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Ronald Ricketts

December 31, 1932 - June 28, 2020

We created this memorial to celebrate the life of Ronald Ricketts. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort - click the "Memories & Condolences" tab beneath his photo to share your thoughts (it is easiest to do this part on your computer rather than on your phone). Thank you for...  see more

Recording of the virtual memorial service: Ronald Raymond Ricketts, 87, died 28 June 2020 at NC Little Hospice, Edina, Minnesota. Daughter Miriam Queensen, son Ray Ricketts, and son-in-law Bill Bissell were at his side. The cause was heart failure. Born in Detroit, MI, 12/31/1932 to Raymond Julian Ricketts and Annie Meismer, Ron began playing the trombone at age 10. He attended Interlochen...  see more
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  • Miriam Queensen
    I miss you, Dad. I miss all the walks we used to take, and the long philsophical discussions, and your quirky sense of humor. I miss the way you always cared about what I had to say and what I was doing. Your curiosity about other people and the world...  more
  • Raymond Ricketts
    Missing being in Minneapolis today to celebrate my dad's birthday; miss walking in the snow, bitter cold, and winter light, walks he enjoyed so much and which Bill & I continued even after he couldn't join us. The photos below were taken last year,...  more
  • Miriam Queensen
    Thinking of my dad today on what would have been his 88th birthday. We've had so many lovely cards, emails, notes on this page and our own reminiscences of how his life impacted all of ours since he left us in June. He is indelibly a part of our lives,...  more
  • Saul Davis
    I have a layered history with the Ricketts Family. I first met Shirley Ricketts because she and my mother were both active in the same organization, and every November there was a Holiday Bazaar where people brought things to sell to raise money. For...  more
    • Saul Davis
      Saul Davis It is also nice to see some remembered names of other members of the MSO. I wonder if they remember my awful attempts at conducting them.
      • August 23, 2020
  • Raymond Ricketts
    Raymond Ricketts added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Ronald Ricketts:
  • William Bissell
    I knew Ron after he left his music career. That is the big divide defining how I knew him. Except for a few concerts (perhaps three that I remember clearly), listening to music was replaced by talking about music, listening to his stories of playing, or...  more
  • kathleen Turnock
    My condolences to the family for the loss of an exceptionally wonderful man. I was a euphonium student of Ron's in the 1980s, and have such wonderful memories of him as a great teacher and beautiful human being. Once I week I would go for a lesson, and...  more
  • Wendy Williams
    I was lucky to be one of Ron's colleagues in the Minnesota Orchestra in the early 90's. Ron was a great musician and supportive friend. I loved his warm and engaging personality and that he called me Drew. (Likely because he couldn't remember my real...  more
  • Miriam Queensen
    An extended obituary is live on the Minneapolis Star Tribune website tonight and will be available in print tomorrow.
    • Miriam Queensen
      Miriam Queensen Ron Ricketts, Minnesota Orchestra trombonist who played with top bands in the 1960s, dies at 87
      Ricketts also taught at the University of Minnesota School of Music.
      By Joel Rippel Star Tribune JULY 7, 2020 — 6:11PM

      Ron Ricketts didn’t stop...  more
      • July 7, 2020
  • Julianne Queensen
    Hi, everyone. After some digging we discovered that Ron played baritone horn on an entire album with Miles Davis!! Have a listen.
    1-Three Little Feelings, John Lewis, comp. arr. 2-Poem For Brass, J.J.Johnson, comp. arr.
  • Val Frank
    I loved stopping by Ron's apartment to get the latest interesting books. He had the most Pacific taste and seemed interested in everything from alternative realities to memory and human nature.
  • Ron and Shirley were our neighbors for many. many years. We have fond memories of gatherings on their back porch. Ron's smile was always so engaging. After he left the neighborhood we would see him at events and it was always great to catch up on our...  more
  • Ross Tolbert
    For over 25 years I was most fortunate to share the low brass stage with Ron, who was solid as a rock. When performances were challenging one appreciated him most. Always dependable, and a perfect musician, his contributions to the Minnesota Orchestra...  more
  • Sian Ricketts
    From Phil, Kathy and Sian Ricketts:

    Ron brought music into our lives. Ron brought his children to his Asbury Park Municipal Band summer concerts, after which they celebrated with pizza. At home, he taught students and played the trombone, transcribing...  more
  • Miriam Queensen
    There will be a tribute to Ronald Ricketts today (Friday, July 3) on classical MPR. Listen on KSJN 99.5 or livestream at -- this from conductor Philip Brunelle:
    "The tribute to Ron on MPR will be today about 5PM on “Friday Favorites” with...  more
    • Julianne Queensen reacted on this.
    • Miriam Queensen
      Miriam Queensen If you missed the broadcast, go to the "videos" tab to listen to a recording. It's a short segment from a longer piece.
      • July 3, 2020
  • Julie Desmond
    Dear Miriam and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you’ll find comfort in the memories- all the good, rich, simple and ordinary memories - you carry with you.
    Keeping you in mind during during the days ahead. Love from Julie Desmond
  • Heidi Sommers
    The Sommers family (Bob, Heidi, Patrick and Frank) had many years of holiday fun with Miriam and family seeing our children grow, opening Christmas Crackers, eating gingerbread that Miriam baked, and playing the dollar gift exchange game.
    When Ron joined...  more
  • David Herring
    Ron was a wonderful musician and colleague. I had the great fortune to sit next to him in the Minnesota Orchestra for 11 years. During that time we became close friends. I'll always remember his his fantastic solo playing on the tenor tuba as well as his...  more
  • Miriam Queensen
    Miriam Queensen added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Ronald Ricketts:
  • Samantha Zevanove
    I had the luck of meeting Ron three years ago when I started dating his grandson, Ronny Queensen. Right off the bat, Ron welcomed me to Minnesota with open arms and made me feel like part of the family.

    I only knew him during the last few years of his...  more
  • Suzette Bishop
    Ron was very kind to me when I stayed as Miriam’s guest the summer after I graduated from college. Even though I had the next chapter of my life set up, going on to graduate school that fall, I was really pretty lost. Simply allowing me to stay at...  more
  • Miriam Queensen
    Losing my dad has been really difficult. But it's been amazing to see the outpouring of support and great memories that have been sent my family's way via facebook and email over the last few days. My dad's life had so many chapters, and he gathered...  more
  • Julianne Queensen
    After a week in hospice, my grandpa and best friend passed away last night. Very grateful that my mom and uncles were there with him when it happened. I don't really have words for how much my grandpa meant to me. My relationship with him essentially...  more