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Robert Heiner Garff

September 15, 1942 - March 29, 2020

The Garff family has created a place online for friends and family to celebrate the life of Robert Heiner Garff. We invite you to share your stories and memories of this great man.

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  • Craig Dunford
    It's been a lost year 2020, not to mention my mind. I think I have a note in here somewhere, but just ran across this photo of our old Band of Brothers. In this photo .. Bob followed 3 others. He is missed by all of us.
  • Ryan Porter
    Robert Garff was always kind to me and my family. In the beginning of my career, he took time out his day to visit my 18 month old son who was deathly ill in the NICU at Primary Children's Hospital. He was genuinely concerned and allowed me the time I...  more
  • Hart Wesemann
    My family worked for the Garffs. My mother worked for Ken Garff and later
    Robert and Kathi Garff. We have many fond memories about the Garff family. We send our thoughts and prayers to the Garff family at this time. Much love - Hart Wesemann and family.
  • Amy DeLaMare
    Bob Garff is a gentle, wise man with a testimony that has strengthened mine. Kathi taught a Relief Society class one Sunday (I always looked forward to her lessons!) and had Bob come in and express his testimony and love of the Book of Mormon. It touched...  more
  • Megan Smith
    We’d met a number of times throughout my life, I’m sure, but it was special to have some real QT with Bob and Kathi on the bike trip this last summer. They were my biggest fans! So loving and supportive, so sweet and so genuinely interested - in me,...  more
  • norma Blundell
    Martin Blundell:

    A few years ago , Bob was recovering from a difficult leg injury. Clark Robinson called me on the phone and suggested we take him out the next morning and play nine holes of golf. The summer morning was beautiful and the course in the...  more
  • norma Blundell
    It was his voice I remember... so calm, reassuring, positive. And ALWAYS asking the same question, "It's good to see you. How's your family?"
    I remember his voice from many pulpits- speaking with warmth, love, and conviction of the...  more
  • Alan Hess
    One of the great joys of living where we do, is our sweet association with Bob and Kathi Garff. For all these years, we have basked in this sweet friendship, and losing our dear friend Bob has rocked us. We nevertheless are very grateful that we will...  more
  • David Egbert
    Kathi and Robert Garff served our neighborhood and community as tireless and dynamic influencers for good, both toward the youth and their parents. They conducted their lives in ways that were demonstrably uplifting and influential to us all. They...  more
  • Heidi Woodbury
    I am honored to have called Bob my friend, and I can't imagine life without him. We worked together on many projects over the years and were in the midst of planning for the Ken Garff Performance Zone project before he passed away. I will miss his warm...  more
  • Dana Geddes
    Just wanted to contact you guys personally to say that I"m sorry to hear what happen. My condolences to you. I personally lost my Dad when I was 5 years old and I wish he was still around for me when I was growing up. I know what you guys are going...  more
  • Dana Geddes
    Matt, John-

    I know you are most likely being inundated with emails, calls, and texts so please do not feel that you need to take the time to reply to this. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am, and that you two have been a major part of my...  more
  • Dana Geddes
    Kathi, John, Melissa, Jennifer, Matt, Mary and Family,

