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Abel Zander

January 17, 1980 - July 06, 2020

Thank you to all who joined us for the Celebration of Life on Oct. 6. The download link above will be available until November 9. Your presence was a great comfort to us. Please continue to visit Abel's page and contribute to it. If viewing photos from a mobile device, tap the 'Gallery' option under the...  see more

Abel Stephen Zander passed away supported by loving family on July 6, 2020, at his home in Tucson, Arizona. Abel was born in Valencia, California, and grew up in the Chicago suburbs. He graduated from Crystal Lake Central High School and McHenry County College and attended Winona State University. Abel studied with Chicago’s Second City, trained as a stunt man, and explored independent filmmaking in New York before graduating from the...  see more
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  • David Zenner
    I first got to know Abel at Arizona Downs in 2019. I was given his number to ask him to update something on the website. Noting the area code, I knew he was from Illinois as am I and we shared a few stories about that. I actually didn't meet him in...  more
  • Sarah Plahn
    Abel was full of charisma, as evidenced in these photos and surely by all those who knew him. I remember playing with Abel at our grandparents’ house and he was always a sweet, kind and fun cousin/pal. Growing up I remember Abel always had the best...  more
  • Colton Campbell
    I remember Abel as a do it right the first time kinda guy some may say a perfectionist, I would say its just Abel. I remember that I was fortunate enough to be invited to the zander house on Christmas to play spades and has everybody knows Abel was one...  more
  • Scott Lucas
    I had the privilege of teaching Abel in my Islamic Thought class at the University of Arizona in spring 2018. Abel was clearly an exceptional student and wrote very thoughtful papers, one of which I reread this evening. It was wonderful to learn about...  more
  • Sue and Steve Rufe
    Our heartfelt condolences go out to Abel's family and friends. Thank you to everyone who shared during his Celebration of Life event. We were blessed to get to know this very special human being a bit better through all of the sharing by his family and...  more
  • J.D. Novak
    I had the privilege of knowing Abe. At first, just as a coworker, but he went on to become a volleyball teammate, a COD squad-mate, fantasy football commissioner, and for a time in Houston, a roommate. He's was a confidant, a drinking partner, and at...  more
  • Tiffany Marie
    I first met Abel at a football game freshman year of high school. He was dating my good friend Laura and he had been friends with my best friend Stephanie for a bit as well. I remember he told me I looked like Sandra Bullock and I told him he looked like...  more
  • Bryan Quenaud
    "I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?
    -Stand By Me

    I'm not sure if we ever watched this movie on one of our sleepovers. I'm guessing we did though. Abel lived in the house behind me growing up,...  more
  • Denise Pharris
    I took this photo the first day I met Abel, for the Race Track Industry Program yearbook. He always said it made him look "snarky"...which is kind of perfect. He made an impression on me that day, and I liked him a lot right off the bat. We...  more
  • Hannah Zander
    In case any of you were wondering, the Radio Abel hoodie that Abel lived in is a merchandise item from a video game called Zombies, Run! The story of the game is set in a fictitious town of Abel Township (in the UK) where the survivors of a Zombie...  more
  • The Zander Family
    Tala Shahin kindly allowed us to share her video, Arabic 408, a class project she and Abel recorded during his studies in Arabic at the University of Arizona.
  • Zachary Taylor
    I first met Abel in August of 2016 when we both had arrived at The University of Arizona to participate in the Race Track Industry Program. Abel's academic achievements speak volumes about the tenacity and vigor with which he approached his studies. It...  more
  • Naomi Doboze
    Abel was excellent at cards. Found this photo from Christmas '09, I think he's probably explaining to me the fine points of a card game. I went to Vegas once and told him I was thinking of playing the Blackjack tables. He was so adamant that I not...  more
  • The Zander Family
    The Zander Family added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Abel Zander:
  • The Zander Family
    Abel was beloved for his rants on human behavior.
  • The Zander Family
    In 2014, Abel was cast as Francis Miller in "Airway Cops," a training video for intubation produced by the ACLS Certification Institute and Mark Dzwonkiewicz and Josh Medcalf. You can watch the video at more
  • hannah zander
    Abel loved goofing around and didn't take himself as seriously as some of his rants may have suggested...