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Collette Mahoney

Robert "Tim" Mahoney

September 02, 1964 - November 11, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Robert "Tim" Mahoney. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Please post pictures, memories, stories, etc. on the Gathering Us memorial page. As we plan virtual and in person gatherings, we will share details here....  see more

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  • Mason Ford
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  • Mason Ford
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  • Kirk Anderson
    Goodbye old friend. True friend. You were there for me in my darkest hour. Thank you.
  • Kirk Anderson
    Endless hours playing cribbage
  • Angie Clark
    It was a wonderful Online Memorial for Tim today.. I am so thankful I was able to participate even though only by audio on my phone. It was beautifully put together and so wonderful the heartfelt comments for Cousin Tim.. God Bless you Collette and I...  more
  • Karen Gunther
    Loved our time when we went shooting in August! Last time I got to hug him...
  • Shawn Chippewa
    I wish we had taken pictures back when we were young like we do today ! I knew Tim from the time I was barely ( just 13) a teenager through young adulthood & saw him rarely after he moved away from Boise and then I moved away. I’ll tell you this...  more
  • Stephen Davis
    I showed up to Boise, Idaho in January 2000 at 24 years old having never really left the state of Alabama. I was nervous and, to be honest, a bit scared about what was going to happen over 2,000+ miles from home. It was extremely overwhelming coming to a...  more
  • Jim Campbell
    The day before Tim passed he sent me a text with a profound question. “Did my actions line up with what I say or believe to be important to me?”.

    I think it is important that people know what kind of a person Tim was and how absolutely the answer...  more
  • Collette Mahoney
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