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Paul Anthony Dillon

April 11, 1970 - September 14, 2020

Thank you for joining us LIVE as we celebrate the Life of Paul Anthony Dillon through a Virtual Memorial Service. LIVE Memorial Service Time: - 4:00 pm Jamaica Time - 5:00 pm New York Time - 5:00 pm Canada (GTA) Time - 9:00 pm UK Time In this Virtual Memorial, we reflect and...  see more

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  • Orlando Dillon
    Tribute to Paul Dillon: By: Deaconess Tashamar Shackleford FIFMI, Portmore Jamaica
  • Dalbert Dillon
    My condolences to cuz Paul wife and kids
    And the family.
  • Nicola Jacobs
    My cousin. I will never forget your smile and your kind gentle nature. You are gone but never forgotten and always in our hearts. May you rest in eternal peace. Nikki. Xxxxx
  • Ja-Donne Gray
    Uncle Paul, I truly cannot fathom the idea that you aren't here. It hurts to know that I will never be called "Princess" anymore. I love you so much. Before you fell ill, you visited me, gave me a huge hug with a warm smile. I then gave you my...  more
  • Jennifer Brown
    Friend, Pastor, brother, colleague in ministry, servant of the Lord Paul Dillon
    Words are not enough to say how much I am missing you. Your dedication, your smile ,your friendship,your love for people and the work of the Lord.Forever in my heart my dear friend.
  • Laysam Spicer
    Rip my dear Uncle you are truly missed you have taught me and others very valuable lessons with you fruitful encouragements i know you are looking on smiling as you are in better place
  • Shay Dillon
    It is so difficult to carry on without you BRO. On Saturday you were put to rest...My heart is overwhelmed. Paul, my big brother, I will forever hold your memories in my heart. Rest well, you have done your best. I Love you bro. Gone to soon...
  • Karen  Goffe-Dunn
    I greet u all in the most precious name of Jesus Christ the redeemer...To my beloved Pastor Paul Dillon who is no longer with us in the flesh, but his ever present is in my heart, one who had the power from God to heal with his prayers. He gave me...  more
  • Tafari Thomas
    A message of condolence to the Dillon’s family during their bereavement. I pray that God will continue to guide, protect and strengthen you all.
  • Layton  Spicer
    My condolences to the Dillon family, my favorite family, bro , we have shared, cooked, reason ,worked together as a family, and now the Lord saw it fit to take you to a higher calling, go in peace brethren . We have the glorious hope of seeing you again.
  • Myrna McGann
    My special memory of Pastor Paul is his Love for Prayer, and the Power therein. He was loved by everyone, and now we can only say "Rest in the Arms of God now PastorPaul" and God thank you for him.
    Mama Betty - FIFMI - Montego Bay.
  • Orlando Dillon
    Orlando Dillon added 3 photo(s) to the memorial Paul Dillon:
  • Orlando Dillon
    Remembrance: Final words to Paul from Orlando (brother) read by Nicolas (Orlando's best friend and a close friend of the family)

    Paul - Pablo,  my brother. As I try to process the fact that we will not be able to talk about our latest exploits, your...  more
  • Samantha Dillion
    Dear Uncle Paul,
    I miss you every single day
    It pains me to say that you are gone.
    Thank you for your encouragement
    Thank you for your life long lessons
    I hope that I will live a good life so that we will meet again.
    Rest in peace Uncle Paul
    Love, Nini
  • D Hector
    To the Dillons
    May the God we serve surround you with His everlasting arms. Paul is safely sheltered there. May God bless you always. The Hectors.
  • Samantha Dillion
  • Samantha Dillion
    Good morning my brother, my fren. Thanks for your words of encouragement. I pray the same for you and family.
    Let us continue to pray that God will give us extra protection at this time. Be strong, read the word of God and pray. It's sad to say not all...  more
  • Samantha Dillion
    My brother, you were the wind beneath my Wings.
  • Shay Dillon
    Paul, I know you are in a better place...Jesus, I miss you big BRO.
  • Samantha Dillion
    Paul my brother my best friend, i remember in our earlier days we use to cook at night at one time we dug a hole in the bank and make aoven to bake pudding, paul and i whould go everywhere together we share ...  more
  • Tate  White
    Dear God
    Keep my nephew safe in your arms.
    A gentle soul.. Gone too soon..
  • Jeffery Davis
    First let me say condolences to the Dillon family, so sorry for your loss but God knows best.
    Paul was a man of God and a humble soul. May his soul rest in heaven.
  • Shay Dillon
    BRO, my heart is broken...I wish I could turn back the hands of time. You are gone forever and only God knows why. You always showed me kindness and your love was real and kind. Thank you for influencing my life in a positive way...I am the person I am...  more
  • Cammila Palmer
    Condolence to the family of the late Paul Dillon. Please take comfort in the words that death is only a sleep for those who die in the Lord. Missing you Donald. May his soul rest in peace.
  • Dwight Fraser
    My sincerest condolences to the Dillion's family. I know that when our loves one are ushered into the arms of our Savior, the passage of time may dull the ache but nothing takes the pain away completely. We mourn. We weep. How can we face the...  more
  • Orlando Dillon
    I had just got engaged to my now wife of 16 years when Paul pull me aside for another quick chat about relationships and marriage. This time he had one five words for me - he said “Lando, when you get married, you have to be firm... you have to be...  more
  • sheron barrett
    Condolences to the DILLON'S family.

