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John Stirton

Timothy Stirton

January 23, 1952 - June 17, 2020

This GatheringUs website was created to remember Timothy Stirton by collecting any stories, or memories, or photos, or anything else you might share. It is put together by friends and family of Timothy with the anticipation that we might be able to connect those who knew him from many places on the planet.

Timothy Stirton, 68, of Los Angeles, was born in San Francisco on January 23, 1952, and grew up in San Mateo with his parents, Barbara and Jack, and his older brother, John. In 1966, the family moved back to San Francisco, where he graduated from George Washington HS in 1970. He made his first film in a creative writing class in high school; there and in the Unitarian youth group, he met students who became lifelong friends. He...  see more
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  • Karen Merchant-Yates
    Nick and I walked up the zig zags to the ruins of the Echo Mtn. Hotel above Lake Street in Alta Dena, and up the long rocky hill, Tim's feet were walking just ahead of me, walking as he did, lightly placing his foot, not bearing too much weight, moving...  more
  • Allison Davis
    A few pictures from my collection... Tim with his luscious head of hair in the 1970's; Tim on a backpack in the Hoover Wilderness east of Yosemite in 2018; Tim, Michael Toobert, and me in Oakland in 2017 when we met John and Gaylen for lunch at the Lake Chalet.
  • Allison Davis
  • Allison Davis
  • Allison Davis
  • John Stirton
    This was the memorial that people of Silver Lake put together on the sidewalk for Timothy in front of the restaurant. It made me think how he was known and appreciated by people in Silver Lake.
  • John Stirton
    I remember visiting my brother sometime around 1981. It before I enrolled in tech-school and move to San Jose in 1983. I think it was a when I got laid off from some temporary job in SF around 1981. He was working as a “lab assistant” (I think they...  more
  • Walter Davison
    Tim was a generous and interesting friend to me when I joined Great Outdoors in 1995 or so. He was an independent thinker, and it was always fascinating to hear how he arrived at an opinion. He was funny and kind. He advised me to invest in rental...  more
  • David Hunt
    So sorry to hear the tragic news about Tim. He was an endearing, warm, outgoing man who seemed at home in almost any situation.

    Tim worked as a reporter on the LGBT radio program at KPFK in the 1980s. One of our team assignments was to cover protests...  more
  • Lisa Lethin
    Obituary for Timothy:
    Go to to view the obituary for Timothy that appeared on July 5, 2020 in the LA Times.
  • Jean Lawrence
    I was so sorry to hear of Tim's passing. He worked on several of my research projects here in southern California, calling potential research study participants inviting them to complete a survey and to attend a study visit. At one point I learned he...  more
  • Tom Jacobson
    As the relatively new President of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, I sometimes learn about wonderful Zoo friends whose time at the Zoo preceded mine. Everyone speaks so warmly of Timothy and his volunteer work at the Zoo. It's very clear that...  more
  • Lisa Lethin
    High Schools Days with Timothy:
    Megan and I met Timothy in 10th grade at the youth group of the First Unitarian Church of San Francisco. My father used to call us The Three Musketeers because it seemed like we were always together. Timothy was endlessly...  more
  • Lisa Lethin
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    Timothy & Kody, Little Rock Creek, CA 2019