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Paul Fletcher

The IT Teams at UHB created a GatheringUs memorial to celebrate the life of Paul Fletcher. Collecting your stories and memories here. Click on the heart to let us know you were here and to receive email updates. Thank you for contributing to this lasting memorial.

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  • Matthew Bennion
    Paul was a great person to work with very approachable, dry witted and a fountain of knowledge when it came to behind the scenes wizardry, he will be sorely missed by all.
  • Georgina Begley
    Paul was always very patient at explaining things and would gently point out why a suggestion wouldn't work and then would find solution that would work. A much loved colleague who is much missed. x
  • Lorraine Simmonds
  • Amanda Turner
    I can hardly believe you are no longer with us. You were larger than life, inspirational, helpful, knowledgeable, kind an unbelievably patient. Words cannot express what a great loss, we feel without you helping and guiding us through a lot of projects....  more
  • Chris Spencer
    I have had the pleasure of working with Paul for over 6 years. I have always been astonished and in awe of your wiliness to give up your time to help others, no matter how busy you were. There isn't a system in the whole of UHB land that you didn't...  more
  • Neil Grogan
    I have known Paul for over 15 years and more recently been involved with Paul`s work on the QE and HGS PAS projects and his development of Robotic Process Automation. Paul was always such a friendly person who never became irate or panicked. I have said...  more
  • Gurnam Sangat
  • Gurnam Sangat
    Working with Paul for last 5 years was a pleasure, he always made time for you and was my ' go to colleague’, with Paul if you had a problem, he would help to find a solution and you just knew you would get a resolution with a successful outcome....  more
  • Craig Duxbury
    Paul was a much respected colleague and friend who I have had the pleasure of his wit and wisdom for many years.

    He will be sadly missed.
  • Vignesh Cumareshan
    Very sad to hear of the news of Paul's passing. For the short time we worked together, I got the impression of a kind, light hearted person who was good at what he did. His strong knowledge in his field really helped everyone get an understanding of what...  more
  • Sara Kanwal
    There was never a more encouraging, supportive co-worker/Manager than Paul. He was always willing to lend a helping hand with a smile on his face. Very talented and knowlegeable person who knows his job really well. His outgoing personality, sense of...  more
  • Dave  Handley
    I’ve tried to find some words to show the respect and affection I had for Paul , the best I can come up with is ’lovely man, brilliant at his job’ which I think sums him up perfectly.
    The number of views and comments on this site speak volumes...  more
  • Naveeda Mitchell
  • Rob  Lloyd
  • Nick Barlow
    In my short time at UHB I have seen the wonderful positive impact that Paul has had on our patients, colleagues and organisation. He was an incredibly talented, patient, knowledgeable, diligent and good humoured colleague - a real joy to work with. He...  more
  • Nigel c
  • Colin Mason
    I had the very good fortune to know Paul for many years whilst working at SOH, QEH and QEHB. In the later years of my career I was working full time in IT in Pathology - thanks to Paul who was on the interview panel that appointed me. The work we did in...  more
  • Abhinandan Dhawan
    Paul was more than a Manager. He was quite knowledgeable in all aspects of IT applications with expertise in Syntactic Interoperability. Surely He will be missed.

    My condolences to his family members.
  • Carl McQuaide
    I first met Paul in September 1974 when we started at Fairfax School, Sutton Coldfield. Since then we have been good friends, from the early days, cycling to Birmingham airport, spotting planes in the 1970s to more recently when discussing plans for...  more
  • Deborah McKee
  • Ayo Awe
    I had the opportunity to be part of Paul’s team for six and a half years. His knowledge of the wiring of the IT systems was profound and he was ready to share. Paul was not just my manger; over the last few years we became close, we car-shared...  more
  • Richard Fletcher
  • Marie Johnson
    It is lovely to read all these stories and memories of Paul. He was always very helpful, kind and dedicated to his work. I am grateful for all the support he gave me and my team. His outstanding knowledge and fabulous personality will be missed.
  • Gill Royston
  • Joyte Parmar
    It’s sad that we are all writing about Paul but I think it is important that everyone that reads about him know he was such a good person.

    Paul was truly dedicated to his work to the point that even when on leave he was always reachable, he would...  more
  • Ed Butler
    I feel honoured to have worked alongside Paul for some 10 years and feel that together we achieved some great feats of engineering together. I may not have been a direct work colleague, but Paul surely did feel like one – a real friend who I will miss...  more
  • Sherman Griffith
    Paul seemed to know everything about everything and was always happy to share his knowledge and he always saw the funny side of things.
  • UHB IT Team
  • Deborah McKee
    Paul and I have worked together for over 15 years and he was an absolute joy and pleasure to work with. I have never seen him get angry or frustrated in meetings when confronted by sometimes what felt like insurmountable problems - he would smile and by...  more
  • Deborah McKee
  • Gill Royston
    Paul is what I would refer to as part of the Wolfson crew – IT people that I’ve grown up with since I started in IT back in 2004. Even though he was squirreled away with the clever folks in the Tech Dev office he was always one for the social...  more
  • Dean Grinham
    Paul was without doubt a well respected and very committed individual through his job at UHB. We have delivered many projects together over the years, and just when you thought we have a problem that would cause some operational difficulties Paul would...  more
  • UHB IT Team
  • UHB IT Team
  • UHB IT Team