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Talia Thompson

Sharon Sloan

December 22, 1951 - September 30, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Sharon Sloan. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

It is with great sadness that the family of Dr. Sharon Wanda Sloan announce her passing on September 30, 2020, at the age of 68 years. Sharon lived life on her own terms, and according to her own rules. This is nowhere as evident as in her educational career: she went back to college after a years-long hiatus because she lost a poker hand - whose bet was her continuing education - one night. Though she lost the bet (and thus had to...  see more
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  • Alicia Martinez
    So it's been a year, and I still bawl my eyes out! I miss you so much, Sloan!! I miss talking about birds, butterflies, food, music, art, our parents and siblings, the kids, tech, history, aging, movies, aches and pains, pets, ...just EVERYTHING in...  more
  • Butch Sloan
    My older sister, Sharon, and I were some 20 months apart in age, but we were only one grade level apart until we graduated from high school. We walked and later drove back and forth to school together every day. I was known to many of our teachers and...  more
  • Alex Berk
    I only knew Sharon for a short time. Unfortunately, a very short time. I was introduced to Sharon first through the stories - and there are many of them - from her niece, and my very soon to be wife, Talia Thompson. From the stories, I knew Sharon to...  more
  • Katy Mitchell
    I will always remember you with a smile... The fun we always had with you. The crazy trips. The expert advice on the "finer" things in life -- expensive sunglasses, good wine, Montblanc pens. Your independent spirit inspired me and gave me...  more
  • Tristan Gilliam
    I keep oscillating between moments of joy and grief. I never got to come see you at your new place, or show you pictures of mine. I had planned to come see you the day you passed, but I was too late.

    But I remember how much I loved swim days and...  more
  • Jack Sloan
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    • Jack Sloan
      Jack Sloan My big sister, Sharon, was always giving me advice and always willing to listen to all my problems.
      • October 2, 2020
  • Jack Sloan
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  • Jack Sloan
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  • Karen Thompson
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  • Karen Thompson
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  • Karen Thompson
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  • Karen Thompson
    I’m glad you are at peace. Thanks for all the fun we had and for loving on the kids.
    Love from your favorite brother in law!
  • Karen Thompson
    It’s very hard to put into words the feelings and experiences of a lifetime. My hard to put into words. Bold comes first, I think, strong certainly; smart is an understatement. Fun comes to mind often when I think of her-even if sometimes...  more
  • Talia Thompson
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  • Talia Thompson
    On September 20, I got the first of my last voicemails from my Aunt Sharon. The first said, “Happy Rosh Hashanah! I’m shouting it to you! Ruth Bader Ginsberg died… what are we gonna do?” The second was, I think, her fighting with Alexa, and the...  more