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Ellie Cross

Shirley A. Cross

January 07, 1921 - April 07, 2020

Shirley A. Cross, known to many as Grammi, passed away on April 7, 2020 in Marblemount, WA with some of her family at her side. As we cannot all gather in person at this time, we have created this site to help all those who loved her to celebrate her life. Thank you for contributing your stories, memories,...  see more

 Always introspective, a letter writer and a journal writer, Shirley began to talk about Faribault, MN and her 19 years of growing up there. She spoke of her parents, Lillian and Marvin, about being the oldest child of five during the Great Depression. She spoke of lessons in patience, resilience, of her Roman Catholic girlhood, and of  the deep love surrounding her. She never forgot her roots in faith and in place.     ...  see more
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  • Michael Baker
    Shirley has been our role model for aging with dignity and grace for many years now.
    She was an inspirational woman—always loyal to her family and generous with good works for others. Her graciousness as a hostess was legendary in her family as well...  more
  • Ellie Cross
    This is a compilation of messages from Shirley's friends, mostly from from Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Seattle where she went for many years:

    From Barbara:

    What a wonderful place to be [Marblemount] for saying farewell to ones loved ones...  more
  • Toni Long
    I am a long-time friend of Anne's and Rich's and grew to know and appreciate Shirley and Chuck through the years. After Chuck's passing, I reached out to Shirley and we started having afternoon tea at her house every 3 months or so. Interesting that...  more
  • Radcliffe  Edmonds
    I have so many memories of my grandmother through the years, but I found myself thinking this past week of that summer, nearly 40 years ago now, when we spent time with Grammi and Bapa in Taiwan. Among the memories that remain vivid for me is the...  more
  • Namrata Kulkarni
    I am Namu, Ellie's friend from India. I had the privilege of meeting Grammi in Seattle. I still remember our visit to her beautiful house on a sunny day. As soon as we entered, she held my hand and could not wait to hear about where I came from. She had...  more
  • Barb Morgan
    One of the many great good fortunes of being friends with Anne Danford and Rich Cross is getting to know Shirely. From my first meeting of Shirley I knew she was a woman of great wisdom, courage and dignity and as I had the chance to spend more time...  more
  • Leslie Perkins
    I’m Anne’s sister, and while I only met Shirley a few times, I have wonderful memories of her from the times my family and I visited Anne and her family in Seattle. Every time we visited, Shirley (and Chuck when he was alive) invited us to their...  more
  • Bill Affolter
    Shirley was an extraordinary human being. It was impossible to be around her without coming away inspired and energized. Growing old might be unavoidable but losing your youthful enthusiasm and love for life and for those around you is a matter of...  more
  • Susannah Edmonds
    Here is what I posted on Facebook yesterday. Sorry for the couple of duplicate pictures, I had some technical difficulties. "This week, we lost a beautiful, wonderful piece of our family, Rad's grandmother Shirley Cross. Grammi has been my only...  more
  • Corina Sahlin
    I'm so sorry to hear about Grammy's passing, but am happy knowing that she was not afraid, but rather excited to meet her beloved Bapa on the other side.

    Grammy was literally a guardian angel for our family. Ten plus years ago, our middle child Luke got...  more