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Wenhao Liu

Shi Rui

For Fiona's dear mother, Shi Rui

Fiona's mom was her most precious thing in the world, she was her everything, and her motivation for everything she did…their bond was so strong.. she told me so many stories of how her mom looked out for her when she was growing up, protected her, cared for her, put her baby daughter first above all else.. the divorce from her father, all the years living in Beijing going to school, growing up..So many things happened, and her mom was...  see more
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  • Jing Zhang
    Sorry for your loss my dear friend. I can only imagine the pain you are going through. Your mom is a lovely and kind lady, although only met her once, but can truly feel her love for you and for Ethan. Please please don’t hesitant to let us know if...  more
  • Shereen Reeny-Russell
    My dear Fiona,

    There are no words at this time that I can say. As I write my eyes fill with tears. I wish you didn't have to go through this. I'm am here for you my dear.
    I am honored that I got to meet and spend time with your beautiful mother. Even...  more
  • Wenhao Liu
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