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    Aug 28, 2021, 2:00 PM US/Central

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Rebecca Grove Munson

March 29, 1984 - August 13, 2021

This site exists to celebrate and remember the life of Rebecca Munson. Collecting your stories, memories, photos, and videos here will offer us great comfort. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

Rebecca Grove Munson was born in St. Louis, Missouri on March 29, 1984 to Ronald and Miriam Munson. An avid reader and gifted storyteller from her earliest years, Rebecca attended The Wilson School and John Burroughs School, where she revealed herself to be not just a dedicated literary scholar, but also a deft television critic—and ardent fan.  After high school, Rebecca attended Columbia University and majored in English Literature,...  see more
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  • Helen Doyle
    I was deeply moved and honored to be part of the memorial service that Rebecca's friends organized in St. Louis on Saturday. Thank you to everyone for sharing thoughts and images to help us remember Rebecca and her remarkable impact on each of us, and so...  more
  • leslie cheng
    Looking back, I realize I have only met Rebecca once. Somehow I feel I know her so well that her untimely passing dealt me an almost visceral blow. Besides the knowledge about her life gained from her mother, my good friend Miriam, throughout the years,...  more
  • Anna Alexandrova
    It was amazing to listen to the eulogies from Rebecca's memorial service. I knew her only from the glorious dinners at Ron and Miriam's and from their stories about her (my favourite one is how Miriam was pushing Rebecca in a stroller, pointed to a...  more
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    • Anna Alexandrova
      Anna Alexandrova Thank you so much for making it possible to follow the memorian service from afar. It was an honour and a privilege to be 'present'.
      • August 29, 2021
  • Meredith Martin
    We changed the colors of our CDH website and media icons to purple in honor of Rebecca in early August and will keep them purple indefinitely. You can see it here:
  • Meredith Martin
    Pasting here the tribute I wrote for the CDH and Princeton. We have been pulling together emails, photos, Twitter, and Facebook posts for the family which we'll format and share. You can look scroll through them here: ...  more
  • Maria Schmidt
  • Jen B
    Wonderful college roommate memories. We got into many Columbia shenanigans.
  • Maria Schmidt
    Rebecca was the bright-in-every-way child of our best friend neighbors in St. Louis. When we first moved to St.Louis in 1990, there were ready playmates for our son, little boys next door and across the street, but no little girls. A few neighborhood...  more
  • Jen B
    Rebecca was my roommate in college and a very good friend. I’m so sad she is no longer with us but so grateful that I knew her. She was a lovely person and I will always hold fond memories of our college years (and beyond!) together. I still remember...  more
  • Faridah Laffan
  • Faridah Laffan
    I didn't get to meet Rebecca properly until after her diagnosis, so I am a recent friend...and I moved away from Princeton only a few months after we got to know one another. And yet, our friendship only grew--we passed the pandemic texting and talking...  more
  • Lilly  Connett
    I have many memories of Rebecca from picking mulberries, to swinging in her back yard, to years of dressing up...But probably some of my favorite memories include watching Jaws with her repeatedly in the den of her house, with our dinners in our lap,...  more
  • Robert Gordon
    As a long-time colleague of her father's, I met Rebecca only a few times -- enough to understand the love and admiration she inspired in many people, and the loss they feel.
  • Alexandra Romano
    I had the privilege of staying in touch with Rebecca over the years, through her heartbreaking diagnosis, and into her final weeks with us. Even as I watched Rebecca become a beautiful adult with wit, intellect, compassion, strength and depth that...  more
  • Sylvia Cook
    Dick and I knew Rebecca best through our friendship with her parents and
    through Rebecca's eloquent posts. She was dearly loved and a most loving daughter. Ron and Miriam, we grieve for your measureless loss.
  • Margaret Doyle
    A few fond memories here of Rebecca at our sister Helen's 50th birthday party in San Francisco in April 2012. Looking happy and very beautiful. And clearly surprising Helen's son Stephen with something funny. We danced a lot, ate a lot - probably drank...  more
  • Jane Foster
  • Kim Mitchell
    Rebecca was my first cousin. Though we didn’t get to see each other as often as I would have liked, I will always remember her kindness, bravery and brilliant mind. When she was little she called herself “Beckby”. We spent time in Ocean City, MD...  more
  • Laurie  Finkenkeller
    I had the privilege of teaching Rebecca in second grade. Even at that early age, she loved reading. More importantly, she made second grade a better place with her kindness and smiling face. It is no surprise that she made the world a better place. My...  more
  • Roberta Goldfeder
    It was my great pleasure to have Rebecca in my fourth grade class. Wilson was fortunate to have the Munson family in our school. Rebecca clearly was a scholar at a young age. She brought her curiosity, her great humor, and her lively spirit into the...  more
  • Roberta Goldfeder
  • Anne Kenney
    And this image is from May 2021 in the Cornel Arboretum.
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    • Anne Kenney
      Faridah Laffan I was so glad she was able to visit that weekend! She'd been trying to come up for months and the pandemic had derailed almost every plan; but this one worked out.
      • August 28, 2021
  • Anne Kenney
    This image is from Thanksgiving 2018 at my home in Ithaca. One night around a fire, we took turns reading from Paradise Lost. Rebecca's reading was the most moving.
  • Emily Seigel
  • Gualtiero Piccinini
    Rebecca's loss is heartbreaking. Her whole family is in my thoughts.
  • Stephen Selesnick
  • Stephen Selesnick
  • Stephen Selesnick
  • Margaret Doyle
    Catherine, Miriam, and baby Rebecca in the Pershing kitchen, and Rebecca and baby Anneliese on the roof terrace in London.
  • Margaret Doyle
    Some memories here of Rebecca from the Doyle family. Seems she made an early start as an educator when she tried to teach our dad Jim how to crawl. And she and our mother Dorothy had a strong bond from the very start. Rebecca wrote about this bond...  more
  • Becky Smith
    A brief moment in time capturing great friends. xo
  • Becky Smith
  • Susan Doyle
  • Thaddeus Metz
    I didn't know Rebecca. But I've known Ron for nearly 25 years. Dear Lord, the love he's had for her....
  • Nora Hendren
  • Janet Berlo
    I did not know Rebecca as an adult, but I knew her quite well for the first 12 years of her life, for she was born to Ronald and Miriam, my closest friends in St. Louis. Rebecca was cute, incredibly witty, and amazingly smart, as one might expect,...  more
  • Kim Mitchell
  • Marisa Knox
  • Bianca Chen Hsiao
  • Elizabeth Little
  • Sarah Meadows
    Dearest Rebecca, you were a wonderful friend and such a force for good. I miss you so much. I went for a walk the other day and saw an "In Memoriam" bench (you know the kind of thing, "In Memory of so-and-so, she loved this place"), and wondered to...  more
  • Sarah Meadows
  • Colleen Smith
  • Jenny Cook
    How can I even begin to tell how much Rebecca meant to me over nearly 25 years? I have scrapbooks full of pictures of us together from 7th grade onward: giggling, trying on Prom dresses at the mall, pulling pranks, going to Dance Marathons, taking a...  more