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Suzanne Coleman

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Suzanne Coleman (1963-2020). Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

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  • Mary Virginia Coffman
    My first introduction to Suzanne came when my daughter arrived home from school early in the fall of 2007, her first year, and exuberantly exclaimed that there was a thoroughly sarcastic teacher at AGS - that is, someone who aligned with her own quirky...  more
  • Mary Virginia Coffman
  • Sage Shumate
    Ms. Coleman was all about finding your voice.
    I was a very shy middle schooler but, she always allowed me to share my humor, my fun facts, and my thought processes. She pushed her students to better themselves, supported us on our paths, and showed...  more
  • Amari Cash
  • Ayanna Hill-Gill
    There is so much to remember about Suzanne. Whether it was her hearty laugh, contagious smile, or her witty sense of humor. I absolutely loved having her classroom just down the hall from my office. She would often walk by and say "do you have a...  more
  • Ayanna Hill-Gill
  • Kirsten Beard
    What I remember most about Suzanne is how she challenged everyone - students and teachers alike - to be better. She answered questions with questions and inspired me always. I have fond memories of her and know her sweet, amazing, talented, and powerful...  more
  • Joan King
    Suzanne was a badass in the best possible way. She had an outsized impact on everyone she encountered, not least of all me. I loved (absolutely loved) managing middle school affairs with her. She was such a great companion as we together navigated our...  more
  • Sarah Hudson
    I knew Suzanne as a dear friend to my aunt Peggy and beloved mother (and best friend) to my sweet Brittany. She is one of the most loved and respected AGS teachers, and everyone who had the pleasure of knowing, learning from, and laughing with her is...  more
  • Eason Weinmann
    Sitting down to write this I have so much to say but I'm having trouble where to start...I had Ms. Coleman for 8th grade science, and she was also the 8th grade head teacher. I guess I'll first start by saying that Ms. Coleman was hilarious. I remember...  more
  • Amber Player
    Suzanne taught me so much about being a teacher, a friend, and a better human being. I miss her humor and grace every day.
  • Tee Talks
    I may not have had many personal
    Interactions with Ms. Coleman, but whenever she spoke on stage at our assemblies, the energy and passion she had not only for the students, but for AGS as a whole, struck me and has stayed with me even now. She cared so...  more
  • Lynnae Boudreau
    Suzanne was my best friend, and either this is pages long or very short. There's too much to say. She was a teaching rock star, a faithful colleague, and a stalwart friend. She was fierce about taking care of her students. She made life better for...  more
  • Winter Catherine
    I will always remember how Ms. Coleman was like a mother to us all. When I started 6th grade, she always treated me and spoke to me like an adult. She would always spend extra time with students who had trouble, and her classroom was always a place to...  more
    • Winter Catherine
      Winter Catherine One memory that always makes me smile is when she and a bunch of other teachers dressed up like the Scooby Doo gang for Halloween!
      • May 25, 2021
  • Winter Catherine
  • Maryjayne  Carter
    I’ll always remember the time when I would rush over to AGS to pick up the girls from Smart Girls Camp and even when I was late you would tell me to sit down and take a breather. We would sit and chat about anything and laugh. My best memory was when...  more
  • Melissa Hankinson
    Suzanne was a compass and a mirror to so many. She helped me be in awe of what I was capable of and also helped me see how I could do better... always both. And, always with a bright, mischievous smile. I miss her voice, her smile and her presence.
  • Peggy Hasty
    I will always remember Suzanne's bright smile, infectious laugh, sardonic wit, and big heart. She made even the most mundane tasks funny and fun. She would show up, pitch in, and make things happen. How many times have we pulled off the impossible at the...  more
  • Gail Williams
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  • Ann Pequigney
    Suzanne's spirit and dedication will live on in the halls of AGS. Her classroom was my favorite place to stop whenever I hosted anyone on campus. She touched so many lives.
  • Claire Gregory
    Ms. Coleman was the first teacher to tell me to question science. Never take anything as fact without digging deeper, exploring the what-ifs, and looking outside of the box. I will always remember her as an incredibly passionate and intelligent woman.