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Serenella Speranza

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of our beloved friend and colleague, Serenella Speranza. Collecting our stories and memories here will offer us and her family comfort, and a place to remember the force of nature that was Sere. So many of us have laughed till we cried with Serenella...  see more

So many of us have laughed till we cried with Serenella over the years.  She was a mentor, a coach, and a dear friend to many.  She was also a much loved daughter, a wife to Bruno, and a mother to Lucrezia. The fact so many of us have met her family says so much about Serenella. She had the gift of making each person she met feel special.  She was everyone's friend. She was also bold and unafraid of conflict.  Sere fought for what she...  see more
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  • Al F.
    I sincerely apologize with Sere's family and friends for the great delay I am sharing this condolence, I have just received the terrible news, I am still shocked. With Sere we have been college mates in Chemistry in Pisa many years ago. Since 2008 we...  more
  • Catherine Griffiths Scholze
    I am still not ready to write this, but I know you want us to pick ourselves up and keep moving. So I will keep moving. Right now, for you. You were my mentor, my sounding board and my friend and I will miss you forever. I have learned so much...  more
  • Britney  Ploense
    Sere- You had a bigger impact in our family than you ever know. My kids loved hearing you talk in meetings (they have a desire to learn Italian now) and my husband loved meeting you at TK house. He would always ask when we were going to go to your...  more
  • Fabio Perego
    There are no words, just a deep sadness. In my mind many good memories.
  • Danila Bellini
    Sere, voglio ricordare la tua ultima vacanza sull'isola che tanto amavi. Le piacevoli chiacchierate e i tuoi aneddoti divertenti e coinvolgenti. Come dimenticare la camminata a mezzanotte nelle acque del relitto! La Maddalena sarà più triste senza di...  more
  • Clive Jenkins
    Such terrible news. I do feel fortunate to have met and worked alongside one of life's great characters. Serenella had the ability to make all meetings interesting. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time.
  • Silvio Del Monaco
    Worked with Serenella in the past years, always constructive and ready for discussion, looking for opportunity to develop new solutions, always keeping a good equilibrium with professionalism and humanity. A big loss for all of us, I will miss you.
  • Anna  Carrara
    Che donna! Speciale, con un'energia che riempiva l'ambiente in cui entrava. Una forte personalita', una professionista seria e capace. Ci mancherai Serenella!!!
  • Denise Jones
    Sere was my mentor, cheerleader and confidant! She made me believe I could do ‘it’ and ushered me through a very difficult position as a woman when all the odds were against me. She pulled me aside and ‘told’ me how to be courageous and focus. ...  more
  • Gennady Itkin
    I’m extremely sorry to hear.
    Serenella, you were real friend, it was great to know you in this lifetime.
    You will be much missed by me, will remember you.
    RIP. Be well

    Gennady Itkin
  • Thomas Kelly
    There are so many things I will miss about Serenella....the crazy clothes....the cackling laugh...the thirty minute explanation of how to make the world's best meatballs...but most of all I will miss the way she lit up a room whenever she walked in. The...  more
  • Eric Tribolet
    Salut Sere,
    Depuis quelques jours des bruits courent que tu ne serais plus parmi nous. J’ai tout simplement dit que ce n’était pas possible puisque je t’avais eu au téléphone pas plus tard que la semaine dernière. Mais comme tu ne réponds...  more
  • Tina Li
    I am still shocked that Sere is no longer with us. She was such a powerhouse – so vibrant, so compassionate, and full of life. We were so lucky to have her as part of the CMC family and now can feel the void in her absence. She not only taught me about...  more
  • Sarvesh Rao
    Heaven's gain and Earth's loss. You will be missed dearly Sere. Rest in Peace my friend.
  • patrizia v lupano
    Ti ho conosciuta 30 anni fa e sei stata la prima persona che mi ha portato da un cliente. Da allora tante volte abbiamo lavorato insieme, viaggiato insieme, vinto insieme e qualche volta perso (poche direi). Ora te ne sei andata lasciando tutti sgomenti...  more
  • Josephine Yap
    The news of Serenella passing came with great sadness and shock. Even till now it still feels surreal, I couldn’t believe that she is no longer with us. Serenella was a dear mentor, boss and friend to me. Someone whom has taught me so much, helped me...  more
  • Lenz Lai
    • Lenz Lai
      Ettore Schioppa I often eat good pizzas, but the Serenella's was truly extraordinary! Like the Supplì di riso and the fantastic atmosphere at home.
      • December 1, 2020
  • Lenz Lai
    It came as shocking news. Till today, I'm still can't believe she had left us.
    Serenella is a mentor, a great supervisor, a wonderful colleague and definitely a great friend of mine during my career with MEMC/Sunedison and after I left the company. ...  more
  • George Fotou
    I am very saddened by the loss of such a beautiful mind. Every time I would see her in our Aurora office I felt that I saw someone I've known for a very long time. Coming both from neighboring mediterranean countries (she from Italy, I from Greece) we...  more
  • graziella ballaro
    thanks to Emanuela who remind me a quote from S. Agostino which maybe comes from Henry Scott Holland. Whathever it is, I found some relief reading it and think could be helpful who feel the same :

    "Death is nothing at all. It does not count. I have...  more
  • Alice Wang
    Alice Wang added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Serenella Speranza :
  • Alice Wang
    Alice Wang added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Serenella Speranza :
  • Alice Wang
    Alice Wang added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Serenella Speranza :
  • Alice Wang
    Alice Wang added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Serenella Speranza :
  • Alice Wang
    Alice Wang added 5 photo(s) to the memorial Serenella Speranza :
  • jared chee
    It was a privilege to be working under Serenella when she was leading the Customer Technology Team. I get to know her better when I am with her in Italy on Nov 2018, to complete a memorable task that our fellow colleague Salvo has left behind. Seeing her...  more
  • Dave Li
    It was an absolute honor and privilege to have known and worked with Serenella these many years. We have lost a giant of our industry but more importantly, she was a unique, vibrant, passionate, caring person that inspired the best out of us all.

