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    Aug 2, 2020, 2:00 PM US/Pacific


    Please join us for the Memorial of Terri Chappell Wade on Sunday, August 2nd 2020, at 2:00 PM Pacific Time

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Terri Chappell Wade

Join us in celebrating the life of Terri Chappell Wade. Feel free to share your stories, memories, photos and condolences. As we are unable to gather due to social distancing restrictions, a virtual memorial is scheduled for Sunday, August 2nd at 2:00 pm PST. Thank you for contributing to this...  see more

Click Here to View and Download the Virtual Memorial Held for Terri Chappell Wade The world lost one of its brightest stars in April 2020. Terri Lynn Chappell Wade was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, the only child...  see more
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  • Yvette Chappell-Ingram
    Yvette Chappell-Ingram added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Terri Chappell Wade:
  • Andrea Jackson
    Terri & I enjoyed a 28-year friendship that begin during our first course in the MBA Program at Pepperdine University. Her friendship was a welcomed supplement to my MBA degree! We shared so many incredible moments including achieving our MBAs, her...  more
  • Anedra Downs
    Today's memorial celebration of Terri was beautiful. I'm Every Woman was the perfect song to play during the picture slide show. This picture is from the Venetian in Las Vegas (2006). I will miss my beautiful and sassy Sistah Friend. May her memories...  more
  • Judy Marshall
    Yvette, Nick and the Chappell Wade family, our sincere condolences on the passing of a wonderful person. We were delighted to have met her over many events hosted by Yvette. God has an angel in his house now who will always be looking down on all of us....  more
  • Katarina Eleby
    Terri is a beautiful soul. My most fond memory of her is riding in the car taking her to the airport. She shared so many nuggets of wisdom with me on how to navigate the world as a young, black woman. Until this day, her words have stayed with me. I miss...  more
  • Emmalena Bland
  • Yvette Chappell-Ingram
    Yvette Chappell-Ingram added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Terri Chappell Wade:
    Aunt Erma
    Aunt Erma 2
    Aunt Erma 3
    Aunt Erma 4
  • Yvette Chappell-Ingram
    Yvette Chappell-Ingram added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Terri Chappell Wade:
    Family gathering
    Another Christmas
    Christmas 2017
  • Anedra Downs
    Sistah friend, today I am going to throw on a song and dance in celebration of you like that one time we did in Las Vegas when we all walked back to our hotel with our shoes in our hand because our feet were hurting from dancing all night. I love you Terri.
  • Anedra Downs
    Terri loved books. Here she is with our book club Minga Suma. I texted her one day in February and asked her if she would like a kindle book. She replied, I would love some kindle!! We had some trouble getting the books to her but with Amazon's help we...  more
  • Anedra Downs
    Please do something FUN to honor Terri"s memory. I got to see her one last time when she moved back to California. She said, I wanna do something fun. I'm tired of being in the house. Terri was fun and funny. I will remember her by taking time to do...  more
  • Anedra Downs
    Terri's friendship feed my soul. We didn't have to talk all the time. We would just call or text and say hey sistah friend and pick up right where we last left off. She called me and said she would be in L.A. for Christmas in 2016. Let's meet for...  more
  • Anedra Downs
    This memory is from a girls trip to Las Vegas in 2006 with our book club Minga Suma. Terri was so creative. She made patch work denim book bags for all our members ❤
  • Claudette Parham
    Loving and incredible mom. Organized, methodical planner. Loyal to a fault. Practical but so funny! Welcoming of ALL. Always celebrating the simple joys of living. THIS was Terri Wade. She had a warmth that came through immediately upon meeting her and...  more
  • Mary Payne
    We met working at DWP. We attended Faithful Central Bible church. We were pretty tight during the 90s. She introduced me to my husband and we’ve been married almost 24 years. I was planning to visit her in North Carolina. My heart is truly saddened.
  • Emmalena Bland
    You have been in my life for a long time. I watched you blossom into a beautiful, bright, goal-driven young woman. Your hunger for reading was far beyond anyone I have ever known. Your greatest accomplishment and your pride and joy is Nicholas 😊 Nick...  more
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    • Emmalena Bland
      Yvette Chappell-Ingram Tears. Terri was 15 years old when this picture was taken. We were in Mazatlan, Mexico. Wow!
      • August 2, 2020
  • C S Harris
    I will always remember how she would just get up randomly in the middle of the team and turn up some music and dance!!!! It was always at the right time. Rest easy, Terri.
  • Pandora Weatherall
    My sister Terri, how this world is missing the the brightest star in the universe! Your presence in my life was incredible and inspiring. You were such a down- to- earth women. You shared your experiences regarding love, marriage, parenthood, health and...  more
  • Victoire Prothro
    What a pleasure it was to have met Terri in 2016! She embraced me as if we had known each other for decades. We had a chance to learn a little about each other before the end of this special NAACP-LA celebration... honoring her mother - Yvette. Terri...  more
  • Damisha Jones
    Posted on behalf your big sis Lynn:

