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Adam Goodman

Suzanne Silk

December 24, 1945 - January 09, 2021

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Suzanne Silk. Hearing your stories and memories of your favorite experience with or of her will offer us great comfort and be a tribute to her caring and creative spirit & memory! ...  see more

Suzanne Silk passed 01/09/2021 in Las Vegas. Born in San Francisco in 1945, growing up in New York before continuing her lifelong love of California as an adult. Suzanne was a creative spirit, an Artist who also lived and created in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada. Suzanne spent her retirement years in Las Vegas taking great joy in spending more time with her son and his family, being able to experience and share many...  see more
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  • nannette simone furman
  • nannette simone furman
    Suzanne was a beautiful soul, filled with creativity, enthusiasm, character, light and love!! She was inspirational in all her endeavors, artistically, personally and spiritually. She adored and appreciated her son, daughter-in-law, and beautiful...  more
  • Cindy  Villafuerte
    Cindy Spilker Villafuerte
    Oh sweet we dearly miss you at the yoga studio. You made an everlasting indent on our hearts. The studio has absolutely not been the same since Saturday, nor will it ever be the same without you.

    Each day, between...  more
  • Cindy  Villafuerte
  • Linda Bown
    Suzanne lived her yoga life with passion. She was devout to her practice and exuded positivity and kindness to me always. We spent hours talking about art, travels, Asian culture and yoga and mostly laughing. She had a wit and sense of humor that never...  more
  • Adam  Goodman
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  • Adam  Goodman
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    Her poodle and companion Lady
    Kama Sutra