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Virginia Pistillo

November 03, 1969 - October 02, 2019

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On Wednesday, October 2, 2019, Virginia Pistillo, beloved and devoted mom, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend, passed away at the age of 49. Virginia was born on November 3, 1969, in the Bronx, NY to Larry Pistillo and Elizabeth (Corsetti) Mastromarino. She received her bachelor's degree from Iona College in 1992. She most recently worked for Aflac in IT security and risk management. Virginia has two sons, Matthew, 15, and Christopher,...  see more
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  • malissa pistillo
    Virgina mou, I miss you dearly and wish you were here in physical form. I understand the spiritual and higher prescriptive but it’s moments like this, the human moments, that I wish we could all be together and that things were different. These are...  more
  • Elizabeth  Mastromarino
    Happy 54th Birthday today in Heaven my beautiful Ginny, sending you heartfelt hugs and kisses
  • Elizabeth  Mastromarino
    Elizabeth Mastromarino

    June 2019 family photo of our last Disney vacation
  • Elizabeth  Mastromarino
    Elizabeth Mastromarino

    My heart aches today and every day as I continue to miss and love you so very much my Ginny. Then there are the times when I smile and remember all the good times. I relive our daily conversations, I tell stories of our past life...  more
  • malissa pistillo
    Virgina mou, I think of you so often, and miss you dearly. I wish on so many days we were closer during your time on earth, but cherish the times we did have. As I write this now, I can smell your perfume. As I get older I see so much of you in myself...  more
  • Elizabeth Mastromarino
    Three years without you and I still miss you so much, my heart remains sore, and as each day goes by, I miss you even more. I’ve been told it will get easier but most days I find it gets harder. I miss your loving smile and the loving words that you...  more
  • Danielle Bucci

    The heartbreak continues, 2 years have gone by and I’m still waiting for my Ginny to call me. She would so sweetly call before the day started for both of us and in her high pitched voice tell me how much she loved me. Oh boy, do I miss...  more
  • John Viola
    Here is another photo of Virginia on a business trip to L.A. in 1993. I was her supervisor that year at Citibank and I left soon after but we stayed in touch for another 4 years until she moved to Georgia. I treasure our friendship.
  • Jerry  Thigpen
    I can't believe it has been a year already that Virginia left us. I think of Virginia everyday, and of all that she brought into my life. Matthew and Christopher miss their Mommy everyday but they know she will always love them and she will always guide...  more
  • Danielle Bucci
    One year ago our world changed forever. Sometimes it is hard to believe that she is not here and that so much time has passed. And other times, we are reminded of the good she has done and the impact she made while living and in death. Although our lives...  more
  • Linda & Eric
    I first met Virginia (V) in either 1991 or 1992 at an IT Audit class. She was in the midst of planning her wedding and she was the epitome of a young Italian bride. Years later we crossed paths again when we both worked for Delta Air Lines in Atlanta....  more
  • John Viola
    John Viola added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Virginia Pistillo:
    • John Viola
      John Viola I was saddened to read about Virginia's passing. We worked together at Citibank and this is from a visit to Disneyland on a business trip in 1993.
      • April 21, 2020
  • EJ Sepp
    I am so incredibly sad today. I went to say Happy Birthday in Facebook and was confused to read comments about Virginia passing away. I still can’t process this as she was so young and so full of life. My wife is a brain aneurysm survivor, but I k...  more
  • Arthur Buckley
    Virginia was a great friend and I am thankful our paths crossed. I will miss her humor, honesty, and passion for life and beliefs. My heartfelt prayers go out to her family. I celebrate the many lives she touched while alive and in afterlife by being an...  more
  • Courtney Brown
    I met V a little over 5 years ago at work. I will never forget it because on her first day in the office I just heard her greeting me warmly before I even saw her, as she was my new boss at the time. I turned around to find her so happy, vibrant and...  more
  • Maria Cortes
    I worked with Virginia for about 3 years at Aflac. She was the director of my team and I can say that she was a true fearless leader. Virginia was a ray of sunshine who automatically lit up any room she stepped into. She always greeted me with...  more
  • Bruce Monaghan
    Bruce Monaghan added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Virginia Pistillo:
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    • Bruce Monaghan
      Bruce Monaghan Ginny at mine and Angela's wedding, 1993. We'd known each other since 1986, and officially became cousins on this day. She just danced...and danced...and danced....
  • Shawn Cannon
    I only knew Virginia for a short time since I have been working at Aflac. She was always very approachable and had a way of making you smile and laugh. She will be missed greatly.
  • Nikki Coull
    The Aflac Global Security family shares these pictures as fond memories of Virginia. Virginia worked hard and played hard at work! :) We love and miss you, V!
  • Nikki Coull
    Nikki Coull added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Virginia Pistillo:
  • Nikki Coull
    I had the pleasure of working with Virginia for the past 2 1/2 years. She greeted me by IM almost every morning with a “Hello Sunshine”. She was warm and caring and a good listener. She was also quick to give a hug, very friendly and boisterous! If...  more
  • Danielle Bucci
    Danielle Bucci added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Virginia Pistillo:
    Family Vacation
    Virginia's Boys, Matthew and Christopher
    Virginia's fur babies