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Shelley Thurman

Thank you for visiting this site in memory of Shelley Thurman. She passed away on January 28.2020 due to complications from cancer, which she was originally diagnosed in the spring of 2015. We would like to you to enter this page and leave a memory or story that you have of your life with Shelley, please go...  see more

Written by Pam Thurman Kulp - As I say goodbye to my sweet sister, Shelley, I remember the happy and special times we had together. When I moved back from Pennsylvania to the St. Louis area some 30 years ago, we were able to visit one another more frequently. We took memorable sister trips to New Orleans, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, but, then, a respiratory illness that infected her 15 years ago interfered with the more physical...  see more
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  • Pam  Thurman Kulp
    Written by Dolores Schott - Shelley never met a "feral" cat that she wouldn't help. Even if they didn't much appreciate it! She was a great co-worker and an even better person. She will be much missed.
  • Nicole Snyder
    Shelley Thurman was my aunt. Probably the closest aunt or uncle that I have.  I have a lot of memories of her growing up when we would go to Parkville and visit. I was the first grandchild for 6 years so of course I got a lot of attention from everyone...  more
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