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We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Steve Korch. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Dear friends and family, As you may have heard, Steve suffered a severe stroke recently while visiting his daughter and grandchildren following the sudden and tragic loss of his son-in-law. He received excellent care from the staff at UC Davis Medical Center through his intensive treatment and then through his time in hospice. Steve passed peacefully on the evening of Jan 17th with his wife of nearly 50 years by his side and...  see more
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  • Robb Moser
    I met Steve Korch and his wife, Ruthie, about 50 years ago at Covenant Presbyterian Church in southern California. I was 15 years old and he was my youth pastor in high school. Now, at 65 it's difficult to learn that Steve passed away today, January 17,...  more
  • Eilene Flory
    I knew Paster Steve and his lovely wife Ruthie when I was a high school student and when he was our paster in Lincoln City, Oregon. I remember him as as a man who lived the love that he had for God and for his family. My prayers for you Ruthie and your...  more
  • Bradley Trull
    I never got to meet Dr. Korch, but I just finished a class featuring his recorded lectures at Western Seminary. He has helped shape me as a person and as a pastor, reminding me that everything in ministry comes out of theology and the gospel. Though I...  more
  • Nate Hennes
    I first met Dr. Korch when he came to guest speak at the church I was working for. He preached on the prayers of the pharisee and the tax collector from Luke 18. I remember feeling like I was the only one in the chapel and that he was speaking directly...  more
  • Loriann Alonso
    Steve, I never had a single class with you (since I was an MFT major) and yet the words you said the very first night I heard you speak at Western Seminary's information night have stayed with me forever. "God is infinitely more concerned about...  more
  • Eileen Bruen
    We are so sad to hear of Steve's passing. Daniel and I were encouraged by your love for the Lord, as a couple. We enjoyed Steve's humor, wisdom and passion to teach. The enthusiasm with which you both served the Lord was contagious and memorable. ...  more
  • JoAnne Green
    Ruthie, I met you in 1975 at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Orange, California and loved you immediately!  Despite what transpired at that time, I do want to wish you my deepest condolences for your loss...I can't imagine how hard it is to lose someone...  more
  • Elaine Chao
    Steve visited CFC as a regular guest pastor for years; as a worship leader, I've always seen him as a partner in ministry and mentor. His down-to-earth friendliness was an invitation to seek guidance with him and Ruthie during some of the most painful...  more
  • Michael Leung
    My heart sank when I heard the news. A few days ago, when I was about to share some comforting words in this portal, I realized I also need to be comforted. Then one of Steve's books, "Coming to Your Senses" crossed my mind. I have been...  more
  • Shadia Hrichi
    I enjoyed a number of classes by Dr. Korch while attending Western Seminary. I will always be grateful for what God taught me through his classes, especially 'Prayer and Spiritual Disciplines.' To this day (almost 9 years later), I still am blessed by...  more
  • Jarol Duerksen
    Steve was my “boss” for a time. He taught me how to approach a text to prepare a sermon which I used for the rest of my ministry years. But I appreciated his wise saying in which he said, “God will always give you enough evidence to answer any...  more
  • Debbie Miller
    Many of us will remember Steve for his stylish bow ties and clever visual aids during a sermon. One that I will always remember is the time he took an ice pick and punched a hole in the pulpit. It made a lasting impression, as I also remember the sermon!...  more
  • David Morgan
    Saddened to hear this news. I've known Dr. Korch as a pastor, a friend's dad, and a professor. He embodied humility, passion, and incredible love for Jesus and His Church. Grateful for the impact he made on my life. Praying for you all, Korch Family,...  more
  • Dale  Gustafson
    We send you all our deepest love and support during this time. You all mean so much to us and have for so many years.

    Steve encouraged me in the 80's to continue my path into ministry when I was a young and hyper youth ministry intern.

    Steve hired me...  more
  • Bert Downs
    Ruthie and Family,
    As I've thought about writing you, I've wrestled with how to express the feelings I have about Steve as a seminary colleague, fellow spiritual warrior and friend. And so I thought of qualities that marked his life: he was an...  more
  • Jerett Olson
    This is heartbreaking news. Steve Korch was a great Seminary Professor sharing his wisdom and experience. I never forget how when he heard that I was part Swedish and how he drove a mustang with his Swedish flag on it. I remember the prayer retreat he...  more
  • Judy Basye
    Steve was more than a Lead Pastor (boss) that I worked for he was a friend and my Pastor. He was an encourager. Many times he would say to me, "Let's see how we can make that happen." Someone who made coming into the office a great...  more
  • Joylynn Ng
    I am so thankful I had Dr. Korch as my course instructor for MF531(Ministry Formation Lab) this past semester (Fall 2020). During our Zoom discussions, he was incredibly insightful in each of our different experiences and made it a point to wrap up our...  more
  • Jenna Ross
    My heart is heavy at hearing the news. Steve was a man of light, humor, passion, kindness, and love - a reflection of Jesus. I was blessed to get to work with him at Western Seminary in San Jose. I'm praying now for the family - that you would tangibly...  more
  • Bruce Inn
    I am so sad that Steve has passed on. I had him for just one course at Western Seminary, but that was enough for me to sense his passion for teaching and worship. He was so vigorous that it seems impossible that he has been taken from us.
    I extend...  more
  • Bryan Hardwick
    Steve was my pastor at First Baptist San Mateo and a big supporter of my ministry with Cru. Years later he would become my Dean and professor while attending Western Seminary. Needless to say he played a big part in my life and ministry and I’m...  more
  • Momma K
    I only met Steve once or twice, whenever he came to speak at our church or church retreats (CCIC-South Valley). While I can't remember the dates and places -- I still remember strongly the impression that Steve, and his sharing of Scripture left on me....  more
  • C LaRosa
    I love the best Pastor and teacher I ever had. I loved how he loved Jesus, how he loved his wife Ruthie and his children. How gracious & caring he always was with me.Our hearts are with you
  • Joseph Narducci
    Pastor Steve was my first pastor. I will never forget him. The Lord saved me when I was in college, and through a mutual friend, Nicole Lee, I was introduced to First Baptist Church of San Mateo in the 90's. I heard Pastor Steve preach and the Bible came...  more
  • Joshua Lee
    Steve, you influenced my life tremendously, not just as a professor and pastor, but as a mentor and friend. Through your life example, you showed me what the grace of God looks like in writing a redemption story for broken people. You taught me how to...  more
  • W Han
    Dr. Korch was the instructor of my first class at Western Seminary back in 2011. He was warm and caring and gentle in his feedback. Throughout my time at Western, his continued encouragement helped me to overcome my sense of inadequacy when it comes to...  more
  • W Han
  • Micah Shyu
    Dr. Korch had such an incredible passion for God, people, and life. I remember always feeling nervous when I had his class because he would call on people to share their experiences and thoughts on what he taught. It pushed me to be prepared and engage...  more
  • Travers Korch
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  • Paul Yin
    I believe Steve served as Dean in Western Seminary for the first year when I attended in 2000. He encouraged and inspired me in many ways. In fact, he encouraged me in pursuing a writing ministry. To that, I am forever grateful. As much as I know he...  more
  • Travers Korch
    Travers Korch added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Steve Korch:
  • Travers Korch
    Travers Korch added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Steve Korch: