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Casey Neff

Stephen J Fisher

July 23, 1990 - April 08, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Stephen J Fisher. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Stephen made us smile. He pushed us to enjoy life to the fullest every day. His infectious smile, laugh, and playful nature would be the lasting impression that he'd want to be remembered for. Share your memories of those moments with us. Let's laugh, share, and cry together as we say goodbye to a special soul. 
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  • Bart  Lyman
    I was so sad to get this news. Stephen and I just had dinner in Baltimore a couple of months ago... This seems unthinkable to me. His laugh, smile, and mischievous look always brought a smile to my face. He was a person I genuinely enjoyed. Although I...  more
  • Alyssa Marie
    A man and his dog💙
  • Alyssa Marie
    We definitely lost a caring and loving soul. His purpose on this earth was to help people and coach children , and he did a hell of a job doing it. He was always a helping hand to everyone in need. He would do anything for anyone. His compassionate soul...  more
  • Valerie Ross
    While I didn't know Stephen for a long time I will definitely remember his laughter and sense of humor. He always knew where to find the "good snacks" and the chocolate in my classroom. He would pop in to say hi and grab a snack often. I will...  more
  • Sue Morrison
    Stephen was a colleague and friend. He made me laugh, he made me think, and he made me feel valued. I knew him for only a short time - but the gift of knowing him was mine and his impact was great. I won't forget him.
  • Terri Anne
    See post above - Stephens master thesis presentation
  • Terri Anne
    I was so sorry to hear this ! I was Stephen’s professor in grad school at Rowan. Stephen had to put up with me for 2 years in a row because I was his thesis advisor and then he had 2 classes with me the 2nd year. I always had a soft spot for Stephen...  more
  • Andie Bodenhagen
    Team Baby Blue will have a lot less laughs without you Fish!! You were always so great with my kiddos and had them giggling in no time. We will miss your spunk and smile!! My prayers are with your family.
  • Samantha Mathews
    Keaton with Fish last year at Northpark
  • Samantha Mathews
    Oh Fish! My boys and I met Fish a few years ago through hockey. He loved to clown around with them as he taught them and made sure they had fun in doing so. There was never a full moment at the rink when he was there. My littlest Keaton, also had him as...  more
  • Christy W
  • Christy W
    Oh gosh, where to begin... Fish was my youngest son, Jerek's first hockey coach. The first practice, we suited our kid up (having never skated before) and put him on the ice. He cried and cried. Fish brought him a bucket and told us to leave, knowing...  more
  • Shirley Fique
    My own words are locked in my throat ...but the lyrics to this song from Chris Young sums up ...I believe...
    "I still got your number in my phone,even though you don't know I'm listening, I still call and wait for the tone, just to hear you...  more
  • Devon Sloan
    I am truly sorry for your loss!! I worked with Stephen for a year in Rock Springs. From the first moment I met him he made me laugh. We had a great year pulling pranks on each other and laughing mostly at times we probably shouldn't have been! He was...  more
  • Candace  Phelan
    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I met Stephen through the school neuropsychology program. We met as a team in TX during November 2019 and although it was a lot of time in the classroom we managed to get out for dinner each evening. I briefly knew...  more
  • Jon Fisher
  • Mary Hamilton
    Last year RSHS Girls Soccer team headed to state ... a 20-1 season ...