    I had so many memories of Paul my dear friend and brother you are gone but will not be forgotten. I remember before I migrated we use to spend a lot of time together especially on a Sunday where I would be always...  more
  • Shay Dillon
    On Monday September 14, 2020, my life was totally transformed and will never be the same again. I lost my big brother. Paul you had to leave because your journey was complete. You have left all of us heart broken and incomplete. I am so grateful for the...  more
  • Ruthie Walford
    Pastor Paul will indeed be missed. Though he's a man of few words, whenever he opened his mouth, you undoubtedly would be a rejuvenated.
    He always had so much to say in such a subtle way. He was very humble, filled with humility and indeed a...  more
    • Ruthie Walford
      Ruthie Walford I know no amount of words can comfort you. I pray that you be comforted by the Spirit of God
      • October 1, 2020
  • Marsha Dillon-Solomon
    Pablo... my BIG brother, my friend... in our family you completed our perfect number (7). Our family events and photos will never be the same without you. You light up our family with your uniqueness, creativity, talent, wisdom and humility. I can't...  more
  • Helen Makonese
    Helen Makonese is feeling broken:
    There is so much i want to say but words failing to come to describe Pastor Paul. Paul was my son my friend and friend and big brother to my son Pastor Julian Martinez. from the night they arrived at the Bible School we connected the Dillon family with...  more
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  • thurmeta samuels
    aul a friend to my family a counselor at our church . Where he serve the church with dignity . A mentor to those he lead . A family man a true heart who see no evil in no one even if it there he see the best in you . Bro. I truly going to miss...  more
  • thurmeta samuels
    Awww.... Sir Dillon you are greatly miss.. a man of God's own heart.. I remember when I was getting married, i didnt have any musicians, sound system etc and Sir Dillon and Sis Mrs Dillon came and set up their system without any charge,never ask for a...  more
  • Joy Gibson
    Paul was my closest, dearest, hardworking, God fearing, family loving and praying neighbour in Greater Portmore. He made living there easy, we had great conversations and was the truest* neighbour I have ever had. When I heard of his passing I was...  more
  • Jennifer Barrant
    “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but those moments that our breaths away.” Respectful, integrity, caring, loving, and a true man of God. Paul was my friend and cousin. We grew up together in Saint Catherine, Jamaica. We attended the...  more
  • Allista Blagrove
    My condolences to Pastor Lisa Dillan and her family. It was a great journey of knowing Pastor Paul Dillan and words cannot express how I felt but in all things we can say God have a purpose. I remembered when Pastor Paul and Pastor Lisa was talking my...  more
  • Shayne Dillon-Gray
    You kept us together with prayer .
  • Shayne Dillon-Gray
    You were always there. You never let me feel alone. You helped me be the person I am today. I see you in everything I do. P rest well.
  • Sasha Miller
    Unlike some, I have known Pastor Paul for all my teenage years into adulthood. He was there in my good days and bad days and he has NEVER condemned me. He loved me like his daughter. I still don't believe you are gone. I thank God for Pst Lisa who...  more
  • Samantha Dillion
    You are my MacGyver!!
    I MisS you so much...
  • Orlando Dillon
    Man of God- the only way I want to remember you
  • Samantha Dillion
    A humble beginning🙏🏽
  • Orlando Dillon
    Thank you Lord for the 50 years you gave me with my amazing brother Paul!

    I miss you so much!!!
  • Amarel Nesbeth-Powell
    Saying good bye is the hardest thing to say, you were a very hardworking,caring and passionate person. You were a friend that motivates others. A million tears won't bring you back but you'll always be in our hearts. RIP to a great friend. From the...  more
  • Yvonne Balentine
    Good evening every one condolences to minister Lisa Dillon and family knowing that God is taking you through this time, pastor Dillon was a quiet person very easy to talk with,his time at Rhoden Crescent ntc of God he left a mark,each time was called to...  more
  • Pst Julian Martinez
    Our dear friend and brother, we normally say "gone too soon" but today no amount of words can sum up our feeling of your passing. You meant alot to our family and your family means a lot to us. We pray for grace and peace in the midst of the...  more
  • Orlando Dillon
    One of our family favorites!
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  • Orlando Dillon
    Thinking of you Paul!

    I know you are gone ahead of me to a better place!

    Love you bro!
  • Jeweleen Dillon
    Our hearts are with you
  • Jeweleen Dillon