9 Officer Dan Novacek and K-9 Eli, we send our heartfelt sympathy to the LoPresti family. His support was very much appreciated and we will miss him greatly. We are so sorry for your loss.
  • Cathy Coughin (Butrym)
    Chuck was the first "boy" that I felt I could talk to- without being a "girlfriend." We were both 14 when we became friends at TJ. I dated his cousin all through high school, and Chuck dated my best-friend. The four of us did just...  more
  • Mark Fiorilli
    Chuck was always generous with his time and wisdom when I was starting out as a young criminal defense lawyer. Chuck's larger than life personality will be missed. He always spoke fondly of his family and was especially proud of his children. Your...  more
  • Robert DelGreco
    Chuck was always a gentleman during his tenure as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney. Unlike so many in the legal profession, he refused to allow his advocacy (which was exquisite and zealous) as an excuse to behave boorishly or unethically. I will...  more
  • Caroline Roberto
    I always enjoyed interacting with Chuck. We shared a strong identity with our Italian heritage and we both loved to eat and discuss food. I last saw Chuck in Williams-Sonoma gently arguing with the sales person about the quality of an espresso maker....  more
  • Christy Baker
    Although we have only known Chuck for a few short years, he had a way of making us feel as though we had been friends forever. He was a great, kind man, a smart successful attorney, and a man who clearly loved his family. He spoke of his wife and boys...  more
  • Frank Artino
    My first cousin. A father. A husband. A brother. A helper. A friend. He treated everyone like family. Many good memories growing up and visiting all my aunts, uncles and cousins in Pittsburgh in the summer. Cousin Chuck was a great cousin. Showing me...  more
  • Francine Pugliese
    Rome, Italy with the Reginella/Pugliese families. My father had the time of his life showing Chuck the true culture of Italy. My husband was honored to share these memories with our Italian family. ❤️
  • Francine Pugliese
    One of our favorite places to visit together was Napa Valley, California. Chuck treated everyone like royalty. His generosity and friendship will never ever be forgotten. We can still hear him laughing at the antics of this group. Raising our glass one...  more
  • Rick Lyons
    The first time I meet Chuck was on our cruise on the Freedom of the Seas at dinner. You always wonder if you will have a good table mate. God was watching over us because Within minutes I knew we were with a great family. Chuck with his great personality...  more
  • Frank Kotula
    Frank Kotula added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Charles Robert LoPresti:
  • Carol Marraccini
    I have known the whole family for years and want to say what a special man he was along with his lovely wife and wonderful sons We met at St THOMAS a BECKET I was a cantor there for many years and Chuck was always involved in the church as well as his...  more
  • Chuck LoPresti
    Chuck LoPresti added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Charles Robert LoPresti:
  • Chuck LoPresti
    Chuck LoPresti added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Charles Robert LoPresti:
  • Chuck LoPresti
    Chuck LoPresti added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Charles Robert LoPresti:
  • Chuck LoPresti
    Chuck LoPresti added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Charles Robert LoPresti:
  • gregory dober
    Knew Chuck back from Duquesne U. It is no surprise that success would follow his college days, especially law school, because of his kindness and compassion for people. Sorry to the Lopresti family for their loss.
  • Stephanie Shychuk
    Our family has only known Chuck for a few short years but Chuck had a way of making you feel as if you had known each other for a life time. It is an honor, a privilege to have known him and our family would like to extend our deepest condolences to his...  more
  • Jim Funkhouser
    Chuck was a true pillar in the community that will be missed by so many. He was so generous and caring.....and taken far too soon. RIP from the entire Funkhouser family.
  • Rita Westerbeck
    I am not sure I can find adequate words to express my sorrow at Chuck's passing. He was a good man. He make everyone feel special. He was first, foremost and always a family man. He was unfailingly kind. I am so sorry for all the family. Kathy, Jim,...  more
  • Natalie  Lawrence
    My Uncle...
    I assure you he was so much more.

    The very first memory I have of my Uncle Chuck is when I was a little girl. When I saw how happy he made my Aunt Kathy. It was then he captured my heart forever. Now you have to understand this was very...  more
  • Karen Chomas Cochenour
    Karen Chomas Cochenour is feeling blessed:
    My heartfelt deepest sympathies to the family. I am so sorry for your loss. Chuckie ...always smiling and treating people with respect. Like Walt says nobody could lite up a room like Chuckie and he just loved his family like no other! We have all been...  more
  • Maria DiCarlo
    I am so sorry for your loss. My brothers, sisters and I grew up with "Chuckie" and the LoPresti family in Tepe Plan. I was a few years older than he was and never had the chance to know him as an adult. On the rare occasion when our paths...  more
  • Walt  Bronder
    Our thought and prayers go out to Kathy, the boys and the LoPresti family.
    Not too many people could lite up a room like Chuck OR sneak out of a party or room like chuck!
    He loved people and enjoyed lift to the fullest.
    Lots of great memories and laughs
  • Lynn Rathgeber
    Chuck was a welcoming person as is his family. Tj band festivals were always fun the committee meetings were a blast. He was always there for all of us
  • Mark Tucci
    On behalf of the Tucci Family, heartfelt sympathy to Kathy, Jim, Chuck and Carmen and all extended Family and Friends.

    Chuck made a huge personal positive difference with very one of my immediate Family members, my Dad, Mom, Brother and myself. Every...  more
  • Aaron Houser
    Chuck was truly a great man who had a positive influence on every person I saw him have contact with. He was a great lawyer and an even better friend. His family should know that he truly loved them, and I know that because we never had a conversation...  more
  • Joseph Hill
    What is there to say.....Chuck was one of those guys who 'Got It Right'.....Met him years ago, and though we wouldn't cross paths often, I always enjoyed my time in his company.....A good man, a better husband and father, a fine attorney that my family...  more
  • First Last
    I’ve knew Chuck for about 12 years as a police officer, and he always diligently defended his clients. But Chuck was a friend. If anyone needed help or advice he was there with no hesitation. He was truly respectful and the man had our respect in...  more
  • Jan Kotula
    One of our favorite places to visit together was Napa Valley...never forget the week visiting wineries...the laughter in the van between wineries and of course, the "tide pen." Chuck was always organizing family events at his home, the beach,...  more
  • Shannon Marsteller
    It’s hard to put into words the impact someone can make on you in such a short time. I was lucky enough to know Mr. Lo for 3 and a half years, and in those years he showed me nothing but love and completely accepted me for who I am. He was always...  more
  • Victoria Baker
    My sister, Rose and I knew Chuck from watching him play in our HS marching band and the jazz band. Years later when I moved back to PGH, my oldest children, Haley and Sydney attended school with the LoPresti boys and we became friends through our...  more
  • The Delmonico Family
    We were always grateful to have Chuck in our corner. He was a kind, honest man with deep loyalties and much integrity. We are sorry to hear of his passing, but overjoyed that we had a chance to cross paths with such a tremendous man and his family. ...  more
  • Bobby Hull
    My deepest condolences to the the family Chuck LoPresti. Chuck was a great guy, attorney and ADA, he will be truly missed.
    Robert Hull, Kennedy PD, retired.
  • Dennis E.
    I only knew Chuck as a very young man. He and I and several other guys from the TJ Jazz Ensemble played music together as teenagers. I did not keep in touch over the years, but would hear stories about him through other friends. We hung out a lot back...  more
  • Connor Doran
    On behalf of the Doran family, we wish to express our deepest condolences to the LoPresti family on the passing of Charles “Chuck” LoPresti. To truly know a man and father, you have to know their family. Carmen and I were roommates at Duquesne. When...  more