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Carrie Segil

Rebekah Cardonsky

August 26, 1985 - April 27, 2020

Hello Friends of Rebekah, Our dear friend and colleague Rebekah Cardonsky passed away on April 27, 2020. We created this online memorial site to honor and celebrate Rebekah and all the gifts she brought into our lives. This site is a place to share your thoughts, memories, stories, jokes,...  see more

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  • Amanda Jachym
    Reb - You were a force, and were taken from us far too soon. I liked you the minute I met you. Right away I knew you were a passionate, get shit done, take no prisoners kind of person. Over the years we laughed together, cried together, bitched together,...  more
  • Lauryn Wachs
    Lauryn Wachs added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Rebekah Cardonsky:
  • Lauryn Wachs
    Lauryn Wachs added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Rebekah Cardonsky:
  • Lauryn Wachs
    Lauryn Wachs added 1 photo(s) to the memorial Rebekah Cardonsky:
  • Lauryn Wachs
    I am at a loss as to where to start. You made such an incredible impact on so many people's lives, mine included. As a boss and mentor, you had such an incredible passion and protective mama bear attitude. As a friend, you were incredibly kind and...  more
  • Carrie Segil
    Reb - you were game for anything. Especially if it involved costumes! These photos are from a work Halloween competition and our annual staff retreat. As the queen of logistics I couldn't have asked for a better partner for all things "fun"....  more
  • Missy Davis
    Beckett - Your mama was fierce. and smart. and had edges and was on fire inside. She was brave. it will be hard, but try to keep her tucked on your heart and stand tall as you move through this world. Wishing you nothing but good things. Missy Davis
  • John Sanderson
    Rebekah, your commitment, focus, hard work and fun spirit were a joy to experience and a tremendous contribution to TNC, your friends and colleagues, and the conservation world. The last time I saw you, sitting on your sofa as you shared your journey...  more
  • Audrey Wolk
    "Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories." In your way too short time on this planet you left many lifetimes of goodness and love.
  • Michele Battiste
    Rebekah, the world is worse for your absence. You burned with such a bright fire, and your energy could eclipse a solar farm. Your well was bottomless when it came to giving to the people you cared about, and your creativity was boundless. When you...  more
  • Heidi Sherk
    From the moment that Rebekah stepped in the door at the Conservancy, she demonstrated her commitment, strong will, and never-ending energy for our work and the people.

    Rebekah was extremely dedicated to Nate and Beckett. She talked fondly about doing...  more
  • Jessica Dillon
    Rebekah was always one of my favorite collaborators on Operations calls. She was whip smart and cheerful. She'd reach out if she discovered something in CO that would be applicable in CA to give us a heads up. She asked smart questions and developed new...  more
  • Gail Pederson
    Rebekah, you put the 'fun' into everything we did at COFO! I will never forget our 'fun committee' planning meetings, trying on dresses on Pearl Street for the 60's party, your amazing collection of pens, your color coded tabs and most of all the joy...  more
  • Linda Tsai
    Rebekah, I will never forget that wonderful day at Fisher's Peak with you. You four-wheeled us around through big bumps and cracks on the dirt trail (if I should call it a trail). You had so much fun driving. Seeing your big smile and energy was...  more
  • Gus Lozada
    Rebekah, I will miss that amazing mix of being fun, super friendly, driven personality and of course your collection of sharpies! I always enjoyed our conversations. You were a great colleague. You definitely left us incomplete at COFO.
  • Jackson Moller
    Rebekah was a wonderful friend, and I wish Nate and Beckett and the rest of her family nothing but warmth and support.
  • Julie McSpadden
    Unfortunately my contacts with Rebekah were only few and brief, but her expertise and positivity shone through every time. In the short time I helped out while she was away, it was clear how “together” she was in her job and how much the COFO team...  more
  • Carrie Segil
    Rebekah, you have left a lasting imprint on my life. You intimidated me from the moment we met, in a good way. Your approach to life inspired me, you were smart, driven, organized, you had a firm opinion on almost everything, you were never afraid to...  more