    I wanted to share a few memories I have about Robert Garff, just a few months ago, Lori and I had the opportunity to attend a fundraising event and sat with Robert and Kathy. As always, they were...  more
  • Dana Geddes
    Dear John and Matt,
    It’s with a heavy heart that I write this email. I was shocked and saddened to learn about your dad’s passing over the weekend. I feel so lucky to have known him and for the day we spent with him last August. I left our meeting...  more
  • Ryan Peterson
    What a great life to look back at! Privileged to grow up, where we did, closer than “next door”, I loved his infectious laugh and sing song voice he used for effect. He was one of my 2nd dads. Later In life, when I needed it most, he and Kathi were...  more
  • Barbara Stoker
    Thank you for providing the opportunity for others to share their thoughts, stories, and photos of our beloved England Coventry Mission President and friend, Bob Garff. I cannot talk about Bob without including Kathi as the two exemplified a true...  more
  • Stuart Slingerland
    Kathi, Stuart and I were saddened to read of Bob's passing. We valued our time with both of you on the IHC Corporate Board. Bob was a wise, contributing board member. You were warm, friendly, and inclusive with the spouses of the board members. It's been...  more
  • Chris Tibbitts
    Bishop Garff helped shape my youth in many ways. My fond memories include learning how to water ski at lake Powell, sleepover and ski outings at Solitude. But most of all I remember Robert as a man of devotion for his family, his God and a love for all...
  • Michelle Mason
    I am privileged to have had Uncle Bob Garff in my life. He was family and a mentor as I had a unique opportunity to live with President Garff and his family in the Coventry England Mission home. I was there as a nanny, to help and support Aunt Kathi,...  more
  • Kristi Woolley
    I met Bob and Kathi after moving to bountiful and developing an immediate friendship and connection with his daughter Mary. It was a time in my life that I was seeking much spiritual growth and Gospel understanding. When appropriate, Mary would forward...  more
  • justin peterson
    My memories of Bob Garff were through a different lens than most. Mine were forged over the most impressionable years of my youth growing up with the Garff, Robinson and Peterson families on the creek at Indian Springs. Theirs was an experiment and we...  more
  • Doug & Barbara  Roberts
    My wife and I were saddened to hear of Bob's passing. We can't believe this has happened to such a wonderful man, and my boss for over 37 years. I first met the Garff Family when I was in my late 20's. I worked for his father, Ken, for many years on and...  more
  • Scott  Kull
    Missing my friend Bob. Hoping his wonderful family is finding comfort and peace knowing how much he was loved and respected. I have great memories of our Utah football trips. ❤️
  • John Fackler
    I had the honor of knowing Bob through my position at the U's Alumni Association and in working with Keys To Success scholarships. He was always so gracious and kind. He always expressed his gratitude.
    Clare Boothe Luce once stated, "A great man is...  more
  • Brooke Abel
    I had the great privilege of getting to know Bob and Kathi over the past six months as we planned a fundraising event together. I saw Bob’s passion, business prowess, and leadership skills firsthand, as well as the immense care he had for others....  more
  • Jerry Nelson
    I was first shocked and then deeply saddened when I received the texts and heard the news about Bob's passing. It has been a privilege, over the years to come to know, respect and love the Garff family and "Old Bob" in particular. My...  more
  • Barrett Peterson
    I have many great memories of spending time with Bob and his entire family growing up next door to him at the Indian Springs "compound". Bob, Kathi, Clark and Deeann Robinson and my parents, Karen and Leon, had the vision to create a place for...  more
  • Ray Pickup
    Bob was a wonderful leader and a great example to me. His kind and friendly manner will be deeply missed in our community. He has created an amazing legacy.
  • Steven and Michelle King
    We are missing our dear friend, Bob Garff and pray that Kathi and all the family will be comforted at this time of great sorrow. We are all mourning his shocking loss.

