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Audrey Maag

Shirley Maag

July 15, 1926 - May 27, 2019

Join us in celebrating the life of Shirley Maag. Contribute to this lasting memorial by sharing stories, memories, photos, and videos. As we plan gatherings, we will post invites with event information on GatheringUs. Share this memorial with family and friends, and remember to RSVP to help us plan.

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  • Audrey Maag
    I’m sad that she is gone but feel so lucky that I have 25 years of memories with her. Here are some things that make me smile. We watched too much Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, Lakers and Angels games for my own good, you made bandanas for my girl cousins and...  more
  • Audrey Maag
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  • Audrey Maag
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