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Paula Rose Curran

We created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Paula Curran. Collecting your stories and memories here will offer us great comfort. Thank you for being a part of this memorial.

A few of Paula's Songs she requested for her memorial:   Voice of Truth - Casting Crowns   Waymaker - Michael W Smith   Into the West - Annie Lennox   Ode to Joy Flash Mob   Paula Rose Curran  July 25, 1959 – March 29, 2020    Paula Rose Curran,...  see more
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  • Stephanie Curran
    Remembering Paula Rose🌹 Curran with love and prayers always. 💞
  • Deborah Seychelle
    I met Paula through James and Mary’s Bible study and prayer group. I believe I met Paula in the 90s; and ever since I have known her to be a faithful, diligent, servant of the most high God. It’s very clear to me that Paula was extremely consistent...  more
  • Debra DeBolt
    I know Paula is praying for us now and I'm very grateful. I miss you my sweet sister and can't wait for our reunion in heaven!
  • Debra DeBolt
    Paula and I have had many adventures together and I've always been so blessed being with her. Our shared love for Jesus and knowing she is with her Beloved Husband now, comforts my heart! Paula was the most selfless person, always looking for a way to...  more
  • Lucy O'Brien
    I first met Paula when her brother John and my sister Mary got married. But we really got to know each other and become friends when I moved to Loveland in the late 90's. I have so many fond memories of her cute little house, driving Looking at...  more
  • Mary Curran Greenhalge
    Christmas Day with Paula (2019) A day of rest and joy!
  • Debbie Ochoa
    Paula was my friend. She was the first person I met as well as my mentor with LM Orion. One thing that really sticks out is that she loved the Lord. Even while she was going through cancer she would pray for me! She was a warrior when it came to taking...  more
  • Cyndi Mancinelli
    Paula was my across-the-street neighbor. Our work schedules were opposite so I never got to know her well, but I knew she was and kind and gentle soul from the few times we did interact. I send heartfelt condolences to her family and friends and may...  more
  • Mary Sullivan
    Paula and the life she lived on earth fits the description of a worthy woman in Proverbs 31:10-31... Though not married on her earthly journey, nor did she have children...Jesus was and is her Husband (and she His Bride) and her "children" were...  more
  • Chris Wild
    A soldier of love, Paula embodied the will and strength of the best of us. Fearlessly adaptive, she endeavored to support anyone she approached with the utmost satisfaction and guidance. While her 18-month battle with cancer left her grouchy at times,...  more
  • Charlotte Winkler
    I feel so blessed to have had the honor of cutting Paula’s hair for the past several years. She had this very special gift of making me smile and brighten my day no matter what was happening. She truly was the kindest soul I have ever had the honor of...  more
  • Michael Gill
    My sympathies to everyone who knew and loved Paula, which includes just about everyone she ever met.

    I met Paula at work back in the early 80s, shortly after she hired on and immediately fell in love with her. Our first date was to the Denver Zoo and...  more
  • Greg Backhaus
    Whenever I was around Paula I was happy. She had such a joy to the way she lived and the way she loved people. I always remember her being so optimistic about everything and she was genuinely the nicest person I have ever met. I have been so fortunate...  more
  • Gregory Peck
    We never actually met in person, but I have known Paula for about 4-5 years now. She was the person I was directly in contact with at LM to help me coordinate and schedule reviews on the program we were working together. She was always a tough...  more
  • Linda Hood
    Paula and I met 50 years ago, at the school bus stop. She was in sixth grade and I was in fourth. My family had just moved to Longmont and bought the house next door to the Curran’s. We became best friends quickly. Over the years, however long it...  more
  • Ana Cross
    Paula's faith in Jesus' love and care for her kept her smiling and focusing on others through to the very end. She never complained, even finding a bright spot to not being able to wear shoes far a while because of the chemo. Our Orion program will be a...  more
  • Mary Curran Greenhalge
  • Mary Curran Greenhalge
    Today, Resurrection Sunday, April 12th, 2020, seems the perfect day to share the wonder of Paula Rose Curran’s new life with her beloved Savior and Good Shepherd, Jesus! I was able to be with her during her last days on this earth before she passed...  more
  • Heather Thiede
    I met Paula on April 1, 1996. I just want to say that Paula was a great person!! We always enjoyed spending time with her! Whether she drove up to Loveland or we drove to Littleton, it was always wonderful to be with her! My husband Jon and her have...  more
  • Lisa Rodriguez
    I met Paula when she started working on the Orion Program. Her enthusiasm for the Program was contagious. You kind of get jaded with the day to day tasks and don’t think of the BIG picture in what you do. Paula always said, “It IS Rocket Science!”...  more
  • Cindy Skerjanec
    It wasn't until I read Jon Thiede's post that I realized I've known Paula for over 30 years! She and I worked together at Dover, and then I worked with her again at Robinson Brick where we become good friends.

    She was unlike anyone I've known. Always...  more
  • Kay Cellura
    Our dear loving Paula-- am so grateful for having known Paula- her happy heart and her joyful spirit !!
    Our great chats over coffee about journeys in this life; remembering the year she made hundreds of framed Christmas ornaments for Kingdom...  more
  • Kim Kinnear
    I wanted to post for myself, that I met Paula through my husband Scott. Her smile could light up your heart, and her warmth and sincerity made her an easy person to be around. She had an overstuffed chair that she wanted to donate to my dance school, so...  more
  • Kim Kinnear
    My last post was from my husband Scott, who considered Paula an outstanding person and good friend. His post was incomplete and should have ended “My heart goes out to all of them knowing what a loss this is and will always be. We are all richer for...  more
  • Kim Kinnear
    I first met Paula at the Brickyard where we worked together for several years. She was a superstar respected by all for her will do work ethic but got squeezed out during a corporate buyout and takeover eliminating her position.

