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Will Hoenike

Tianxing Ren

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Tianxing Ren. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

"I'll never forget that smile. I will miss him, but I will also remember him with fondness." -Dr. Mark Smith, Professor of History, after Ren successfully read an ancient Greek inscription at Delphi in Greece. Ren, as he preferred to be called, was majoring in philosophy with minors in classics, mathematics and pre-law, and was on track to graduate in 2021. For those who did not know Ren well, he was an extraordinary student and a...  see more
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  • Echo George
  • Echo George
    Although we have never met, I recognise you from Hu. Don't worry, you have never been forgotten. You will always live in the memory of all people.
    Wishing you can be as happy over there

    From Sadoru H
  • zhengyu gu
    ...  more
  • ネプギア GO
    As one of his Chinese friends on Twitter, the "Elder Ren" we knew was obviously rather different from the Ren his professors and peers knew. What wasn't different was his love for philosophy, which he would sometimes make references to on...  more
    • ネプギア GO
      zhengyu gu 我也是他的朋友,在人人网上认识的。我听说任老是因为抑郁而自杀,这实在难以置信。你知道任老是这么走的吗?
      • December 19, 2020
  • Dr. Phil Rogers
  • Will Hoenike
    Will Hoenike added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Tianxing Ren:
    • Will Hoenike
      zhengyu gu I'm Tianxing Ren's Chinese friend. Do you know how he died?
      • November 17, 2020
  • Will Hoenike
    And here are a few more from Adam.
  • Will Hoenike
    Adam Eschbach, the College's Photo/Video Specialist, captured these images of the memorial under the warm, spring sun of April 9.
  • Will Hoenike
    Here are some photos captured by Joe Hughes on April 8 as students and staff pay their respects at the memorial placed at the Clocktower in the Quad as well as students who remain in the dorms leaving a light on in honor of Ren.
  • Chuck Yates
    I knew Ren only casually, but his passing has touched me deeply. After my first conversation with him during the McCall overnight when he first joined us, I came to know him as a quiet guy who seemed very much at home inside his own skin, and who always...  more
  • sdm
    I had the privilege of working together with Ren on several projects and was constantly inspired by his remarkable work ethic and deep understanding of complex topics, which he would always patiently explain to anyone who needed help in understanding....  more
  • Sierra Duarte
    Ren was one of the first people I remember meeting in McCall when we were freshman. Though he was quiet, he was a very calming and friendly presence, always smiling and engaging with me that year. We always said hello to each other in passing - every...  more
  • Stephen Campbell
    I didn't know Ren closely, however, I had him in one of my Psychology classes freshman year and seen him several times around campus. He seemed like a quiet kindred soul, every time I passed by him in the quad or tossing a wave at him on the way to the...  more
  • Mark Smith
    It was with profound shock and sorrow that I learned today that Ren is no longer with us. It seems we just returned from spending a couple of weeks with Ren doing a study tour of Greece. Two fond memories emerge from that time. One was the pleasure of...  more
  • Tammy Harris
    My first memory of Ren was his freshman year. I remember reaching out to Adan because I was worried that Ren seemed to always be alone. I was reassured that he was just a pretty private guy, and he was fine. Through the years, whenever I saw him, with...  more
  • Mackenzie Dart
    I didn’t have the privilege of really getting to know who Ren was until recently. Over the last few years I had seen him in passing around the quad and in the caf, and even though we hadn’t ever had a conversation he never failed to flash me one of...  more
  • Kaya  Evans
    Ren was maybe the most knowledgeable student I’ve ever met at the college. My very first class freshman year was Intro to Political Philosophy through Plato, he sat in the back. I’ve never been more inspired to push my boundaries as a student than I...  more
  • Ben Mosley
    Ren worked for our department last year. Ren was always contemplating one concept or idea and then another, reading, listening to lectures on his headphones. He would share photos of places he had gone in China or stories about how things were there,...  more
  • Amanda Di Dio

    Oh man, heck.

    When you take a 6 person winter term class with someone, by the end of it, you pretty much know everything about them that's worth knowing. This particular winter term class was Kerry's 300 level Topics in Fredrick Nietzsche - which...  more
  • Andrew Brinker
    I will always remember seeing him in the cafeteria, a giant smile on his face. He brought life to the College of Idaho campus and had a positive affect on so many people. Rest peacefully.
  • Adán  De La Paz
    Ren was a remarkable young man. I had the pleasure of working with him since before he stepped foot on the College’s campus in fall of 2017. I quickly learned that he liked to do things his own way. However, he was always respectful and understood...  more
  • Dr. Phil Rogers
    Ren was a bright, insightful, well-read, engaged, inquisitive student who made a tremendous contribution to our team and our trip to Greece.

    I have many fond memories of the two weeks we traveled together, including on our day at an archaeological...  more
  • Elizabeth Wakeman
    I have been (one of) Ren’s advisors since he has been here. It has taken me a while to pull together my thoughts about him.

    Ren kept me on my toes. As others have said, he was better read than any student we had. He was not the least bit shy about...  more
  • Jasper LiCalzi
    I will miss Ren coming by my office with his unique greeting. I will miss him perusing my books and taking a number for later reading. I was touched when Ren told me he was taking my class this semester even though he didn't need to because he wanted one...  more
  • Gregory S. McElwain
    I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Tianxing Ren. I only knew Ren for a short time, but it did not take long to realize that he was a uniquely gifted person. He took learning more seriously than most and was clearly driven by a deep and...  more
  • Will Hoenike
    I loved watching him put away plate after plate of food during his birthdays, and all of his meals at the café. He always reached over and enjoyed food off of my plate too. He also always ordered water to drink and I would order coke, of course he would...  more
  • Will Hoenike
    Will Hoenike added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Tianxing Ren:
  • Will Hoenike
    Will Hoenike added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Tianxing Ren:
  • Will Hoenike
    Will Hoenike added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Tianxing Ren:
  • Will Hoenike
    Will Hoenike added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Tianxing Ren: