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Robin Halpern

Robert Meyers

November 30, 1963 - April 28, 2020

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Robert Meyers. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer great comfort to Nan, Max, Jessica and Ben as well as to family and friends. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial in honor of the incredible life of Robert Meyers.

"Don’t count the days; make the days count." -Muhammad Ali   These thoughts are intended to memorialize a man we loved through our eyes and the eyes of his beloved Nan. When he talked about Nan his eyes would light up the entire room. She was his everything. Rob had a passion for all things sports. Below is a list of words we compiled that reminded us of Rob. Please feel free to add another one in your personal message. His...  see more
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  • Robin Halpern
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  • mark nadler
    Dear Nan, Max, Jess, and Ben,
    We are so sad about the loss of Rob.
    From our first meeting in Israel in 2012, we have always thought of your family as our “twin” family, Philly version, with children the same ages. Despite the distance, we have felt...  more
  • Heidi Bovit
    Rarely do you get the chance in life to meet a person who is genuinely true to themselves. Rob Meyers was that person. He was unlike anybody of a kind. Wickedly smart and witty, he enjoyed making people belly laugh. Straight to the point,...  more
  • Joseph deMello
    I only spoke with Mr. Meyers on two occasions, but as you all know, he left quite a strong impression. As a college teammate of Max, the Meyers family invited us into their home for a team dinner before a tournament we had in the area several years ago....  more
  • Mike Halpern
    Hi all, I wrote a piece about Rob on fb, but couldn't transfer it to here... Feel free to read it... It's also on Sandy's fb post about this link... Thanks... Mike Halpern...
  • Gail Milano
    Nan-I was so sorry to hear about Rob. My heart is hurting for you and your family. I met Rob when we were in our teens, and I will always remember him as a friendly, warm, funny guy. You can tell he had so much love for you and your kids. He will...  more
  • Ivy Cohn
    Nan, words can’t describe how sorry I am for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. I think of you often and send my deepest condolences.
  • Connie Harris
    Nan, my heart goes out to you and your family. I have really enjoyed getting to know Rob over the past few years. I know he is much loved and will be missed by many. Love and prayers, Connie
  • Richard Badt
    Nan and Family, Our deepest condolences. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Heather and Rich/// Ben, we are very sorry for the loss of your dad. Justin and Andrew
  • Nancy Gansky
    Rob, We will miss you.. gone too soon.
    Nancy and Dave
  • Nancy Gansky
    I’ll always remember the fun times we had going to the Casinos back in the 80’s, the fun summers in Longport since college . I will miss seeing you at the Longport July 4th Jewish mile run. Rob always made me smile and had kind words to say. I loved...  more
  • Lauren Young
    More than anything, what I will remember about Rob is how much he LOVED Nan and his family. And I will eternally feel the warmth of his beautiful spirit, epic swagger and Philly proud spunk when I think of him.

    Sending everyone who knew Rob lots of...  more
  • Raina Chichearo
    I am so sorry and shocked to hear this news. Please accept my deepest condolences to Nan and your beautiful family.
  • Kathy O'Mara
    Everyone at Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia sends our sincere sympathies during this difficult time.
  • Wendy Kaliner-Garcia
    Nan, there are no words that can adequately express how shocked and saddened I was to hear of Rob's passing. Though I can't say that David and I knew Rob well, every time we saw you guys, he was so friendly and always had a smile on his face. I see...  more
  • Sandy Edelstein
    Rob Meyers on the outside a little bit of flash, always perfectly dressed with no hair out of place, always striving to be his best, always pushing himself physically, fitness was very important to him. Regimented, structured, disciplined, everything has...  more
  • Karen Rosen
    When I think of Rob, I think of how much he loved Nan. He always seemed so happy and proud to be in her company. I also think about his love for his children and the true interest in and kindness towards their friends. My children were lucky enough to...  more
  • Angela Berke
    Rob was always a perfect gentleman and I never saw him without a huge smile on his face. He was always engaged in any conversation we had and genuinely interested on how I was doing and my children – knew them each by name. Nan, we will forever be...  more
  • James Lovett
    So many great memories of Rob. Rob dressed so sharply, and at the same time put on no "airs" at all. Always, with no exceptions, Rob was genuine, modest, wishing the best for others, and full of love for his family. Qualities to admire. A...  more
  • Nicole Schaeffer
    Rob was real. There was no façade. He gave it to you straight and unvarnished. In good times I could always count on Rob to make me smile. His quick wit often made me belly laugh… but he also had the right words of encouragement to help me get...  more
  • Shana Schwartz
    Rob came into my life through his beautiful wife my dear friend Nan. We shared many birthdays, camp visiting days, summer beach days, Bnai Mitzvahs, births, hospital stays and more over the last 25 plus years but most importantly we shared our mutual...  more
  • Ellen Porter
    There is nothing like old friends, the warmth that you feel when your with them floods your mind with wonderful memories of years past. As Robin so eloquently put it, “Hey Doll” will forever be one of those memories. My heart breaks for Nan, Max,...  more
  • Robin Halpern
    My heart is broken and although I struggle to find the words, I want to share how much Rob lived his life with joy and passion. I remember the night Nan met Rob and when she told me she was going to get ride home with him, I said "Not Rob...  more
  • Janet Steinman
    Watched them fall in love, get married and while I wasn’t there when they started their family, I came back into their lives and it was like I never left. Max is like a son to me, and my heart is just broken. Rob was one of the nicest guys around and...  more
  • Nina Greberman
    I’ve known Rob practically all my life but it wasn’t until this beauty (Jessica) was born did we truly spend time together. We cannot accurately express our sincerest sympathy to Nan, Jessica, Max, and the entire Meyer’s & Ball Family, but we can...  more