    Coach Fisher, Assistant Coach... with Head Coach Stephen Pyer, Assistant Coach Nicole Rublee and my girls, Elizabeth and Caroline at team banquet.
  • Kyle Maziarski
    Fish and I were both brand new to Rock Springs WY back in 2016. I was an intern and he was a resource for me being new to our field. We were both East Coast guys so this cowboy state was crazy to us. I remember he would consistently reach out and helped...  more
  • Kate Maeser
  • Kate Maeser
    Coach Fish & his Hollydell Hurricanes team from Jersey.
  • Adrianne Ekey-Griffith
    I'm not sure what to say...taken too young. You were a teammate, coach and mentor to my children. You were like family to Rich, Rob, Mike and myself. We have lost touch over the years, but never forgotten. Great, fond memories we all cherish. Good, kind...  more
  • Kim Allen-Beck
    To all that knew Stephen we have lost a very special person. He will be missed on the soccer field as well as on the ice. He has touched so many young lives and had a passion for coaching the kids. My heart is broken into a million pieces. I want to...  more
  • Barbara Cheever
    Jon Jade Casey & Joelle & Michelle,
    We are so sad to hear of Stephens passing
    Our girls always referred to Stephen as the brother they never had. He was so compassionate, respected and open hearted. Traits nurtured so lovingly by Jon. Our hearts go out...  more
  • Alyssa Marie
  • Devon Harper
    I only knew coach Fish for a little over a year but I know for a fact he was a great person and an amazing coach. I came to play for Rock Springs my senior year of high school and Fish was one of the first to welcome me to the team. He always made sure I...  more
  • Amber Elizabeth
    Stephen was always a joy to have around ❤ he treated my sister and i as if we were his younger siblings, he'd always mess with us and pick fun 😂. My favorite camp games were the card games at night, a..hole... He was really good at that game lol....  more
  • Alyssa Marie
    His hockey kids in Wyoming loved him!
  • Alyssa Marie
    He will forever be missed by our CrossFit family.
  • Alyssa Marie
  • Alyssa Marie
    His three babies💙💙💙
  • Michelle Matlack
    Coach Fish. Lake Placid, NY. With your Hollydrll Hurricanes team.
  • Josie De Rosa
    When tomorrow starts without me,
    And I'm not there to see,
    If the sun should rise and find your eyes
    All filled with tears for me;

    I wish so much you wouldn't cry
    The way you did today,
    While thinking of the many things,
    We didn't get to say.

    I know...  more
  • Jon Fisher
  • Bob Keefe
    Last week our organization lost a wonderful young man who was involved in our organization for many years. Stephen Fisher suddenly passed away last week. Fish was a mainstay at the GT rinks for many years before he moved to Wyoming a few years ago. Fish...  more
  • Kelsey Vinson
    Kelsey Vinson added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Stephen J Fisher:
  • Kelsey Vinson
    Kelsey Vinson added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Stephen J Fisher:
  • Tiffany Rose
    I wanted to share these photos of Stephen's 20th Birthday and the last Family Reunion we had on August 1st, 2010.
    In these photos, you will see Stephen Fisher, Jon Fisher (dad), and Richard Fisher II (grandfather), Richard Fisher III (uncle), and Richard...  more
  • Kelsey Vinson
    Kelsey Vinson added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Stephen J Fisher:
  • Matt Salvatore
    Countless memories of hockey between highland middle school ice hockey, tansboro dek, FSU deck hockey tournaments, and NHL on Xbox. Steve, you will always be remembered as a great teammate and a better friend.
  • Kelsey Vinson
    I will always cherish the memories, be grateful for the time we all spent together and will always remember and honor Stephen as the compassionate, caring person he is. So much love being sent to you all.
  • Jon Fisher
    Thank you all for sharing with us your love of my son Stephen
  • Jade Neff
  • Joelle Quinn
    Joelle Quinn added 2 photo(s) to the memorial Stephen J Fisher:
  • Jade Neff
    We planted a tree with our letters and cards at the bottom and ornaments on the top. This is the first of many ornaments we will add to this special tree. It is a place we can go to remember all the joy he brought us and will continue to bring us as this...  more
  • Jade Neff
    The kids wrote cards to Stephen and we placed them at the bottom of the tree we planted.
  • Casey Neff
    Casey Neff added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Stephen J Fisher:
  • Casey Neff
    Casey Neff added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Stephen J Fisher:
  • Casey Neff
    Casey Neff added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Stephen J Fisher:
  • Casey Neff
    Casey Neff added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Stephen J Fisher: