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Emma Livingston

Cal Squires

July 02, 1948 - June 13, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of H Calvin Squires. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual gatherings, we will post invites. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Horace Calvin Squires (71), known professionally as H Cal Squires and to friends and family as “Cal,” died unexpectedly Saturday, June 13th 2020 while visiting at his son’s home in Portsmouth, Virginia. Cal had been undergoing chemotherapy and passed away from heart failure. Currently Cal and his wife of 48 years, Heather, reside in Sarasota, Florida. Cal was born in Canton, Ohio on July 2,1948, the second son of Jimmie Carolyn...  see more
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  • C. Christian Martinez
    Dear Brother Cal was a gentle and quiet giant. He was never one for the spotlight, accolades or recognition for all the acts of kindness, love and service he rendered to so many. He sought to live his life as the Savior would, “ going about doing...  more
  • Charles Bro
    Our friend has returned to be with Our Father and Our Brother.

    Cal Squires was always teaching, whether by his actions, his words or his love. Cal wanted everyone to learn and grow closer to Our Father in Heaven by hearing the words of his lessons. Cal...  more
  • Brian Gugino
    How fitting to celebrate Cal's life on his birthday!

    While a long life is what we all hope for, the fullness of life as Cal demonstrated to us, is far more of an accomplishment and blessing. This is not easily achieved and is a thoughtful and considered...  more
  • Kevin Livingston
    To the entire Squires Family, I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved husband and father. I grieve with you and want to share a few of my fondest memories of Cal.

    I’m the son-in-law as I’m married to Cal’s only daughter, Emma. I got to know...  more
  • Emma Livingston
    I am sad and heartbroken by the loss of my dad. Thank you all for the kind condolences and sweet memories. I want to share some of my memories and lessons that my dad taught me.

    My earliest memory of my dad is of his smell of after shave. He would wear...  more
  • Dawna Kennedy
    We were so sad to hear of Cal’s passing and send our love and prayers to the family. Cal showed up on the day before we moved to make sure we were ready. He didn’t ask if he could help. Instead, he looked around and saw what needed done and jumped...  more
  • Jill Farrell
    We send our love and appreciation for a life so well lived. Cal was our good friend and home teacher during his years in Virginia. When Jill was in charge of the youth group roadshow “Goatquest”, she needed some help with building scenery,...  more
  • Emma Livingston
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  • Bruce Strassburg
    To Heather, Calvin, Emma, Aaron, Bryan, and Cameron,
    My deepest condolences to each of you as we mourn the death of your dear husband and father, H. Calvin Squires. I love him and so appreciate all that he had done for the family (ancestors, in-law’s,...  more
  • Emma Livingston
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  • Emma Livingston
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  • Emma Livingston
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  • Timothy Squires
    66th Birthday. I will miss you so much.
  • Heather  Squires
    Cal was receiving Chemotherapy for newly found Colon Cancer and doing well. We received permission from his Oncologist to drive from Sarasota Florida to Portsmouth Virginia to visit our youngest son Cameron and his family before they left for Japan on a...  more
  • Emma Livingston
    He never looks for praises.
    He's never one to boast.
    He just goes on quietly working
    for those he loves most.
    -Karen K. Boyer
  • Emma Livingston
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