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Randy Sellman

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Randy. At a time when we are unable to come together to celebrate his life, we hope that providing this space to collect your stories and memories will offer our KIPP community comfort during this incredibly hard time. Thank you for contributing to...  see more

Obituary for Randy James Sellman Randy James Sellman, at 45 years old young passed unexpectedly at Baltimore Washington Medical Center on March 19,2020. He was born on January 29, 1975, a graduate of Annapolis Senior High School.He leaves in memory his mom, Shirley Mae Sellman, grandmother, Ella Louise Sellman, his daughters, Sierra LaTrese Sellman, Alexia Justice Sellman, his sisters, Monique Vanessa Sellman-Leigh, Jacinta Latoy...  see more
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  • Hilarie Yoffe
    I'm really going to miss Randy's light and optimism. His smile and his laugh. His kindness and generosity. He made us all feel special and worthy. My prayers are with his family and loved ones - and with the Team & Family. Randy influenced us all...  more
  • Rita Bradunas
    Randy's smile always made my day. I'll never forget him, and all the ways that he supported us and our students. When we moved this summer, we had a lot of little KTC needs (like putting up bulletin boards near our desks). I assured him that none of this...  more
  • Allison Weigel
    I knew Randy as a man of few words, who would show up to fix my problems, and then be off again to help fix others. I didn't know him well, but he seemed like such a good, helpful person. Someone who can get the job done. Last year, he happened to be in...  more
  • Melanie Taylor
  • Krystal Henry
    I will forever remember Randy stopping to say hello and ask me how I was doing while I was on my way in from meeting with a student (at their high school). I appreciate him humoring me when I told him the little traps I set for the mice running around...  more
  • Lisa Roberson-Davis
    Randy was the type of person that would handle anything that you need on the spot. He always had a pleasant attitude, and I never heard him complain. It was clear that he was a hard worker, and he tried to make all of us feel comfortable in our new...  more
  • Melanie Taylor
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  • Melanie Taylor
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  • Melanie Taylor
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  • La-Quanda Johnson
    To know him was to love him. I am blessed to have had him as one of my best friends for over 15 years as well as him being my daughter's godfather. He was a great friend that was always there for me & my family unconditionally. To say he will be missed...  more
  • Lily Mendelson
    Words are not enough. Randy was a gentle giant, a man with a plan and a smile on his face, a Mr. Fix-it for the world. The Rales team loved hearing his jingle headed in our direction, knowing that our smiling savior was about to walk through the door. We...  more
  • Lily Mendelson
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  • catrina garrett
    Randy always lent a listening ear and a positive bit of advice to follow. No matter what if we asked he was there and would always say no problem Ms. Catrina, I'm sure going miss the sound of those keys and a smile that could light up any room. My...  more
  • Victoria Carter
    From the very first day I entered the doors of Kipp as a parent an now as an employee Randy has been there for me an my children’s since the very day my son started kindergarten asking him each an everyday sir why do you have so many keys he would...  more
  • Kathryn Mastandrea
    Randy was everything right in this world. Kind, generous, good humored, hard working, always with a smile. I will miss the warmth that he brought to every situation. I am so grateful to have known him.
  • Lazette Wells
    Despite being my right hand at Walbrook, I enjoyed talking to Randy about my journey to stop eating meat and embrace a plant based diet. I finally watched What the Health... Randy I have to say: you were right. I will miss having you as a partner on this...  more
  • Esther Gencheva
    Randy always made everyone feel welcomed. My oldest son told me that whenever he came to visit me at my school he would usually see Mr. Randy in the hallway who would remember him as Ms. Gencheva's son and greet him. He was a special person!
  • Carina Wells
    Randy was our own superhero at KIPP. There was nothing in the building that he could not fix and no problem that he could not tackle with a smile on his face. Handy Randy was always on the case and on the rescue for us. His passing leaves a hole in our...  more
  • Devin Rosenberger
    Randy was truly a one of a kind person. I have never met someone that could do so many things with tools. Beyond that, he was an incredible person. He always greeted with a smile and was always willing to help in anyway possible. Even on a fishing...  more
  • Danielle White
    Randy was always smiling and welcoming. Whenever I would pass him in the hallways, he was sure to say hello, and really made me feel that Team and Family. I always joked with my wife, that when things broke at school, they'd never be broken long enough...  more
  • Ken Tozzi
    Randy was a true superhero. There was NOTHING he couldn't do. I got myself into multiple DIY projects at my house to which I couldn't find a solution. Randy gave me the info I needed to solve the problem. He always worked with humility, grace, and he had...  more
  • Melanie Taylor
    Randy, my superhero, was one of the hardest working people I know. His work ethics were high, professional and he did nothing halfway. He was very spiritual man and always put his family first. At first glance he seemed intimidating but was...  more
  • Melanie Taylor
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  • Alex Reese
    Randy was known for being the man who could fix anything. No matter what new issue lay before him, he had a creative solution. No challenge was too big for Randy. He often was already on top of solving a problem before we knew it existed. But his deeper...  more
  • Marsha Reeves
    Randy truly will be missed. What stays with me most about Randy is his ever present smile and the fact that he always had a kind word. Randy truly was a superman to us, arriving early and coming in on weekends to ensure our school was as comfortable as...  more
  • Natalia Walter Adamson
    Randy Sellman. We called him Handy Randy, Superman, or The Man with The Plan. There were very few days I didn't encounter Randy as I motored through our building from meeting to meeting. Actually, I often saw him during the day. I likely saw him more...  more
  • Megan Hall
    For over 15 years, Randy has been there for me and my family during some of our most stressful moments. He always came through with a calm spirit and a solution. When he started working with us at KIPP, it was always nice to hear his voice (and his keys)...  more