    She would join me on...  more
  • Linda Hood
    Linda Hood added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Paula Rose Curran:
  • Linda Hood
    Linda Hood added 4 photo(s) to the memorial Paula Rose Curran:
  • Tanya Apel
    Paula and I were cube neighbors for quite awhile and we became friends outside of work, to the point that she became Auntie Paula, like a sister to me and an Aunt to my son, Alexander. Paula walked with me through some difficult times - a boyfriend...  more
  • Tanya Apel
    From a May 2019 post:

    I am so stinkin' honored to be Paula's friend and to walk with her on her journey. Two laps around the lake today, didn't have to stop once to rest. Take a tip from her - LIVE life, DO the things that bring you JOY, push past fear...  more
  • Becky Hegedus
    I had the honor and privilege of working with Paula during her cancer treatment. As a physical therapist, I encourage and support my patients through their rehabilitation. I found myself searching for her name on my schedule as she was a constant source...  more
  • Jay Blue
    I've been blessed to have worked with Paula in the electronics manufacturing services industry at both Dovatron (and DEM West) and Celestica. Paula was one of the kindest most genuine people I ever knew. Even in the whacky times, she would always find...  more
  • Melissa Musselman
    Paula has been a part of my family for longer then I can remember, so long that she became my honorary aunt, and I referred to her as my aunt to everyone. From the day she met me she welcomed me into her heart and her life. She was always there for me...  more
  • Rosemary Sargent
    Paula and Bill and I shared many early morning Engineering Review Boards with our European partners that started at 7:00 am and went on for hours. She would often bring us egg McMuffins from McDonald's to power us through these sessions.

    One of my...  more
  • Lisa Holowinski
    I will truly miss Paula's enthusiasm, patience, and kindness. I wish I had spent more time getting to know the wonderful person that she is, but even so I am a better person for having worked with her.
  • Lori Hogan
    Paula and I spent many long hours together in meetings on the Orion spacecraft. She orchestrated meetings across the planet (US, Germany, Italy, France, and more) with hundreds of people. She made sure we complied with trade laws, fought IT bugs, rolled...  more
  • Jon Thiede
    Paula and I met in the fall of 1988 while working at this little garage shop in Longmont called Cencorp Manufacturing. We hit it off right away and soon became honorary siblings. We worked side by side, took a lot of "walks around the...  more
  • Dan Rolf
    I worked with Paula at Lockheed Martin. She was one of the few people I have met in my career, that despite her circumstances, always had a smile on her face to go along with her positive attitude. I will miss passing her in the hallways and seeing...  more
  • Bill Johns
    I have relied on Paula for many years to manage everything related to our Orion Engineering Review Boards. She always ... always ... had warm and thoughtful words to greet me every day, along with a mint, or a werther, or a jolly rancher to help me keep...  more
  • Sarah Brandt
    I had the pleasure of working with Paula on the Orion program a few years ago, and one could not ask for a better teammate than Paula. She had a servant's heart, was so dedicated to the team, and always had a smile and a laugh to share. And she took the...  more
  • Jesse Chuhta
    Paula has always been such a positive and outgoing co-worker, I will greatly miss seeing her in the halls at LM, peace to her family.
  • Daniel Vasey
    Dear God, Thank you for bringing this beautiful light into our lives. Her laughter...her gentle guidance...her wholehearted love. Paula - I will carry you in my heart, always. Love, Danny

    "So set, before its echoes fade,
    The fleet foot on the sill...  more
  • Eleanor Vasey
    I have laughed and cried while reading everyone's memories of sweet Paula, some reminding me of things I've forgotten (the flamingos!). Whenever she and I would meet, I would hear her proclaim "HI EL!, the words embedded in laughter and somehow...  more
  • Tyson Wallace
    I had the privilege to work with Paula for the last couple years. Her laugh and smile were so contagious, she was one of those rare people who just makes everything better. I feel lucky to have known her and work beside her. She will be greatly missed.
  • Alexander Walker
    Great co-worker, always smiling and kind. Will miss her.
  • Jim Becia
    I only met Paula at work when I started a little over 2 years ago. Paula was one of the first to welcome me and make feel like a part of the team. She was by far the happiest person I have ever met. Even after her cancer diagnosis, she had a more...  more
  • Mary Curran
    I met Paula around 33 years ago when I started dating her brother John. And of course John and I got married soon after. From the first, I liked her a lot. Then I grew to love her as one of my own sisters over the years. She was fun and had a great...  more
  • Patrick Lee
    It is a special kind of wonder to grow up with Paula Curran as your aunt. Every trip to the mailbox is loaded with possibility: if there's a card from Paula in there, it's guaranteed to have 1) a little spending cash, 2) a card that rivals any ever made...  more
  • Colleen Lee
    Aunt Paula’s bubbling laugh is the first thing I will always think of when I remember her or tell stories about her to my girls. That was the first thing I noticed about her when Patrick and I got married - how engaging she was to talk to. Her entire...  more
  • Chris Greenhalge
    This picture totally embodies my memories of her. Always with the kids, laughing so hard, and loving anyone and everyone as much as humanly possible. I remember visits to Casa Bonita, Applebees, countless letters back and forth and so much love. My...  more
  • James & Mary Greenhalge
    Life unfolds like a flower – from a tiny bud to full bloom, then fading into memory. If you see the flower at one point in its life, you can only anticipate what the rest of its life must have been or will be like in the future. Many of you knew...  more