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Teresa Maijala

Richard H. Lounsberry

September 12, 1933 - August 24, 2019

Please join me in celebrating the life of my Dad, Richard H. Lounsberry. I invite you to share memories, stories, and pictures. If you need help just email me at the address below and I would be glad to assist you. With Care, Teresa

      My father loved to be near water. In his youth, he would watch the ships sailing on Lake Superior near Duluth and daydream of a life filled with adventures sailing the seas and traveling the world. A dream that always kept a piece of his heart. You saw it in his paintings, and in this or that boat that always lived in or near our garage. I think he would have loved to be "Captain Lounsberry" of some great sailing vessel, but he...  see more
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  • Teresa  Maijala
    My Dad, Richard Lounsberry suffered a massive stroke and passed away on August 24, 2019, at 4:14 am. His health had been in decline for several years. I think we all felt his passing getting near, but it is so heartbreaking when that time arrives. We...  more
  • Teresa  Maijala
    My name is Bond, James Bond. He was my Dads man hero. Fineness and confidence in the face of danger. Well dressed socialite by night. Adventure called and James Bond answered. I think my Dad had every movie made about James Bond, his secret alter-ego....  more
  • Teresa  Maijala
    My Dad is Michelangelo. That's what I used to think as a child when I peeked at his sketches, again. The bottom right-hand drawer of my parents' desk was filled with opaque parchments, sketches in bold lead strokes, of body parts. There were hands, arms,...  more
  • Teresa  Maijala
    One of my Dads favorite animals were elephants. I was always a bit perplexed about this. A lot of people have been posting elephant videos lately so I have been watching them closely to get a feel for their nature. The first thing I noticed is that there...  more
  • Teresa  Maijala
    My Dad grew up near Duluth Minnesota, being close to nature was a love of his. One of my favorite memories of him came about while visiting family in Minnesota. It was summertime and we were staying in a cabin by a lake. I was about 7 years old and...  more