    Bob was a great friend and mentor in life, business, and the Church. It was a...  more
  • Bruce Hatch
    President and Sister Garff were there for me during some of the more difficult times in my life. I am so grateful for the love he showed and the wisdom he shared, it had a lasting impact and affected the way I live my life. I count myself blessed having...  more
  • Rick Clayton
    I am so thankful the opportunity that I had to know and to learn from Bob. Bob was one of the most accomplished and loving people that one could know. I had the opportunity to work with Bob in our foundation, Success in Education and spend time with...  more
  • Dan England
    I remember well the first time I met Bob. We were both participating in a commencement ceremony at the U of U. He and I along with others were seated on the stand. I was sitting between Bob and another well known person in the community. Leading up...  more
  • Sammy  Peterson
    Posting on behalf of Mike Lucero:
    "I started out at Ken Garff Mitsubishi, Hyundai in 2000. We were located in the downtown block in Salt Lake City, along with several other Ken Garff dealerships. Back then Robert Garff had his office in the Mercedes...  more
  • Rex Thornton
    I have known the Garff family a long time. It started in the 1970’s when at Tracy Collins Bank I first met Ken and Bob Garff. I know of Bob’s great service to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The son of a family I baptized in a...  more
  • Mark Paul
    My first memory of meeting Bob and Kathi was when they were mission president in England. We stayed with them for a week. Bob taught us from the scriptures every morning in his calm, genuinely authentic kind, encouraging nature. He made such a lasting...  more
  • Tina Bourgeois
    Robert Garff passed my desk to get to his office for over twelve years, and yet I struggle to find a memory that I can share, that would seem significant in black and white. As I reviewed my many memories of him, I recognized that it wasn't what he said...  more
  • Dan Sellers
    Bob was a special person to our family. A friend from the moment we met. He acted as our Home Teacher, and immediately set about following through with the things he drew out from us that we desired of him. He went the extra mile, to say the least....  more
  • Becky Jensen
    President and Sister Garff we're and are the most amazing people You touched each of our lives personally and differenly. You taught us to love, guide and teach by knowing the Savior better. Yours and Kathy's love for the one ihas always been an example...  more
  • Travis Graff
    As a Missionary, I couldn’t have had a more influential friend and leader to strive to pattern my life after. Thanks Garff Family for your great example of Service and Love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bob will be greatly missed by all who knew...  more
  • Lindsay Nelson
    I am so honored to have had the chance to know Bob. Quite often when we met, it was at large university gatherings. Bob would always shake my hand, offer me a compliment, make me feel welcome and that I was just as important to him as the CEO or...  more
  • Frantz Belot
    I'm sure that there will be many wonderful things spoken about Bob. I considered him a great example in my life. Our paths crossed when we were both involved in Ouellessebougou, Mali, Africa. He had travelled there at the same time we were there. I...  more
  • Anne Pingree
    I’m so grateful for Bob Garff. He and Kathy have been loyal friends to my parents for as long as I can remember. For some reason, he noticed me in my youth and gave me the opportunity to serve as a missionary in The England Coventry Mission when I...  more
  • James and Shirley Ann Kohler
    We first met Bob and Kathi when they moved into our ward in Bountiful (Mueller Park 10th). We immediately learned that their many accomplishments had not diminished their basic goodness and humility, they loved everyone and we felt of their love. Our...  more
  • Elizabeth Sorensen
    Dear Garff Family,

    The Buehler and Sorensen family have been taking some moments to reflect on the life of your dear, Robert Garff. My dad (Robert Buehler) reminded me that he first met Bob when he was a freshman at East High School. A few years...  more
  • Alisyn Crowder
    I have so many wonderful memories of time spent with Bob and the Garff family. I remember Bob hooting and hollering as he would ski through the trees in powder. I remember lots of adventures on horseback including through the Canadian Rockies. I remember...  more
  • Mary Lee Robinson
    Bob and Kathi are most assuredly the epitome of goodness. Bob always met people with his heart wide open. His humanity and kindness is what struck me most and will forever reside in my heart. “Thank you for gracing my life with your lovely presence,...  more
  • Kris Erkelens
    I have been fortunate to know the Garff family for many years. My heart goes out Kathi and the entire Garff family. Every time I think of Bob it will bring a smile to my face. He brought pure joy to everyone who new him.
  • Eric Lundgren
    Bob Garff, who will always be “President Garff,” the man who presided over the England-Coventry Mission, was mentor who will always be important to me. He was a substantial influence in tempering my very intemperate youthful personality in the mid...  more
  • Ruth  Watkins
    We are devasted by Bob’s passing and send our deepest condolences to Kathi and the entire Garff family. Bob and Kathi Garff were among the first people I met when I arrived in Utah seven years ago. I will write about Bob here, but everything I say...  more
  • Brad Throckmorton
    I have so many amazing memories of President Garff in England and my time in the office in Coventry. I got to see him away from regular missionary activities like their fun family photos and this night at the Castle. He always uplifted and made you...  more