    My...  more
  • Chris Smith
    Receiving the message about Serenella's passing was difficult, very sad. My condolences to her family. I had the pleasure of working with Sere at two different companies and consider her a true friend. As mentioned by others her passion for all aspects...  more
  • KC Wu
    Dear Sere, still cannot believe it was true. You are such a person living your life to the fullest. I was impressed by your energy and passion while working with you. Great to have chances to work with you and know you in person. Good bye! my friend.
  • Rory Clark
    If I could sing a song to Sere that represents what all of us felt about her, it would be this one...

    Celine Dion...Because You Loved Me

    We were all blessed because she loved us.
    Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me (Theme from “Up Close and Personal”) (Official Audio) Listen on Spotify: Listen on Apple Music: Amazon: Liste...
  • Emanuela Barbera
    Dear Serenella, I first met you many years ago at MEMC when I was a young engineer. Your energy, colours, humaneness hit me. I remember at the beginning I didn't like your way of describing problems with a flood of words, I am an extremely operational...  more
    I was in shock when told me Serenella is no longer with us , such a great woman with lot of confidence that you can’t miss her in the room very open, professional, friendly always laughing and making you fill comfortable
    I will miss working with you
  • Taissia Rudnikov-Keinan
    Like a rainbow, there is no person in the world that is not looking for it in the heaven, while raining, so Serenella was. You are looking for an additional opportunity to meet her, talking to her once. Wonderful Sere, full of energy and serenity at the...  more
  • Dan Wobby
    Serenella was a positive influence in our lives and will be missed. She was introduced to many of us when she helped to change the face and feel of the CMC sales team. You could feel the energy go up in the room and the building when she arrived. I’m...  more
  • Catherine Conroy
    Serenella was more full of life than anyone I know. She was vibrant, unique, fun and fearless. She had all gifts but that of a long life. It was a privilege to call her friend and she never let me forget that she cared for me. That was her special...  more
  • Srikanth (Sri) Kommu
    The free-spirited, fearless and fun-loving Serenella lived life in her own terms and lived it to the fullest!. You will be missed Serenella. My deep and heartfelt condolences to so many who are dear and close to you. Rest In Peace, my friend.

    Ps:...  more
  • graziella ballaro
    Thursday morning, I got the call that no one would like to hear.
    I am angry and devastated in the soul as I cannot imagine how our life will be without her joy and guidelight.
    I met Serenella 20 years ago and I was so lucky to be part of her life since...  more
  • Sabrina Ceriani
    Rimarrai sempre nei nostri cuori.
  • Alex Wang
    Sere, my dear friend, I am missing you so much. I still can't believe that I will never have a chance to see your reply from our discussion just last week, and I won't get a chance of debating with you in our meetings, or drinking, laughing together with...  more
    • Rory Clark reacted on this.
    • Alex Wang
      Rory Clark so beautifully said Alex
      • November 7, 2020
    • Alex Wang
      Dan Wobby Love that photo Alex. Thanks for the beautiful memory
      • November 7, 2020
  • Yumiko Damashek
    Sere, I always regarded you as my "female industry comrade." We enjoyed sharing many of our war stories and travel experiences over many glasses of wine. Your gravitas, confidence, strength, wisdom, and warmth impressed me, your fearless...  more
  • Sabrina Abel
    Serenella was an AMAZING Italian woman who was so vivacious and warm and exciting to be around. Her love, laughter and passion were contagious. When my family and I visited her and Bruno in Novara in 2018, they took us in with loving arms and made us...  more
  • Rory Clark
    News of the death of my dear friend Serenella rocked me, just as I’m sure it rocked everyone across the globe who knew her. I am heartbroken for her husband Bruno and her daughter Lucrezia and for all of her other family members who will be in shock...  more
  • Fred Sun
    In late 2016, Sere moved from sales to lead CMP engineers across globe in deploying and providing innovative solutions to customers. I am her counterpart focusing on solution development internally. Many people have regarded Sere as one of a few best...  more
  • Dario Civilotti
    Una compagna di classe unica. E ritrovarla dopo tanti anni alle nostre periodiche reunion ha reso i nostri incontri unici e fantastici. Ci letiziava con i suoi racconti di giramodo, ci raccontava delle sue passioni culinarie e altro ancora. Un vulcano,...  more
  • Sabrina Ceriani
    Sono entrata nel "mondo" di Serenella grazie a Bruno. Ho conosciuto una persona vulcanica, piena di energie e OTTIMISTA. Ha saputo conciliare lavoro e vita in modo eccellente, non ha mai smesso di fare ciò che amava, dipingendo, cucinando, trovando...  more
  • Mary Cavanaugh
    I am having trouble knowing where to start. I send my heartfelt condolences to Serenella's family and share my friends's profound sadness at this devastating loss. I paraphrase a quote from Maya Angelou that in essence said that people will not remember...  more
  • Denis LAURE
    Life is about meeting people and I’m grateful that I was lucky enough for having met Sere. So much energy and enthusiasm in one person seemed unreal. Her passion for life was evident and her pleasure while sharing her knowledge and ideas in great...  more
  • Kate Reilly
    Sere sharing memories of Salvo
  • K H Reilly
    Sere sharing memories of Salvo
  • Bruno Diconne
    There's no word to describe this sudden loss, time has stopped.
    We will keep your energy and your positive mindset. You were our colleague, our friend, our boss, our leader, our guide.
    You will still be present for all of us.