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Please support Hope For All Nations. At the time Dad passed, he was pledging monthly to fully fund a water well in Peru. Let's make this happen for him. Donations toward this cause can be made at:

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Tommy Brown

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Tommy Brown. We hope to collect your stories and memories here and to share them with others as we honor Tommy's memory. As we plan the memorial service, we will provide the link to be able to attend virtually. God bless.

Tommy, born May 5, 1949, was one of Bill and Esther Brown’s 14 rough & tumble children.  “Toby,” as he was nicked-named grew up on the banks of the Brazos River believing his name was Thomas Samuel for 17 years.  However, during his 18th year his dad finally confessed to naming him Archie Thomas because that was his favorite name, and he was in a tiff with Esther when the nurse came around with the birth certificate.  With no choice...  see more
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  • Sue Cochran
    Brown, Cave, Cochran, Glosson and Witt Reunions....we met twice a year for 4 days of continuous laughter, jokes, pranks, "Wal-Mart runs," card playing, remembering days at Southwestern, ministry challenges and success...and so much more. We...  more
  • Cassie Thomas
    Tribute to Pastor Tommy Brown by Cody Pickard and Teresa Benson, with the help of Robert Benson and Pamela Pickard
  • Cassie Thomas
    Videos by Cody Pickard
  • Cassie Thomas
    Videos by Cody Pickard
  • Cody Pickard
    Bro Tommy and myself in the last two months trapped crawfish, magnet fished where we caught a old homemade gun silencer wrapped in a cloth, noodled for catfish under boat ramps, went camping two nights and 3 days. I have videos but cant seem to...  more
  • Mary Smith
    When I was a teenager, I worked at McDonald's. One weekend night, I closed the store and my manager needed a ride home. So, I took her home. We had been working for several hours, it was probably 2AM when we headed out. My Dad was out of town for the...  more
  • Mary Beckham
    When my Grammy died, Tommy brought a ton of food to my dad's house and spent some time with him. I will never forget and always be grateful for the moments he spent with my dad during his time of grief- that will always hold a special place in my heart!...  more
  • Joyce Snow
    God gave me the most beautiful gift I have ever received in this wonderul man. "My T". We comforted one another, laughed a million laughs, ministered together, we danced, cooked together, fished together, acted silly together, talked for endless hours on...  more
  • Dara Coffey
    I have so many vivid memories of life at TWC. I grew up there with my family in my teen years. I had my first opportunity for children’s ministry there in Saturday Sunday school teaching my own class at 16 years old. An opportunity that was a...  more
  • David R. Rodgers
    All of Brother Tommy's family and friends have my deepest sympathy. I have also been saddened by his illness, and untimely passing from the Earth. I first became aquainted with Tommy in the mid-1970s, when we were both called for jury duty at the same...  more
  • Leslie Fleming
    This picture was taken during the 55+ Life Group that brother Tommy led. He was quite a character. He was a humble, loving man with a big heart and a great love for Christ and others. I will miss seeing him!!
  • Leslie Fleming
  • Audrey Trujillo
    Tommy was an awesome man and everyone that met him was touched by him in some way. You can tell by his family that he led by a great example. He will be so dearly missed ❤️
  • Cassie Thomas
    Mere words cannot describe the person that was Archie Thomas Brown. To have known him was to experience the love of God. I am honored to have grown up with a man who showed me what it meant to be kindhearted, anointed, and giving. His love for my Mimi...  more