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Lucretia Anton

Sarah M. Flores

November 22, 1937 - December 07, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Sarah M. Flores. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. As we plan virtual gatherings, we will share details here. If you would like to make a donations in our mother's honor, we would suggest donating to your local...  see more

With God's grace you shared your faith, strength, and service, which resounds in the heavens. Your love for us will endure in us forever. Today is a hard day and a special one. A day to celebrate the life of our mother, Sarah Magdalene Flores. Daughter to Rose G. Martinez, lovingly  known to us as “Nana”. Sister to Rosemary Bencomo, lovingly known as our Auntie Rosemary. Wife to her beloved husband George R. Flores for whom she...  see more
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  • Lucretia Anton
    Eleanor Aguilar:

    Please accept my condolences to you and your family. Leida asked if I had a memory that I could share with you about your dear Mother.

    I apologize it is late, but here it is.

    I was so sorry other about Sarah's passing. We were...  more
  • Lucretia Anton
    From Ledia Erickson: While in the kitchen loading my dishwasher, I thought about all the important people Sarah rubbed shoulders with:

    Msgr. Diomartich of St. Anthony's Croatian Church on Grand Avenue, near the Civic Center in Downtown LA. He was...  more
  • Lucretia Anton
    Sarah Flores first came into my life in December 1965 when I was 18 years old, the newly hired receptionist in Supervisor Frank Bonelli's Office. She was on maternity leave, pregnant with Michelle, and came into...  more
  • Shannon Geddes Stowe
    Many of the best memories I have from my childhood took place in the Flores house. Sarah came into my life the first day of kindergarten- I was clinging to my mom sobbing, begging her to take me back home. Next to me in the room was another little girl,...  more
  • Lisa Tissel
    I feel beyond blessed to have had this beautiful woman as one of my second mom’s growing up! From pool parties, toilet papering nights and slumber parties in the van, to endless Girl Scout trips and school events she (and George) were a huge part of my...  more
  • Traci Rogers
    Mama Sarah was the epitome of warmth and love. I have the best memories of her always encouraging us during our St. Lucy days - always cheering us on no matter what we were doing, always supporting our funny adventures and always being our biggest...  more
  • Lisa Monterrosa
    Sarah (and George) always made me feel like a 6th Flores Girl and I will always cherish the love she showed me on all the countless mornings, days and nights I was in her home. Sarah sent me an Easter card this year and reminded me yet again that she...  more
  • Brooke Lais
    When I think of Sarah, I think of her grace, her faith, her devotion to her family and her work ethic. She did everything with love.

    I am a friend of Lucretia's and met Sarah as a little girl. The strength, tenacity and love she brought to serving our...  more
  • Ken Bencomo
    I love you Mama Sarah, I’m going to miss your hugs.
  • Lucretia Anton
    Glendora City Council adjourned their meeting on December 8, 2020 in honor of our mother. We are touched by this thoughtful gesture and heart warming letter. We know our mother would feel blessed.
  • Lucretia Anton
    This is our Grandma Sarah. ❤️Always first in line when ever we are performing.❤️Enjoys reading and coloring with us. ❤️Shopping and movie days were her favorite! ❤️ She is kind and cares for us. ❤️She loves spoiling us with presents....  more
  • Lucretia Anton
    Our mom worked so hard to break the glass ceiling and pave a future for all minorities in high level government positions. What I love about my mom and dad's story is that they did it as a team and family unit. This value is instilled in me to this very...  more
    The Rocky Race of Sarah Flores
  • Lucretia Anton
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    Leida & Sarah
    Judy & Sarah
    Our family
    Rosemary & Sarah
    Sarah at work with Supervisor Pete Schabarum (& Michelle)
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    Jeannette & Sarah
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    Olivia's Wedding
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    Michelle & Sarah
    George & Sarah
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    Sarah Speaking at the Republican National Convention
    Yvonne & Sarah
    Josette & Sarah
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    Lucretia & Sarah