    My little Sister/cousin, 1972. Always near no matter where ❤ Always part of me.
  • Damisha Jones
    Damisha, Terri, David (Dj). Aug 2019
  • Damisha Jones
    My Big Sis... I was always so excited when you were around and when you would let me just hang out with you! You would let me tag along with you to some of your dance classes & encouraged me to participate. I'll never forget the first time you took me to...  more
  • Andrea Jackson
    Andrea Jackson added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Terri Chappell Wade:
  • Andrea Jackson
    Andrea Jackson added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Terri Chappell Wade:
  • Sonya Thompson
    Halloween fun with Terri Wade and Chithiea Gissendanner
  • Sonya Thompson
    Mud Run with Terri Wade, Chithiea Gissendanner, Kamaria Hite-Brown and Jodi Weiss Hendricks
  • Sonya Thompson
    Partying with our girl Terri for her Bday....Terri Wade, Deneen Bradfield, Jamila Jimerson, Frankie Singleton, Chithiea Gissendanner and Sonya Thompson
  • Sonya Thompson
    Paint and Sip Event with Terri Wade, Frankie Singleton, Kamaria Hite, Chithiea Gissendanner, Alicia Mercer and Sonya Thompson
  • Frances Burton
    MyDear Yvette I didn’t have the pleasure of a physical meeting with Terri but I know her because I know you and what a loving and remarkable mother you have been through her life and her illness. I want you to know that I will stand with you until you...  more
  • Yvette Chappell-Ingram
  • Yvette Chappell-Ingram
    Yvette Chappell-Ingram added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Terri Chappell Wade:
  • Valencia L
    I’ll always remember the time

    Terri was my manager while working within the banking industry.

    My sister was terminally ill. As her illness quickly progressed I had the conversation with Terri who would often encourage me to stay strong....  more
  • Tiffany Archibald
    My beautiful cousin, my role model. Ever since I was a young girl, your grace, poise, drive and determination were just some of the amazing characteristics that you demonstrated. You were also so stylish, humble, and always showed an abundance of love...  more
  • Sonya Thompson
    I am forever grateful to Terri Wade for her unwavering friendship. We lost a sweet woman that truly brings meaning to the description "one of a kind". We met at work in 2012 and our friendship took off from there. She was a very private person in the...  more
  • Yvette Chappell-Ingram
    Oh, how I miss you. You came into the world with a sense of curiosity and a quest for life. You walked by nine months, potty trained by twelve months (thanks Aunt Erma) and ready for any adventure from that day forward. Growing up in a large family with...  more
  • Nicholas Wade
    My mother was such an excellent person to be around. I remember one of the fondest memories I have of her is where we would just go out to a new place, be it a restaurant, park or anywhere. We would take at least one day to find something new to eat or...  more